5 Reasons Why your Mini fridge Compressor motor gets Extremely Hot (and How to Fix it)

As the compressor motor runs to circulate the refrigerant to keep the interior of the mini fridge cool, it generates heat that can be felt when you touch it.

What if, in your case, you find the mini fridge compressor extremely hot to the touch that you can’t keep your hand there?

Is this normal? And what causes the compressor to get very hot?

This post lists the reasons why a mini fridge compressor motor can get extremely hot and how you can fix this.

What Causes a Mini fridge Motor to become Hot?

If you find the mini fridge compressor extremely hot then it is likely that the compressor is working extremely hard (+ longer) than it should.

This may be caused by:

#1. Lack of enough air flow (around the evaporator coils) to avoid excess keep buildup which leads to the compressor running longer in order to keep the fridge cool.

Make sure the coils and fins are cleaned and free of dust for proper air circulation around the mini fridge evaporator coils.

Make sure you’ve provided enough spacing around the mini fridge back and side walls as recommended by the manufacturer for good airflow.

#2. Installing mini fridge near a heat sources. This contributes to heat buildup in the compressor. Check if there is direct sun shining on the refrigerator.

If so, relocate the mini fridge to a place where there is no direct sunshine.

#3. The Mini fridge may be low on or out of refrigerant. Either of these scenarios results in the compressor running longer than necessary and becoming hot.

Consult a qualified fridge technician if you don’t have the skills or are not making progress in fixing the fridge.

Compare the cost of parts and labor to get the fridge up and running against getting a new one more so if the fridge has been in service for several years.

Is this Normal for a Compressor to get Hot?

It is normal for a compressor to get warm when running. You should be able to keep your hand over it (beware of the risk of injury in case the compressor is extremely hot).

If it is very hot, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

To keep the mini fridge compressor cool, check here for the possible causes and suggestions to keep the compressor running cool again.

Related questions

What Causes the Mini fridge motor to become Hot and Stop Running

This is probably a result of the safety feature cutting because of a high-temperature buildup to prevent damage to the compressor.

Possible causes of high-temperature buildup and suggested fixes can be found here. Once the temperature is low enough the compressor should be able to resume running.

Closing Thoughts

If the mini fridge compressor is extremely hot, make sure there is sufficient spacing around it to encourage airflow for good heat transfer.

Clean the evaporator coils regularly to avoid the buildup of heat in the compressor. It is possible that the fridge may be out or low on refrigerant.

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