5 American Standard Titan Toilet Problems & Fixes

The modern design, comfort, and low-water usage are some of the reasons the American Standard Titan toilet is prevalent in many households. However, although this toilet is well-built, it can develop issues like any other toilet. So, what are the American Standard Titan toilet problems?

The common problems with the American Standard Titan toilet include continuous water flow, leaking, and clogging. You may also experience flushing problems and the tank not filling thoroughly.

The upside is you can DIY these issues. For this reason, continue reading for the causes and solutions of the different American Standard Titan toilet issues.

American Standard toilet troubleshooting

American Standard Titan Toilet Problems (Detailed Answer!)

 ProblemCauseRecommended Fix
 1. Flushing problemFaulty drain or pipe
Low water level
Loose flapper
Unclog your toilet
Adjust the water level
Tighten the flapper
 2. Continuous water flowFaulty flapper or the shut-off valve
High water level
Adjust the float
Replace the flapper or the shut-off valve
 3. LeakageDamaged hose or tubeReplace the hose or tube
 4. CloggingBlockageUnclog your toilet
 5. The toilet not filling properlyDamaged toilet tank
Faulty float
Adjust or replace the float
Replace the toilet tank

With the summary of these issues listed, let us dig deeper and examine them in detail.

1. Flushing problem

Some American Standard Titan toilet users complained that the flush got damaged after using the toilet for a while. Beyond this, flushing problems can be caused by different things, such as a faulty drain or pipe, blockages, low water level, and a loose flapper.

Flushing your toilet will be problematic if the water level is below the recommended level since the water in the tank will be less than the required amount. In addition, a blockage will make flushing hard or impossible and can even cause leakages.

Keep in mind that the American Standard Titan toilet has a gravity-fed flushing mechanism that flushes the toilet using water pressure. Therefore, you must repair or adjust the flushing mechanism if your toilet isn’t flushing well.


  • Clean the toilet bowl if it has dirt or grime.
  • Unclog your toilet using a plunger or a plumber’s snake.
  • Make sure the toilet shut-off valve is fully open to ensure water flows into the tank.
  • Ensure the fill valve and the refill tube are correctly connected. Connect them using your hand if they are not. Do this cautiously to avoid damaging the pipe.
  • Adjust the water level accordingly, if necessary.
  • Flush the toilet to see if the issue is fixed.
  • If not, get a professional plumber to replace or repair the flush system.

2. Continuous Water Flow

Water can continuously flow in your American Standard Titan toilet. This issue can stem from a faulty flapper, a damaged shut-off valve, or a high water level. You must fix this problem immediately because it will cause water wastage and skyrocketing water bills if left unrepaired.


Check and fix the following components to stop your toilet from running continuously.

Check The Fill Tube

The water flows into the bowl through the overflow tube with the help of the fill tube. However, for the fill tube to function correctly, it must be connected to the fill valve. So, reconnect it if it is not.

Adjust the Flapper Chain

The flapper chain needs to be the correct length for the flapper to control the water level. Therefore, prevent water from continuously flowing into the bowl by adjusting the length of the flapper chain.

Adjust the Float

Your American Standard Titan toilet is probably running continuously because the float is set too high, allowing the water to flow into the toilet’s overflow tube. Rotate the float adjustment screw from right to left to lower the floating level, thus adjusting the water level.

Replace Your Toilet Flapper

If the above solutions do not fix the problem, buy and install a new flapper. Get an American Standard Titan toilet-compatible flapper (View on Amazon) or buy a universal flapper.

American Standard toilet keeps running after flushing

3. Leakage

Your American Standard Titan toilet can leak in different parts, such as the seals, tank, connections, and bowl. The signs of a water leak in your toilet include water pooling on the bathroom floor.

Before fixing this problem, you must find the origin of the leak. The common causes include a cracked bowl or tank, a defective flush valve, and faulty seals.


  • Examine the seals around your toilet’s base to ensure they are not damaged and are well seated. Replace them if they are worn out to fix and prevent leaking.
  • Replace the flush valve if it is malfunctioning or damaged.
  • Replace the bowl or tank if it’s cracked. Alternatively, get a new toilet if the damage is too extensive.
  • Also, tighten any loose connections between the bowl and tank and replace the damaged parts.

4. Clogging

Some toilets are more susceptible to clogging than others. However, most people have dealt with clogs at some point, and they are pretty annoying. Depending on how severe the clog is, you may have a slow-flowing toilet or a completely blocked one.  

You can clog your American Standard Titan toilet by flushing things you should not flush, such as paper tissues and pads. A clog causes water to overflow, and that can be unpleasant and messy, so it would be best to address the problem swiftly. It can damage your toilet, and even the surrounding area is left unfixed.


There are plenty of ways to unclog your toilet, including chemical cleaners, a toilet auger, and a plunger. Before introducing the big guns like the toilet auger, try clearing the blockage with a plunger.

Put the plunger on the toilet bowl opening’s bottom, hold the handle, then create suction to release the clog by pushing and pulling it. Try a drain snake if this does not work.

5. The Toilet Not Filling Properly

A faulty float or damaged toilet tank will have your toilet not filling adequately. The toilet float needs to work steadily to let the water fill the float. No signal will be sent to the toilet bowl if the float is faulty.


  • Get a new water tank to replace the damaged one
  • Replace or adjust the float

What To Do With Blocked Inlet Holes?

Inlet holes refer to the tiny openings on the toilet bowl’s sides to facilitate water flow from the tank into the toilet bowl when you flush the toilet. These holes must remain open and unrestricted for the flushing mechanism to function correctly.

However, the inlet holes can get blocked. Below is how to unblock them:

  • First, inspect the inlet holes for blockage- check if there are any obstructions or debris. You will need to get rid of the blockage, if any, to restore water flow.
  • Remove the obstructions or debris carefully using a toothpick or tiny brush. Proceed cautiously to avoid damaging the holes and the other parts.
  • Replace the inlet holes if they are severely damaged or blocked. You can find replacement inlet holes in a plumbing or hardware supply store. Once you buy them, remove the old ones and then put in the new ones.
American Standard Titan Elite

Is American Standard Titan A Good Toilet?

Before buying and installing this toilet in your home, it would be best to determine if it is a toilet worth spending your money on. The American Standard Titan is a sturdy, powerful, two-piece toilet that can be a great addition to your bathroom. This toilet is undoubtedly a top-grade piece that efficiently eliminates waste using less water.

It is highly effective in cleaning huge solid waste with a single flush thanks to its big, fully glazed trapway and the ProOne flushing system. In addition, it is water-saving since a single flush uses 1.6 gallons of water, so your water bill will be manageable and eco-friendly.

The Titan is also quite comfortable since it is set to the proper height, ideal for sitting and standing, and has an elongated bowl. Tall, short, and people with mobility problems can use this toilet with ease.

Furthermore, since the ProOne flushing system removes all the dirt and waste during flushing, you will have an easy time cleaning this toilet. It is also easy to install and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Consider this toilet if you want a sleek, modern piece to add to your bathroom to give it an appealing overall outlook. It is also perfect for small bathrooms and powder rooms because it is compact. Moreover, this vitreous china-made toilet will serve you for many years because it is built to last.

The installation is also pretty straightforward, especially since it has a rough in of 12 inches which is typically the standard.

The downside is it’s not sold with a toilet seat and is not EPA WaterSense certified.

Final Remarks on The American Standard Titan Toilet Problems

Although you may need to handle some problems if you have an American Standard Titan toilet, this is a pretty great toilet. It is fitted with many excellent features, which is why it is more popular than traditional toilets. However, I hope this post guides you to troubleshoot and fix this toilet’s problem and continue enjoying it for many years.

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