Are Waxless Toilet Rings Good? (Quick Answer!)

Are Waxless toilet rings good? Waxless rings are modern toilet seals designed to solve the weaknesses of wax ring seals. For a very long time, plumbers had wax rings as the only toilet seals to work with.

Plumbers and homeowners have been excited to have an option with toilet seals, increasing the popularity of waxless toilet seals over the years. But are waxless toilet rings good?

Waxless toilet seals have proven to do the job of wax seals just as good. What’s more, they have features that tackle all the weaknesses of wax seals. For instance, they are easy to install without causing a mess, reusable, and do not melt at high temperatures.

Wax ring seals have been on the market for a long time and have proven their reliability. However, they are messy, require regular maintenance, and cannot be used on heated floors because they melt.

If you have been struggling with the weaknesses of wax seals, it is time to try what waxless toilet seals have to offer. This is not to say that wax rings are bad, but another product on the market can do the same job without a lot of fuss and mess.

waxless toilet seals

Types Of Waxless Toilet Seals

Waxless toilet seals are differentiated by the material used to make the ring. The right seal for you depends on your preferences, previous experience with other seals, or the flooring of your bathroom.

Common types of waxless toilet seals include:

1. Sponge Gaskets

As the name suggests, the ring of sponge toilet seals is made with a thick sponge. They are effective for toilets or urinals hanging on the wall. Plumbers mostly use them to replace felted wax seals.

Sponge seals are also used for standard toilets fixed on the floor, but not as often. Note that these rings come in different thicknesses and sizes; therefore, you must know the measurements of the base of your toilet to make the right purchase.

2. Foam Gaskets

Wax-free foam gaskets stand out as the best seals for toilets with deep flanges, from 3 to 8 inches above or under the floor. They are effective for sealing bathrooms in story buildings. Also, foam seals are recommended for toilets built on floors that are not constructed with concrete.

Foam gaskets are suitable for deep flanges because they can be stacked to provide a perfect seal. This feature is an advantage over wax seals which cannot be stacked.

What’s more, you will love the foam gasket seals because they still prevent water and air leakage from the flange even when the toilet is wobbly.

3. Wax Free Toilet Bowl Gasket

The bowl gasket features a rubber seal designed to fit the bottom side of the toilet seat and a flange that fits in the drain pipe. It forms an air and water tight O-shaped ring between the toilet and the drain pipe on installation.

The unique feature of this bowl gasket is that it is reusable as long as it is in good shape. This means that you do not have to incur the cost of a new seal every time you want to work on the toilet or access the drain. What’s more, it can also be used in sealing long flanges.

Rubber Toilet Seal

Why Waxless Toilet Rings Are Good

The modern waxless ring is new in the plumbing market, but they are better than the traditional wax ring seals because:

1. They Can Be Repositioned

Waxless toilet seals do not lose their shape permanently once compressed between the toilet and the floor. On lifting the toilet, the seal regains its original shape. Because of this feature, the seals can be repositioned and serve as good as new.

2. They Do Not Leak From Plunging

Plunging is the process of unclogging the toilet using a suck pump. Unlike wax rings, the pressure from plunging or heavyweight on the toilet does not affect waxless rings.

3. They Are Universal

Most waxless toilet seals can fit in different types of toilets without compromising the seal provided. This feature relieves homebuyers because they do not struggle to identify the type of seal used in the toilet during renovations.

4. Heat Resistant

Another advantage of waxless seals over their wax counterparts is that they do not melt when exposed to heat. The foam or sponge does not melt away on heated floors. Also, exposure to heat does not affect their lifespan.

5. They Can Be Stacked

The fact that these seals are stacked and remain efficient is a lifesaver when it comes to recessed flanges or uneven floors. However, ensure that the stacking is done by a professional to keep the drainage water and gases contained.

6. Easy To Replace And Not Messy

As mentioned above, waxless seals do not lose their shape on installation. Therefore, they are easy to remove and reinstall when need be. Unlike wax seals that stick on the toilet base and the flange and should be scrapped out for replacement.

Are Waxless Toilet Rings Better

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Waxless Toilet Rings Better?

Waxless seals are easy to work with and replace because they are not messy and provide no room for errors. Also, they offer a solution to all the weaknesses of wax ring seals. They can be reused, stacked, not affected by heat, and used in different types of toilets.

2. How Long Do Rubber Toilet Rings Last?

Rubber seals can last up to 30 years or simply as long as the toilet exists. They do not leak over time and do not require regular maintenance. Therefore, unless you want to renovate, change the toilet bowl or work on the flooring, you will never be required to repair waxless seals.

3. How Does A Waxless Toilet Ring Work?

To install a waxless seal, place it on top of the flange or the toilet’s base. For this step, consult the user manual. Put the toilet down, directly aligned with the flange bolts. The weight of the toilet will compress the rubber or foam ring to provide a tight seal.

4. Do Waxless Toilet Rings Work?

Yes, waxless toilet seals do work. They provide a long-lasting seal preventing the drainage water and gases from leaking out. If installed correctly, they take the lifespan of the toilet. If you never change your bathroom, you will never have to change the rubber or foam seal.

Conclusion, So Are Waxless Toilet Rings Good?

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or install new toilets and have been researching the effectiveness of waxless rubber seals, go ahead and purchase them because they are good.

They do not leak easily, can withstand heat, and can be reused. The only downside is that they are more expensive than wax seals, but the lifetime service is worth the cost.

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