Are Copper Bottom Pans Oven-Safe? (And Tips For Buying)

Copper pans are excellent cookware for your kitchen. If you have not been using them before now, you have missed a lot. Its aesthetic and lightweight capacity are most people’s considerations for choosing it.

However, one question that comes up is whether you can use these copper bottom pans in an oven. We know you are thinking about it. As such, we will address it in this article.

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Is it Safe To Put Copper Bottom Pans in the Oven?

Asides from the immense benefits that come with copper bottom pans, they do well in the kitchen. Whether you want to use them on the burner or in the oven, they are safe. The entire copper pan is heat-resistant and will do well in high over temperatures.

Most high-ended copper pans have handles made of copper which makes them suitable for use in the oven too. The same thing goes for the lid. Most of these pans have glass or metal lids which makes them safe to go in the oven. Hence, the entire setup is safe in the oven.

Just make sure that why you buy a copper pan, you buy a branded copper pan. Please don’t go for cheap ones as they might not be compatible with the oven. Most branded models are safe to use and go with all kinds of cooking surfaces. Do read the instructions manual that comes with the pan. There could be some special instructions from the manufacturer, whether it can be used with the oven and at what temperature.

Are Copper Pans Better Than Teflon?

When it comes to choosing between copper pans and Teflon, the proper thing to do is to consider their features and disadvantages against each other. This is how you would be able to see the full fact and make the decision.

Excitingly, that’s what we have done. So, let’s consider both and leave you to make your choice.

Copper Pans

  • Copper pans are high-quality cookware
  • Copper pans are great with weight. This means that they are very lightweight
  • With aesthetics, copper pans are outstanding. They are beautiful cookware to behold.
  • On the downside, copper pans are not too pocket-friendly
  • Copper pans might be reactive to acidic foods and may wear out quickly
  • To make matters worse, manufacturers don’t make copper pans for dishwashers.

Teflon Pans

  • Teflon is nonstick cookware. It means that you can always be sure that your food won’t burn.
  • Teflon is an excellent even distributor of heat. This is a good thing for you when cooking. It will help you distribute heat efficiently and make your food turn out well.
  • Teflon is long-lasting. For the more significant part, Teflon is scratch-free. So, you can relax and use it for a long time.
  • On the downside, if you subject it to extreme heat, it could release cancer-causing materials into your food. Plus, Teflon is not a pan that attracts people to it.

Why Invest in a Copper Cookware?

Coppercookware is beginning to gain ground amongst Americans. And if you need to upgrade your kitchen cookware, then copper pans may be the ideal thing for you.

Now is the time to invest in it. However, you’re wondering why you should invest in them. Well, there are many reasons for investing in them. They include:

1. They are Affordable

You don’t need to break the bank before you get the best deal on a copper pan. They are reasonably cheap compared to other cookware.

2. You Can Put Them to Multiple Uses

You can put your copper pans to many uses. They are suitable for use on the burner or stove. You can also put them in the oven. They do very well in high-temperature heat.

3. They Last Very Long

When it comes to durability, copper pans are cookware you can trust. You don’t have to worry about the pan wearing out in a short time. With proper care, you can use the copper pan for a long time.

4. They Are Healthy

Yea, this is one of the best parts of copper pans. They are healthy for making your foods. You can be sure that you are eating the best of foods if you cook with a copper pan.

Tips For Buying a Copper Pan

Buying the best copper pans require more than just having the money; you also need to have information. You need to know some basic things if you need to get the best deal. We have brought you the most important ones to help you with your next utensils shopping.

1. Go for the Thick Ones

It is common knowledge that copper pans are low on weight. This, however, does not mean you can still not pick from the reasonably thick ones. Please note, being thick does not necessarily mean it is heavy. It means you have more cooper in your pan.

Choosing the thick ones will give you great benefits. For one, it makes the copper pan last longer and resistant to easy cracks. At least, it would be best if you always chose a copper pan that is between 2.0 and 3.0 mm thick.

So, to enjoy your time with your copper pan, always go for the thick ones.

2. Buy from the Recognized Brands

It is okay to want to buy a set of copper pans, but it will do you a lot of good to buy from the recognized brands. These brands have built their reputation over time. And would always go everything to ensure that they put the right goods out there for sale.

So, it is to your benefit if you buy from them. You can be sure that you are getting the best deal for your money.

3. Decide on How Many Pieces of Copper You Want

Making a firm decision of how many copper pans you want would save you a lot of time and energy. For instance, if you only need two, there is no reason you should buy a set of six copper pans. This can help you save money too. Plus, you get to compare the copper pans across the brands that are up for sale and make the right choice.

4. Consider the Price

The best way to get a good deal on your copper pan is to decide what you want and find out about it. This would give you room to compare prices across different online stores. Without a doubt, doing this would help you save money and time.

Tips for Long-Lasting Copper Pans

If you want your copper pans to last longer, there are some basic things you need to do and not do. First, let’s touch on things you should avoid doing.

1. Avoid Damaging It with Hard Objects

By all means, avoid using strong and sharp utensils to turn or check your food while cooking. The sharp utensils could scratch the surface of the nonstick copper pans. And that is where the problem would begin from. Food could also begin to stick to the scratched surface. This can cause food to burn quickly.

If you are wondering what the alternatives to these utensils are, we have got them for you. As a replacement, you can use plastic utensils. Silicone and wooden utensils are also an excellent replacement for the metallic kitchen utensils.

2. Avoid Putting the Copper Pan in the Dishwasher

The manufacturers have already dropped a note of warning to us against dishwashing our copper pans. But then, because many of us find it easy to dish-wash our cookware, we ignore the manufacturer’s note. This is not the best way to go.  If you don’t know, the dishwasher is not the right place to put your copper pans.

Source: Canva

How to Use Copper Pans Properly?

Knowing the things you should avoid doing to make your copper pans last very long is not the only thing. You should also know how to take care of your copper pan properly. This would make you avoid unnecessary problems with your copper and save you time and money.

So, what do you do to make your copper pan last longer?

1. Always Wash Your Pans Before Use

Let’s cut straight to it; you need to wash your pans before using them for anything. This is essential as it will help you get rid of dirt and lurking germs. All you need to give your copper pan a proper cleaning are; water, soap, and a non-abrasive sponge.

Make a foam from the soap and water in the copper pan and gently use the non-abrasive sponge to scrub the pan. Do this for about sixty seconds and rinse with warm water.

With this, you have given your copper pan a proper cleaning. And it is ready to use.

2. Only Use High Temperature When You Need it

Copper pans are indeed a great heat conductor. They can withstand great heat, but this does not mean you should turn on the high heat all the time.

You should cook your food at a low or mid-level temperature. If your copper pan is nonstick, you should not use high heat. This is because subjecting your copper nonstick pan to high heat will not help the pan’s condition.

You need to maintain a low or mid-level heat temperature throughout the cooking. This would even make your food turn out well and save your pan.

So, instead of using high heat and damaging your nonstick coating, while not stick with the low or mid-level heat? This way, you would enjoy the best of your copper pans.

3. Don’t Store Foods in Your Copper Pan

You can no doubt use your copper pan for cooking, but storing food in it is not the right thing to do. It would help if you understood that your copper pan is not a storage facility.

 It would be best if you only used it for cooking your meal, dishing the food out, and washing it. Besides, some of the foods you store are acidic, affecting the copper pan if the food remains in the pan for long.

How to Clean Copper Pans Safely? 

There are many ways to clean your copper pan, but we have explained the proper and stress-free ways for you below.

1. Don’t Put the Copper Pans in the Dishwasher

It would help you don’t put your copper pans in the dishwasher, but hand wash them. All you need are dish soap, a non-abrasive sponge, and water.

Washing your copper pans yourself is one of the best treatments you can give your pan. What you need to do is make foam from the water and the soap. Then use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub the own from all angles. The time you would spend scrubbing depends on how dirty your pan is. But the average time is about sixty seconds.

Once you have finished scrubbing, you should rinse the foam away with warm water.

After washing and rinsing the copper pan, you should allow it to dry for about some minutes before storing it. You can also use a paper towel to wipe off the excess water before storing it.

You can also do this to deep clean your copper pan if you find any stubborn stain on it. Deep cleaning would remove the stain or burnt particles and give your pot a sparkling outlook. As a plus, you don’t need too much for deep cleaning. What you need is right there, sitting in your home. With water and baking soda, you can deep clean it.

All you need to do is make a smooth mixture of the baking soda and water and apply it to the stain. Allow this to stay on the stain for about half an hour.

After this, you can wash it off and give it a regular cleaning. If there are still traces of stains and you are not satisfied, you can repeat this process.

2. Consider Seasoning the Copper Pans

Many people use the copper pan without seasoning, and this is fine. But, if you want to enjoy the best of life with your copper pan, you should season it. Seasoning will help you ensure that foods do not stick in it. This will help your copper pan last very long.

The good news is that seasoning copper pan is not a difficult thing to do.

All you need to do is put a few drops of oil in the pan and use your paper towel to spread it around the pot’s interior. After this, you can put it in the oven for forty minutes. The temperature should be between 300 and 400 degrees.

When the time is up, allow the pan to cool before bringing it out.  You can leave it for sixty minutes. Then you can wipe the excess oil with a paper towel.

With that, you have seasoned your pan.


Choosing to buy a copper pan may be one of the best decisions ever. Copper pans are just fantastic for all uses. You can try them today.


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