About Us

My name is Irene, and I am the content creator behind Household Prime

illjustfixitmyself.com was born from the need to provide insights on everything bathroom. From bathroom tips to buying and sizing guides, I share firsthand experience to enable you to improve your quality of life.

I am a DIY expert with vast experience in bathroom renovations, and I constantly read and research the latest and best bathroom trends, fixtures, and accessories. So, expect eye-opening, cost-saving, and practical insights on everything bathroom.

How It All Started

A few years back, I searched on the internet about how to renovate my bathroom, fix common issues like clogging and upgrade to a more modern bathroom without breaking the bank. To my surprise, there wasn’t enough information to adequately curb my curiosity.

I also noticed that most people were asking the same questions on online forums, but the answers were not elaborate enough. So, I decided to collect these questions and research them, and that’s how Household Prime was born.

My Goal

My goal is to offer practical tips and ideas that you can employ to deal with various bathroom challenges. Household Prime is about answering questions homeowners ask about bathrooms, bathtubs, toilets, and showers.

My Mission

My mission is to make Household Prime a central hub for finding solutions to common problems affecting bathrooms, showers, and toilets. I endeavor to provide fresh and relevant bathroom-related content while focusing on cost-efficiency, ease of doing it, and time-saving.

What to Expect from Household Prime

Expect simple, sensible, and practical answers and opinions to bathroom-related issues. In particular, the blog focuses on:

  • Bathroom Tips – Here, I share relevant tips for maintaining your bathroom, fixing issues in your bathroom, and doing renovations.
  • Bathtubs – I cover everything about bathtubs, ranging from buying guides to addressing bathtub challenges.
  • Showers – You’ll learn about the various shower problem and their fixes and showerhead troubleshooting, among other shower-related information.
  • Toilets – I also cover insights on toilet maintenance, installation, proper usage, and troubleshooting common toilet problems. It’s all about toilets in this section!

Product Recommendation Strategy

I don’t just recommend products for the sake of it. I only recommend products that are proven to work and relevant to the problems I write about. My goal is to provide a detailed answer, which often means recommending a product as a fix. Sometimes, I may suggest multiple fixes, which means the final decision is up to you.    

Additional Information

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