Are Elongated Toilet Seats Universal? (Quick Answer!)

Elongated toilet seats and their round counterparts can be confusing, tempting you to interchange them on the assumption that they are universal. But are elongated toilet seats universal?  

Elongated toilet seats are not universal. But due to having a similar shape, you can replace them with their kind. However, you cannot interchange elongated toilet seats with round toilet seats.

It’s worth noting that elongated seats primarily measure 18.5-inch-long, making their length standard. But to be sure of the length, you should measure the distance from the bowl end to the seat post holes.

We’ll share more on elongated toilet seats, why they are a good choice, and how you can replace them.

Let’s get into the details:

are all elongated toilet seats the same size

Why Elongated Toilets Seat Are Not Universal

Toilet seats usually come in two shapes; elongated and round. While round toilet seats measure 16.5-inch-long, elongated toilet seats primarily measure 85.5-inch-long.

In that case, you cannot replace an elongated toilet seat with a round option or vice versa. Note, however, that since elongated toilet seats come in a standard size (18.5-inch length), you can interchange them.

But How Do You Know That You Have an Elongated Toilet Seat? 

Well, you can know if you have an elongated toilet seat if you determine its size. In particular, measure its length and width and the seat post holes. 

Below is how you can do it:

a) The Seat Length

This is usually the most important measurement that you should determine. While the width and the distance between the seat post holes are typically standard in nearly all seat posts, the length differs in most cases.

While determining the toilet seat length, you should measure the area between the bowl length and the seat post holes. If it is 18.5 inches, then you have an elongated seat. But if it’s about 16.5-inch-long, it’s a round toilet seat.

Also, measure the length from the outside edges of the bowl to get the correct figure which should be 18.5 inches for the elongated seats.

b) The Seat Width

All elongated seats have the same width. To determine the width of your toilet seat, you should measure the area across the toilet bowl. Ensure that you measure the outside edges of the bowl. 

The elongated toilet seat width should be 14 inches. So, if you get a different figure, it could be that you measured wrongly or that you have a non-standard elongated toilet seat, which is quite rare.

c) Seat Post Holes

To confirm a standard toilet seat, you should measure the area between the seat post. Make sure you measure from the center of one seat post hole to the other.

Overall, the distance between the two points should be 5.5 inches.

are all elongated toilet seats the same

Why You Should Get an Elongated Toilet Seat

So, why should you install or upgrade to an elongated toilet seat? Given that they cost more than toilet options, are they a better choice?

Well, here are the advantages that elongated toilet seats have:

1. Elongated Toilet Seats Are Comfortable

Usually, elongated toilet seats are longer, preventing their edges from touching your body when using them. As a result, they are more comfortable for adults, especially men.

2. Elongated Toilet Seats Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning elongated seats is easier than other toilet seats. That is because elongated seats are longer, enabling you to access the front of the bowl easily.

3. Elongated Toilet Seats Makes Your Bathroom More Appealing

Due to their oval and stretchy look, elongated seats make your toilet area look aesthetically pleasing. So, if you want to improve the general look of your toilet

4. Elongated Toilet Seats Suffer Less Clogging

Since elongated toilet seats are extensive, they offer a large flushing surface area, minimizing clogging. Their large surface area also creates enough force to clean your toilet in one flush.

The Downside – Why You May Prefer Not to Install Universal Toilet Seats

Below are a few concerns of elongated toilet seats:

a) They Are Expensive

Unlike their round counterparts, elongated seats cost more than round options. Even if both toilet seats are by the same manufacturer, their different shapes make elongated seats costlier than round options.  

b) Requires More Space

Because elongated toilet seats are longer than other types, they occupy more space. As a result, they are not the best for tighter bathroom spaces.

are elongated toilet seats universal

How to Find the Best Elongated Toilet Seat

Before you can buy your next elongated toilet seat, you should keep these factors in mind:

a) Material Type

Toilet seats are usually made of many different materials like plastic, wood, brass, stainless steel, vinyl, or ceramic. The most common materials, however, are plastic and wood.

Plastics are the most affordable, easiest to clean, and available in many colors. On the other hand, wood is more comfortable and durable than plastic.

b) Comfortability 

You can agree that it’s inevitable not to use the toilet. So, you have to choose a toilet seat that is more comfortable as you will be spending some time there.

Many factors determine the toilet seat’s comfortability, including shape, material, and design. So, it’s best if you choose the ideal option.

c) Compatibility

If you want to replace your old toilet seat, keep the bowl in mind as the two must be compatible. That means you have to identify a replacement that matches your bowl. 

d) Budget

Thinking of how much you want to spend on a toilet seat beforehand is a good thing. While considering the budget, you should not overlook the durability and overall functionality of the toilet seat.

In that case, you should buy an elongated toilet seat that matches your budget.

e) Cleaning Efficiency

Go for an elongated seat that is easy to clean. Remember that plastic options are easier to clean than others. So, consider them. After all, plastic toilet seats are the most affordable, making them best for someone on a budget.

But if you go for wood, don’t use strong cleaners as they can damage or stain the toilet seat.

f) Aesthetic

Lastly, go for a toilet seat that complements your bathroom space. And since toilet seats come in many color options, go for the one that adds aesthetic value to your bathroom.

are toilet seats a universal size

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How to Replace Your Elongated Toilet Seat

If your elongated toilet seat is old and unsightly, you should replace it easily using these simple steps:


  • New toilet seat
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure

The Process

Step 1: Measure Your Old Toilet Seat

Measure the area between the seat post holes and the width and length of the old toilet seat to get the exact replacement. You can use a tape measure to get the elongated toilet seat dimensions.

Step 2: Get A Perfect Elongated Toilet Seat Replacement

It’s vital that you get an elongated toilet seat that matches your old toilet seat. In that case, you should get its size correctly and prioritize comfort, aesthetics, and durability, as discussed earlier.

Step 3: Remove The Old Toilet Seat

Locate the nuts under your toilet tank and unscrew them carefully using a screwdriver. You can hold the nuts using a pair of pliers while unscrewing them to avoid losing them.

Step 4: Clean The Slates

Once you remove the old toilet seats, you can clean the slates using soap, water, and a clean cloth.

Step 5: Install The New Toilet Seat

First, start lining up the new seat by slowly slotting the bolts through the toilet seat holes. Make sure it seats perfectly on the toilet bowl.

After aligning, tighten the bolts using pliers but be sure not to over tighten them. Remember to rust-protect the bolts using a rust-proof spray like the WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray if they are rust-prone.

Are All Toilet Seats Universal

People Also Ask

1. Are All Elongated Toilet Seats the Same Size?

Elongated seats do not have the same size. So, if you need to replace your elongated toilet seat, you need first to take the correct measurements of the old seat.

You can measure the length, width, and distance between the seat post holes.

2. Are There Different Types of Elongated Toilet Seats?

Unfortunately, there are no types of elongated toilet seats. You will most likely get toilet seats in two different shapes, elongated and round. So, there are no other sizes of toilet seats.

3. Are All Toilet Seats Universal?

Due to many different styles in the market today, there are no universal or standard toilet seats. Even though some seats have the adjustability feature to seat well on some toilet bowls, you should take the correct measurements.

4. Are Elongated Seats Better Than Round Seats?

Elongated seats are more stylish and comfortable than round options. They are also easier to clean and suffer less clogging than round seats. However, they are more priced.  

On the other hand, round seats are better suited to smaller bathrooms and are cheaper than elongated ones. So, if you have a smaller toilet space, you should fit a round toilet seat. Doing so also saves you money even though they are not the most stylish.

Are Elongated Toilet Seats Universal? Closing Thought:

Overall, while elongated toilet seats are interchangeable by their kind, you cannot swap them with any other shape. So, again, elongated toilet seats are not interchangeable. So, if you want to replace an elongated toilet seat, get its perfect replacement using the tips I’ve shared!


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