Are Lyons Bathtubs Any Good? (Quick Answer!)

While you should focus more on the quality of a specific tub, the brand is also worth considering since some tub manufacturers make better bathtubs than others. The best bathtub is well-built, durable, and comfortable.

This post examines whether Lyons tubs meet these requirements by answering the question, are Lyons bathtubs any good?

Lyons bathtubs are fitted with fantastic features, including a wall-mount faucet, a slip-resistant bottom, and lumbar support. However, these tubs are less durable, with many customers complaining that they crack too soon.

If you are considering getting a Lyons bathtub or are generally in the market for a tub, you should read this review first. It offers insight into the Lyons bathtubs’ good features, shortcomings, and factors to consider during your selection.

Lyons brand bathtubs

Are Lyons Bathtubs Any Good? (Desirable Features)

A magnificent tub conveys a strong message about the design of your bathroom. Consequently, you will want to buy and install a unit that is cost-effective, aesthetically appealing, and meets your bathroom needs.

With that in mind, here are some features that may attract you to Lyons bathtubs:

  • A slip-resistant base
  • Silver metallic coating
  • A 30-degree lumbar support
  • It boasts a built-in flange with a 60-inch width and 36-inch depth when assembled
  • The fiberglass spray reinforces the acrylic surface.
  • It has a faucet on the wall.
  • You can install it on an island or an existing alcove.
  • The tub is rectangular.

Despite having outstanding features, the durability and functionality of the tub come into play when selecting these models.

Lyons Bathtubs Review: The Best Lyons Bathtubs

After discussing what makes Lyons bathtubs appealing, let’s look at the company’s best tub models and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Lyons Linear H Biscuit Bathtub with Left Drain

The Linear bathtub has a contemporary, streamlined design with 30-degree lumbar support. It mounts securely to studs, has a spacious soaking space, and is ideal for Lyons wall surrounds and tile installations in addition to standard and above-floor plumbing.

Lyon makes easy-to-clean incorporated apron bathtubs out of glossy finish acrylic. The linked-stud model makes installation for remodeling or new construction projects a breeze.

Furthermore, the Lyons Linear H Biscuit boasts an acrylic coating with fiberglass backing and a slip-resistant base.


  • ANSI Certified
  • Easy installation
  • The tub’s slip-resistant base provides safety
  • Offers spacious soaking area
  • Suitable for tile installations
  • It is sturdy because of fiberglass reinforcement.


  • The tub has a short lifespan compared to other models.
  • It cracks easily.

2. Lyons Linear D Biscuit Seated Shower Base with Left Drain

The Lyons Linear D features lumbar support and magnificent armrests to give you a relaxing bathing experience. It is a one-piece model and boasts a tall seat (18 inches high) with an inbuilt nail flange for easy direct placement.

The bathtub features separate tub surrounds and a conventional water outlet. Additionally, it comes with an automated sprayed fiberglass system that gives it structural robustness, not to mention its OSB and 3-inch diameter feet.

The Lyons Linear D Biscuit also has a convenient 2-1/2-inch entry and is ideal for tile placement.


  • It is slip-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • It has a spacious bathing area
  • The ultra-gloss acrylic coating makes the fixture easy to clean
  • It features a standard outlet piping
  • Lyons Linear D Biscuit is comfortable
  • The built-in nail flange stops water from infiltrating behind the wall.


  • Lyons Linear D Biscuit is susceptible to cracks.

Lyons Bathtubs Review: Drawbacks

Like any other tub on the market, Lyons isn’t immune to shortcomings. Here are a few demerits you should know before purchasing and installing Lyons bathtubs:

1. Shorter Lifespan

One of the significant concerns with Lyons bathtubs is that they are not durable; they crack easily (within two years). If you are too heavy, consider investing in an alternative tub because Lyons will disappoint you.

The cracks will show at the base of the tub within two years of continuous usage or less if you are overweight. The only silver lining is that you can contact Lyons to fix the cracks, i.e., if you have a valid warranty.

However, fixing the cracks is not a lasting solution since you’ll have to call the company repeatedly to fix your bathtub. I bet you don’t want to spend time and money fixing a problem that won’t go away.

Lyons tub Surround

2. It’s Difficult to Get a Refund

Customers who were extremely dissatisfied with Lyons bathtubs due to defects in the units will tell you to brace yourself and wait a little longer before receiving a response to your filed complaint.

Keeping track of a refund is agonizingly challenging, and even if your claim falls within the warranty period, it might lead to lawsuits.

Customers got a mixed bag of fortunes in their pursuit of a refund: some got their hard-earned money back, while others had to wait for months to get an answer. It’s even more annoying when the response from Lyons is not helpful.

3. Chances of Wasting Money

After securing a refund, you might still incur a significant financial loss. Consider the labor costs and masonry that go into fixing the mess.

Menards may try their best to repair and replace the tub, but they will leave the weight of labor and replacement costs on your shoulders. Therefore, the money spent meeting these expenses would be rendered useless.

4. The Customer Service Is Not So Responsive

Imagine having a faulty bathtub, and the customer service remains tight-lipped to your complaints. It’s frustrating.

That’s what awaits you when you purchase a Lyons bathtub. The customer care team doesn’t respond right away, and they sound as though they don’t understand the issues you’ve expressed.

Moreover, some homeowners complained about their issues falling on deaf ears every time they phoned the company for assistance.

5. Negative Feedback Online

Genuine customer reviews are essential when making an online purchase. There are many unfavorable reviews available for both the bathtub and Lyons as a whole, to the extent that many customers fault the connection between Lyons and Menards.

That’s not to say every negative review leveled against Lyons bathtubs has merit, but considering the number of complaints, experts advise you to rethink buying and to install them.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Lyon Bathtubs

Lyon tubs come in an array of sizes and capacities to meet your unique bathroom demands. The following aspects will help you select a Lyons tub that will perform its duty optimally and match your bathroom decor:

1. Size

Lyons bathtubs come in a broad range of lengths and widths to accommodate people of different statures. You will love freestanding units because they offer unparalleled versatility.

With size being a key factor, home experts recommend you measure your present tub before replacing or upgrading to a Lyons one.

2. Material

Lyons soaking tub material determines its price, durability, and other factors. The brand mostly uses fiberglass and acrylic for DIY renovation projects, thanks to their affordability, lightweight nature, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Contrary to acrylic, fiberglass bathtubs last a very long period despite not being as durable as materials like steel and cast iron.

3. Style

Availability in multiple styles is one of the Lyons tubs’ selling points. Lyons bathtubs come in classic, modern, and mid-century designs.

4. Type

Whether you browse online or visit home improvement stores near you, I bet you’ve come across a collection of tubs. Lyon bathtubs feature clawfoot units with four feet to support the basin and freestanding tubs that act as the centerpiece of your restroom’s décor.

However, regular bathtubs are the most common Lyons models, while other soaking units feature clawfoot and freestanding models alone. Besides that, these versions make it possible for you to take leisurely long baths.

Additionally, the most modern whirlpool tubs incorporate water jets that massage your muscles while circulating the bathwater. It means Lyons accommodated several customers’ needs when making these units, and it’s difficult to miss a perfect fit for you.

5. Capacity

Similar to style, Lyons bathtubs come in varying capacities, implying how you intend to use them will help you narrow down your choices. For instance, walk-in tubs hold under 70 gallons, while most standard bathtubs hold 50 gallons of water.

Are Lyons bathtubs worth it


Who Makes Lyons Bathtubs?

Lyons Industries, Inc. is a family-owned company that manufactures Lyons tubs. The firm employs American-made materials to make their bathtubs.

Final Remarks on Are Lyons Bathtubs Any Good?

Hopefully, this post has helped you determine whether Lyons bathtubs meet your expectations or fall short. When buying a bathtub, the cost, aesthetic appeal, and usability feature prominently, and the Lyons tub checks these boxes.

However, the brand fails miserably in durability, customer service, and the chances of wasting your money on replacing defective tubs.

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