Are All Delta Shower Valves the Same? (Quick Answer!)

USA-based plumbing company Delta is reputable for making high-end shower valves which they promote as ‘universal.’ But what exactly do they mean by ‘universal’? Are all delta shower valves the same?

Delta shower valves don’t look alike, but you can fit them on any Delta shower faucet. That’s why Delta uses the term ‘universal.’ Note that Delta valves are only compatible with Delta shower faucets and not with other brands.    

So, you could also argue that Delta shower valves are interchangeable within the brand. As a result, you can upgrade an old Delta shower faucet with a contemporary valve.

Note, however, that Delta shower valves may differ in design and finish, but since they are interchangeable, it’s okay to say they are the same.   

I’ll dig deeper to explain more on Delta valve compatibility. But before I do, let me explain how a Delta shower valve works.  

are delta shower valves universal

How Delta Shower Valves Work

Like every shower valve, a Delta shower valve controls water flow and regulates its temperature through your shower system.  

Design-wise, a Delta shower valve connects to the shower faucet (or the trim). When you turn on your shower water, the valve allows water from the source to flow to the cold pipe.

Water also flows from the hot pipe the same way and mixes with the cold water at the shower valve before going to the showerhead.

Now, Are All Delta Shower Valves the Same? Design Vs. Functionality

Design-wise, Delta shower valves are not the same. They look different and come in different finishes. However, they come in the same standard sizes to fit any Delta shower faucet, thus the name ‘standard.’

So, as far as the design is concerned, these valves are not the same. But when it comes to functionality, these valves play the same role, making them interchangeable within the brand.

This advantage means you don’t have to change everything in your Delta shower system if the valve is the only issue. In that case, you can get a modern valve like the Delta Faucet R10000-UNBXHF and fit it. Since it’s universal, it’s compatible with all Delta shower faucets.

Are Delta Shower Valves Compatible with Other Brands

Are Delta Shower Valves Compatible with Other Brands?

Though Delta uses the word ‘universal’ to describe its shower valves, it doesn’t mean that they accept other brands. No. These valves are only compatible with Delta shower faucets.

So, if you plan to get a Delta shower valve, you should ensure the faucet is also Delta. If not, you’ve to replace both the valve and the shower faucet.

In that case, you should do thorough research before committing to buying from a specific company. Try to maintain the brand when upgrading the valve.

How to Replace a Damaged Delta Shower Valve?

If your Delta shower valve is faulty, it calls for a replacement. Generally, it’ll become defective if you don’t replace it, leading to lime build-up and hot water inconsistency.

Generally, you can tell if your valve is faulty if:

  • It’s unable to heat water
  • There is a leakage
  • There is consistent water flow
  • Presence of mold

If you recognize such signs, it’s time to change your shower valve.

Overall, you’ll need these supplies to replace your Delta shower valve:

  • Delta shower valve
  • Dry cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Pliers
are delta shower valves interchangeable

The Process

Here are the steps for replacing your Delta shower valve:

Step 1: Lay a dry cloth at the bottom of the shower

A dry clean cloth will hold the screws from going down the drain. Moreover, it helps keep your working area clean.

Step 2: Switch off the water supply

Before starting the process, you should ensure you switch off your bathroom water supply. Alternatively, you can turn the house water supply from the main to ensure that there will be no leakage.

Step 3: Disconnect the handle

For easier removal of the shower handle, you should use an Allen wrench or a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts and remove the shower handle. 

The TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set is a good recommendation if you want to buy an Allen wrench. This wrench set has 15 pieces of different sizes and comes with a storage case.

are delta valves universal

Step 4: Remove the trim plate

A trim plate is the visible flat fixture behind the shower handle that covers the shower valve and the plumbing hole in the wall.

To remove it, you should untighten the screws holding it and then pull it out from the shower wall. You can use a screwdriver here.

Step 5: Cut the inside hole

After removing the trim plate, you will see the shower valve inside. To get full access to the valve, you need to cut the wall about 12x 12 inches at a minimum.

Step 6: Remove valve clip

Remove the clip on the metal end using a pair of pliers. That gives you full access to the shower valve. 

If you are looking for DIY multipurpose pliers, you cannot go wrong with the KNIPEX Tools-Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers. The pliers come in handy when dealing with any plumbing job.

Step 7: Remove and replace the worn-out shower valve

Lastly, unscrew the shower valve and slowly remove it. When done, slide in the new valve and twist it accurately until it holds tightly in place.

After that, return the trim plate into position plus the handle, and that’s it. You can then turn on your shower water supply and check if there is leakage.

People Also Ask

1. Do Delta Valves Work with Delta Trim Kits?

Shower valves from Delta are universal. That means that any shower valve you buy can fit properly on any delta trim kit. The only notable difference is in the finish and style. However, this benefits you from choosing your preferred style and finish that compliments your shower space.

2. Are Delta Shower Valves Universal?

Yes! All delta shower valves are universal. Hence, any delta shower valve should fit perfectly in any delta shower faucet or any other fixture it connects to.

3. Are Delta Shower Valves Interchangeable?

You really cannot interchange Delta shower valves with other brands. If you choose to go with Delta fixtures, you have to buy all the fixtures from Delta, and also, a majority of other brands work the same. 

4. Does Delta Give Lifetime Warranty on Their Shower Valves?

The good news is that Delta guarantees their shower valves for life. This means that you get a limited lifetime warranty that covers the shower valve from manufacturing defects. Nonetheless, it only applies to the valve’s original buyer.       

5. Do Shower Valves Get Damaged?

Yes, a shower valve can get damaged. But for it to last you a long time, you should choose the most durable options like brass. However, using hard water may damage the shower valve and reduce its lifespan.

Are All Delta Shower Valves the Same? Closing Remarks!

If you are planning on installing a delta shower, you will need a valve and trim kit (faucet) from Delta. 

This means you can replace an old Delta shower valve with a modern option, and it will fit perfectly on the shower faucet.

Unlike other brands, Delta also gives you a lifetime warranty on their shower fixtures to prove their quality.


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