8 American Standard Touchless Toilet Problems Fixed!

The ingenuity of American Standard’s touchless toilets means you do not have to touch the germ-packed toilet handle. The toilet meets the need of many to have clean and safer homes. However, as you enjoy this high-performance toilet, do not overlook the American Standard touchless toilet problems

Common American Standard touchless toilet problems include the sensor not working, flushing problems, continuous running, leaking, and many more. As a result, an understanding of American Standard touchless toilet troubleshooting is paramount.

Stick around as we dissect the common problems of the American Standard Touchless toilet and how to fix them.

American standard touchless toilet review

American Standard Touchless Problems (Problems & Solutions)

 ProblemPossible CauseRecommended Solution
1.Toilet leakingDebris
High water level in the tank
Loose shank nut  
Clear the debris
Adjust the water level
Tighten the shank nut
2.Partial flushIncorrect water levels
Object/motion in the sensor area
Adjust water level
Remove the object from the sensor
3.Toilet won’t stop runningDirty or broken flapper
Misaligned float
Too long or too short chain
Clean or replace the flapper
Place the float correctly
Adjust the length of the chain
4.Manual button problemsInsufficient pressure when pressing
Incorrect water levels
Press the button further down
Adjust the water level
5.The hand sensor module flashes slowlyLow batteryReplace the old batteries
Fix the flush control and the hand sensor module
6.The sensor is not workingLow batteryReplace the old batteries
7.The hand sensor module lightens up but does not flush  A mismatch between the flush control module codes and the hand sensor module
Incorrectly placing the flush control module’s battery pack
Installing the control module codes, the battery pack of the flush control module, and the hand sensor module correctly
8.The toilet rocksuneven floor or a loosely pressed wax ringSecure the toilet to the floor with bolts and caulk

1. American Standard Touchless Toilet Keeps Running

Many homeowners blame American Standard touchless toilet parts (e.g., the flush and the fill valve) for continuous running. If this problem goes unattended, it will inflate your water bills, and I bet you don’t want that.


  • Close the shut-off valve and remove the toilet tank cover.
  • Flush your toilet to verify that no water remains in the tank.
  • Remove the clevis pin, the rod, and the trim lever. It will help you take out the flapper.
  • If you can’t fix it with your hands, make use of a nose plier to pull out the flapper.
  • Examine the flapper and the rubber seal to see if they have any flaws. Replace them if they have defects.
  • Remove the existing fill valve and check for any defects. If it’s broken, replace it with a new one.
  • Install and seal the flapper
  • Use the trim lever, the clevis pin, and the rod to secure the chain.
  • Unlock the shut-off valve and check to see whether the toilet valve is still running.

2. American Standard Touchless Toilet Leaking

Just like other models, this one is not immune to leaking problems. A toilet leak could stem from dirt or debris blocking the surface, thus entering with normal water drainage.

Too high water levels when refilling the tank can also cause your toilet to leak and cause flushing problems. Additionally, a loose shank nut, a poor connection at the water supply line, and improper installation of the refill tube also contribute to toilet leaking woes.


  • Get rid of the debris on the sealing surface.
  • Ensure you fill the toilet tank to the level recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Tighten the shank nut.
  • Get a plumber to fix the poor connection at your water supply line.
  • Adjust your refill tube so that the end of it rests above the waterline.
  • Consider replacing the wax ring.

NOTE: Over-tightening your water supply line nuts may cause them to crack and possibly cause floods. Remove the supply line if the connections leak even after being hand-tightened. Apart from that, avoid using sealants on the water supply lines.

3. American Standard Touchless Toilet Not Flushing Properly

A partial or unintended flush shows your toilet has flushing problems. Common causes for improper flushing include incorrect water levels, failure to connect a refill tube to the overflow tube, and not fully pressing the manual flush button.

Furthermore, an object or motion in the sensor area can trigger a partial and unintended flush.


  • Avoid too high or too low water levels by filling the tank according to the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Attach the refill tube to the overflow tube.
  • Press the manual flush button fully.
  • Get rid of the object or motion in the sensor area.
American standard 4000 touchless flush

4. Manual Button Problems

American Standard touchless toilet feature manual buttons that aid in flushing waste down the drain. Sometimes, these fixtures could function below par for a few reasons.

First, activating the touchless mode may disable and turn off the manual flushing mechanism. Not applying sufficient pressure on the buttons will not get the job done either.

Moreover, failing to connect the air hose or installing it incorrectly, coupled with too high or too low water levels, will interfere with the normal functioning of the manual buttons of the touchless toilet.


  • Deactivate the touchless mode.
  • Apply sufficient pressure on the manual button. Press the button further down for 2-3 seconds to attain adequate pressure.
  • Fill the toilet tank to the required level.
  • Install the air hose correctly.

5. American Standard Touchless Toilet Sensor Not Working

This toilet model from American Standard boasts an LED light that gives red and blue flashes. It flashes blue when the mechanism runs flushing operations and red when the battery is low.

The LED light flashes red and blue after placing new batteries; the unit will begin an initial boot-up phase.


Replace the batteries.

6. Hand Sensor Module Flashes Slowly (5 Times or 12 Times)

If waving your hand over the toilet’s hand sensor system triggers a slow 12-time flush, it shows your batteries are low. Besides that, when the hand sensor module’s batteries are low, the device will flash five times fast, signaling your unit needs American Standard touchless toilet battery replacement.

Troubleshooting this fault requires battery replacement and fixing the flush control and the hand sensor module.


a) Flush Control Module in the Tank

Cut off the water supply to your toilet, then flush it to drain the water from the tank.

  • Remove the tank lid and look for the flush control module.
  • Disconnect the cables connecting the flush control module to the flush valve to disengage the control module from the flush valve and remove the AA battery pack. Take care not to let wires become wet or drop into the water.
  • Remove the one screw anchoring the flush control module lid with a little Philips head screwdriver and carefully remove the cover to show the AA battery pack.
  • Unplug the battery pack and all four AA batteries, and swap them with new alkaline ones.
  • Replace the battery system into the flush control module box, fully aware of the top and bottom as well as the alignment within the container.
  • Replace the screw and tightly fasten the flush control module lid over the battery pack.
  • Reconnect the wires from the flush control unit to the flush valve, then reinstall the fixture in the flush valve holder.
  • Turn on the water supply and let the tank fill up.

b) Hand Sensor Module

  • Take off the two screws at the backside of the hand sensor system and the rear cover.
  • It’s worth noting that there’s a rubber O-ring around the back cover to keep moisture out of the sensor. It is a tight fit that may require a small flat-head screwdriver.
  • Replace the three AAA batteries with fresh alkaline ones.
  • Replace the back cover and tighten the screws.

NOTE: After putting in the batteries, wave your hand over the hand sensor system once to finalize the code-matching process. Sometimes, your toilet could fail to flush even after installing the battery and the hand sensor lights. If that happens, uninstall the batteries and replace them after one minute.

American Standard touchless toilet battery replacement

7. Hand Sensor Module Lighten Up but Does Not Flush

It happens because of a mismatch between the flush control module codes and the hand sensor module. Also, you might have placed the flush control module’s battery pack incorrectly.

The hand sensor module can light up and fail to flush when you connect the flush control module in the tank incorrectly.


  • Install the flush control module, then install the handle sensor module batteries three minutes later. It gives time for the codes to synchronize.
  • Connect the flush valve body to the flush control module.
  • Correctly orient the batteries in the pack.

8. American Standard Touchless Toilet Rocks

This wraps up the list of American Standard touchless toilet problems. Your toilet might rock after installation because of an uneven floor or a loosely pressed wax ring.


  • Integrate toilet shims or place caulk at the bottom of the toilet to make the floor even.
  • Tighten toilet bowl to floor knobs.

Final Thoughts on American Standard Touchless Toilet Problems

American Standard touchless toilets are the epitome of innovation and technology, but they are not flawless. They have shortcomings such as toilet running, leaking, manual button problems, and many more.

Fortunately, this post has captured the main problems faced by these models and how to troubleshoot them.

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