Alexa Not Discovering Nest Thermostat – Top 11 Reasons & Solutions

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You can use several devices to make your home a smart home. One of such appliances is the Alexa which works harmoniously with the other appliances to make life easier. However, there are instances when Alexa might fail to work as it should, frustrating your efforts and forcing you to spend additional cash fixing it. 

For example, when Alexa not discovering Nest thermostat, the Nest is not updated, or WI-FI connection is the problem. Remember, the Alexa helps control the Nest thermostat through your voice guide. Read on and learn why Alexa is not discovering the Nest thermostat and possible solutions to this.

The Skills Could Be an Issue

Alexa connects with other devices through skills. So, it means you need to enable the Nest skill for the two to work seamlessly. However, Alexa won’t discover the devices around it if you don’t install the skill, like the Nest thermostat. So, you need to install skills that work with the Nest thermostat manually. But note that if you’ve got an older Nest thermostat, it won’t work with the Alexa. 

You can enable the Nest skills by;

  • Go to the Alexa app
  • Then search for skills
  • After that, select google Nest 
  • Click on ‘enable’ to use
  • Enter your Google account details to enable the two to connect

You can also troubleshoot this problem by resetting Alexa and the Nest. 

How To Reset Nest Thermostat

Press the Nest’s ring and hold it for about 10 seconds. Doing this will shut off the device, but you need to restart it afresh. You can restart by long-pressing the ring for about 2 seconds. 

How To Restart Alexafactory reset amazon echo dot 3rd generation

You will not have a hard time restarting your Alexa like when doing it on the Nest. Disconnect it from the main power supply, then reconnect it after some minutes. This will help eliminate temporary glitches or bugs. 

The Nest Thermostat Is Not Yet Setup

How to Install and Set Up the Nest Thermostat

If your Nest thermostat is still new, then chances could be that you forgot to set it up to have it pair with Alexa. This is if it’s on the same Wi-Fi network as Alexa and is also Alexa-enabled. Connect the device to Wi-Fi first, then set it up to its companion app, which will help you have better settings. 

You can use the user manual to guide you through this process. Check on the apps you should download, then download them. Then set them up using the instructions. Ensure the device is connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection all this time. 

After that, Alexa should discover the Nest thermostat. Avoid closing the companion app on your phone before the setup is complete to reduce failures. 

Outdated AppsHow to Fix It When the Alexa App Is Offline

Another reason why Alexa may fail to discover the Nest thermostat is if the apps are outdated. Remember, obsolete apps experience various connectivity issues, making Alexa not find the Nest. Look for software updates to have Alexa discover the Nest thermostat. You can do that by;

  • Go to the menu symbol
  • Then to the settings 
  • After that, click on device options
  • Press on the ‘check for software update’ then your Alexa will not experience such issues

Alternatively, you can update the apps through your smartphone by;

  • Going to google PlayStore
  • Search on already installed applications 
  • Look for Alexa and click on the update menu
  • Then wait for it to install until it finishes. 
  • But don’t forget to test if Alexa can discover the Nest thermostat using the ‘+’ icon above the screen.

Note that your Alexa apps should automatically update themselves if you’ve got a steady WI-FI connection. 

Could It Be That You’re Using Different WI-FI Connection for The Devices?

It will be challenging for the two to pair if you’re not using the same WI-FI connection for both the Alexa and Nest thermostat. This will make Alexa not discover the Nest thermostat. It’s advisable to connect them to one WI-FI network to avoid such problems. 

Go to the Amazon Alexa app and select the network button. After that, re-scan the WI-FI networks and pick on a given network for both devices. You can opt to connect them to the internet using your mobile phone. But this has to happen through the google Nest app, which should be on your phone. Click on the Network tab, then pair Alexa and the thermostat Nest to the same WI-FI. 

Wrong Wi-Fi Band ConnectionWifi Keeps Connecting To Wrong Network: 3 Fixes - Internet Access Guide

Additionally, this issue can arise if you connect the Alexa to the wrong WI-FI band. This is a common issue and mistake most people make. You need to connect your Alexa to a 2.4GHz WI-FI band for it to work effectively.

However, if you connect it to a 5.0GHz WI-FI band, it will have problems like this. This is because smart home appliances work best with traditional WI-FI bands. So, check the band your WI-FI router is running on. If it’s not on 2.4GHz, consider changing it. Then test if other devices in the house can operate with the same WI-FI band. But if they can’t, it means they’ll not connect as they should. 

Alexa Is Not on The Nest Thermostat Account

You need to add Alexa to the Nest thermostat account for it to discover the Nest. Adding Alexa to the Nest account isn’t hard as you can do it through the apps on the Nest. But you can also try connecting the thermostat Nest to Alexa to have them pair up. 

You’ve got to do this through the Nest app for Alexa to discover the Nest. You might be required to enter a code to set up the devices and enable them to pair without complications. 

The Two Devices Could Be Having IssuesWith the Amazon Echo Tap and Dot, Alexa needs more names

Sometimes Alexa and the Nest thermostat cannot pair up because they both have an underlying problem. You can solve this by looking for the root cause then dealing with it the right way. But if not, consider factory resetting Alexa for it to discover the Nest thermostat. 

To do a factory reset for Alexa, follow the below procedure;

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone 
  • Then check if Alexa is paired and select on the ‘echo and Alexa’ icon
  • After that, look for ‘factory reset’ on the settings menu
  • Click on it to confirm you want to do a factory reset

Then test if the two devices can pair.

A Muted Alexa MicrophoneHow to Stop Alexa From Listening

Alexa works by listening to your commands through the aid of a microphone. When the microphone is muted or faulty, Alexa won’t hear commands as it should. For example, if you tell it to discover the Nest thermostat and the microphone is off, it means Alexa won’t hear anything. 

If the microphone is muted, it will keep flashing red lights. So, you need to power on the microphone using the button with a slashed circle or microphone icon. Then test if the issue is resolved by trying to re-discover the Nest. 

Alexa Is Not Compatible with The Nest Thermostat

For your Alexa to discover the Nest thermostat, they’ve got to be compatible. This means the Nest thermostat manufacturer has to register the device with amazons’ system to enable the two to pair. If your Nest is not registered with the Alexa system, it won’t be able to control it. 

So, you need to check if your Nest thermostat is registered. It is advisable to check this before making any purchase to avoid inconveniences like buying another Alexa-enabled Nest thermostat. But you can also opt for returning the Nest thermostat to the manufacturer to register it to amazon, which can take much time. 

FAQs About Alexa Not Discovering Nest Thermostat

How do I add a device to Alexa?

To add a device to Alexa, open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device and sign in with the same account used on your Echo device. In the menu bar, select “Settings” and then “Add Device.” Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Echo to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you will be able to ask Alexa questions and control compatible smart home devices.

To add a device to Alexa, the first step is to open the Alexa app on your phone. Then, select the hamburger menu in the top left corner and tap “Settings.” From there, scroll down and select “Alexa Account” and then “Devices.” Finally, tap on “+ Add Device” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why can’t Alexa find my Bluetooth device?

One possible reason why Alexa cannot find a Bluetooth device is that the device may not be turned on. Another possibility is that the device may be out of range of the Echo. The Echo uses Bluetooth to communicate with devices, so if the Bluetooth device is not within range, it will not be able to connect. Another possibility is that there may be some interference between the Echo and the Bluetooth device.

Does Nest 3rd Gen work with Alexa?

Some users have found that the Nest 3rd Gen does work with Alexa. However, others have stated that they have not been able to get the two devices to communicate with each other. There seems to be some discrepancy in terms of whether or not the two devices are actually compatible. Some users have found that they are able to control their Nest thermostat through their Echo speaker using voice commands, while others have not had any success.

How do I reset my Alexa device?

In order to reset your Alexa device, you must first disconnect it from power. Next, hold the “mic off” button and reconnect the power. After about five seconds, the light ring will turn off and you can let go of the button. To start setup, open the Alexa app and select “Set Up a New Device”.
To reset your Alexa device, you will need to hold the action button and connect it to power. Once the blue light turns on, release the button. You will then see the orange light, which means your device is resetting. Once it is done resetting, the light will turn off and you can start using your Alexa device again.

Final Thought 

If your Alexa can’t discover the Nest thermostat, you can restart it to see if it is resolved. Updating the apps on both devices can also help. But ensure you connect the two appliances on the same Wi-Fi connection, and if any doesn’t work, do a factory reset and try testing if Alexa can discover the Nest thermostat.

As an Amazon Associate, We may receive a commission for purchases made through links in the post at no additional cost to you.

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