Are Pfaltzgraff Dishes Oven Safe?

Are you planning on adding Pfaltzgraff dishes to your fleet of kitchenware? Then you have made a wise choice. 

Firstly, Pfaltzgraff is an American brand. But not just that, the company also places quality first. So, you might not have cause to worry about Pfaltzgraff dishes’ quality.

What many people ask about most is, “Are Pfaltzgraff dishes oven-safe?” 

However, we discover that Pfaltzgraff dinnerware, which includes plates and bowls, should not enter an oven. However, their bakeware performs excellently well in microwave and dishwasher. 

Pfaltzgraff bakeware is considered oven-safe. But keep in mind that temperature varies from one bakeware to another. Some handle temperatures between 350 to 500 degrees. 

So, your best bet is to read the manufacturer manual to know the temperature a dish, bakeware, or any other Pfaltzgraff cooking tool can handle before throwing them into an oven.  

This article will provide in-depth answers to questions you may have about Pfaltzgraff dishes. So, continue reading!  

How Do You Know If A Dish Is Oven-Safe?

Have you tried placing a dish in the oven thinking it was oven-safe, only to find out it wasn’t when it’s too late? Let’s say you haven’t. But the truth is it’s relatively easy to make such avoidable mistakes. 

The issue with putting a non-oven safe dish in the oven is not only about losing your meals and having to go through the process of making another. The issue is how much time you would spend cleaning up the messed-up countertop, floor, oven, and other things that need cleaning. 

On the contrary, using an oven-safe dish would save you a lot of stress. You would also benefit from their versatility, as you can bake, mix your ingredients and serve with them. 

So, call oven-safe dishes king of productivity, and you’ll not be wrong because that’s what it is. You’ll become more efficient in the kitchen with an oven-safe dish.  

Now the question is how can you identify an oven-safe dish? What are the things you need to focus on so as not to make any silly mistakes? 

5 Handy Tips to Know if Your Dish is Oven-Safe

  • How far the glaze stretched – Check the dish’s glaze. Did it cover the entire porous clay underneath it? If yes, then your dish is well-protected. You can use it in the oven without fear of any casualty. But if it’s partially covered, it’s not oven-safe. Please avoid using such dishes. Partially covered dishes like this suffer temperature changes more frequently.
  • Dish’s label – Cookware makers know how confusing it can be for people looking for things like oven-safe dishes. Tiredness or hurriedness while cooking can force people to make such silly mistakes. To prevent that from happening, dishes are well-labeled to help people identify if oven-safe or not. So, check your dishes. You will see the label neatly placed on the side of the dish.
  • Check manufacturer’s recommendation – One of the best ways to determine if a dish is oven safe or not is by paying attention to the manufacturer’s recommendation. You can access it on the manufacturer’s page online. 
  • Image of wave lines – If your dish has a picture that bears a wave line, it’s oven-safe. But keep in mind that the wave lines mean the dish can only handle lower temperatures. Using a temperature higher than the recommended could get your dishes damaged. 

 A Handy Tip: Even if your dish is stoneware, don’t throw it into your oven until you’re entirely sure it can handle the temperature. Remember that not every stoneware dishes out there is oven-safe. 

Can Stoneware Dishes Go In The Oven?

Firstly, stoneware pieces of cookware are a top choice. They not only come in various sizes, colors and shapes. These pieces of cookware can handle varied temperature ranges. 

Overall, the bakeware’s versatility makes baking fun, easy, and super quick. It not only holds heat very well. But it’s dishwasher safe, oven-safe, and microwave-safe. 

You can even use stoneware as a serving dish. Its top-notch finish makes it a wise choice for such purpose. 

Furthermore, before placing stoneware dishes in an oven, you need to have a second thought. And these include bowls and plates. 

Here’s a summary of Pfaltzgraff FAQ to help you understand much better:

You can heat or warm Pfaltzgraff dinnerware that doesn’t have precious metal accents in the oven. But if the dinnerware is cool, don’t preheat the oven before placing it in. It’s better to allow a cool dinnerware to heat up gradually from the point the oven gets turned on. Rapid heat changes can damage your dinnerware. So, you should also not place it on an electric range or gas cooker’s burner.”

Is stoneware ideal for baking at extremely high temperatures? Unfortunately, it’s not. You can have them in your oven, but be careful of your oven’s temperature.

Thermal shock is significant issue stoneware often suffers. So, if you want your ceramics to serve you for years, do these two things:

  • Don’t preheat your oven before placing your stoneware in it.
  • Don’t bake in extremely high temperatures.
  • Don’t just remove your stoneware from the freezer or fridge and place it in a preheated oven. Allow both to heat up at the same time.
  • Oven temperature shouldn’t surpass 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Are All Pfaltzgraff Stoneware Dishes Oven Safe? 

The straightforward answer is No; not every Pfaltzgraff stoneware is oven safe. Why so? The issue is with the precious metal accents. 

Even if you place such dishes in an oven and heat them gradually, it won’t be pleasant. You’re only going to destroy your dish at the end of the day. It happens to all Pfaltzgraff stoneware with precious metal accents. 

The only Pfaltzgraff stoneware that’s oven safe is one without precious metal accents. But then, you shouldn’t preheat the oven before placing the dish in it. 

A Handy Tip: Place a cool Pfaltzgraff dish on a cool oven. Turn the oven up and allow the temperature to rise to 250 degrees Fahrenheit gradually. By doing so, your dish won’t suffer thermal shock that might cause it to crack. 

If you’re using Pfaltzgraff stoneware that doesn’t have precious metal accents, follow these tips to increase its lifespan:

  • Heat the dish gradually in the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Don’t allow the oven temperature to exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Never use Pfaltzgraff stoneware under a broiler or on a stovetop.
  • Don’t allow a hot dish to be exposed to a wet or cold surface. Doing so would result in thermal shock and breakage of the dish. 
  • Pfaltzgraff dishes boast unfinished bottoms. So if you’re sanding or rubbing the bottom of two dishes together to smoothen out the edges, do it gently. 
  • Read instructions about your cookware to ensure that it’s oven safe before placing it in your oven. You can find the instructions about each cookware on Pfaltzgraff’s official website.  

Are Pfaltzgraff Dishes Worth Money?

Yes, Pfaltzgraff dishes are worth the value for the money. They are made in America and have all the bells and whistles to be the leading dinnerware and serveware there is. 

Here are other incredible factors that make Pfaltzgraff dishes a top choice.

  • Ovenproof – For the price point and ovenproof feature, Pfaltzgraff cookware will make cooking less stressful and quick for you. Being ovenproof means that the stoneware is microwave and conventional oven safe. You can warm and heat food items in this dishwasher. Just ensure you don’t subject your dish to extreme or sudden temperature change. 
  • Dishwasher safe – Pfaltzgraff dishes’ versatility is one of the factors that make it must-have cookware. 
  • Safe to use – Pfaltzgraff cookware is designed with the safety of American homes in mind. The company has also been in the business for donkey years. So they have the know-how, skills, and experience to make quality cookware.  
  • Attractive cookware – Using Pfaltzgraff dishes as a serveware, is a possibility. Why? They are super adorable. The finish on Pfaltzgraff stoneware is top of the line. Your family and guests would love having their meals on such a dish.
  • Durable dishes – Look at the versatility of Pfaltzgraff dishware. You can use it as serveware, dinnerware, cookware, and others. The dishes come built with quality materials and would serve you for decades. 
  • Freezer safe – Pfaltzgraff dishes are strong enough to withstand low temperatures in the freezer. That means you can take food from your freezer to your oven, warm or heat the food, and eat. Pfaltzgraff dishes are so versatile and convenient to use.

Can Pfaltzgraff Bakeware Go Under A Broiler?

Unfortunately, it can’t. And the reason is not farfetched. We have mentioned severally that Pfaltzgraff bakeware is susceptible to crack under extreme temperature or sudden temperature change. 

Pfaltzgraff bakeware is ovenproof. That means you can place them in the microwave oven, conventional oven, freezer, and dishware.

But please note. Pfaltzgraff bakeware cannot handle temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature above this range would cause the bakeware to crack. 

Boilers’ temperature can rise as high as 550 degrees Fahrenheit when in use. So this automatically makes them unsafe for Pfaltzgraff bakeware. 

So, what type of bakeware would be a good fit for broilers? Use one with a metal pan. A rimmed sheet pan is also a wise choice. 

What are broilers best for? Broilers are supposed to be for searing of food’s exterior portions. It’s not proper to boil food from start to finish using the boiler.

Instead, heat the food item on a stovetop. Then finish it off on your broiler. That’s the best way to use a broiler. 

But it is not proper to use a Pfaltzgraff bakeware under a broiler. The high temperature can destroy it within the twinkling of an eye. 

What Temperature Is Pfaltzgraff Bakeware Oven Safe For?

Pfaltzgraff boasts several bakeware products, and each operates under a unique temperature range and time. 

Overall, Pfaltzgraff bakeware can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this would damage your cookware. 

So, the bakeware is dishwasher and oven safe. And it’s an excellent choice for baking casseroles and sweets. 

A Handy Tip: Pfaltzgraff bakeware will only be oven-safe in an oven for a given period. Therefore, you need to read the instruction manual for every product you buy before using it. 


We have touched on almost every aspect of Pfaltzgraff dishes. You can see that the company is a force to reckon with on the cookware market. 

Pfaltzgraff makes top-quality kitchenware, cookware and serveware, which boast top-notch finishes and are durable. Furthermore, Pfaltzgraff dishes can serve you for decades. 

However, how you use your dishes and bakeware matters a great deal. Don’t subject to extreme temperatures or temperature changes. Read product instructions carefully before you start using them. 

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