Best Bathtubs For Tall People In 2022 (Buyer’s Guide!)

While bathtubs are a fantastic relaxation point, nothing is more stressful than shopping for bathtubs for tall people. Most of them are advertised as standard size, which means their dimensions are best for average height and average weight guys. 

The truth is that there are so many bathtubs for six-footers like you if you look closely, and some are even wider enough to accommodate plus-sized guys or you and your mate or kids. 

With these tubs, you can have the most relaxing hot bath as you reflect on your day.      

Most of them are statement pieces that improve the resale value of your home. Others, especially inflatables, are your travel companion to guarantee you the same feel-good factor wherever you go.  

I’ll discuss the various types of bathtubs that you can get for your height, make a recommendation for each, and then provide you with a buying guide.

bathtubs for tall people

7 Bathtubs for Tall People

  1. American Standard 7236V002.020: Best Soaking Bathtub for Tall Person 
  2. Ferdy Boracay 67¨ Bathtub: Best Freestanding Tub For Tall Person
  3. Kingston Brass VTDE603122L: Best Alcove Bathtub for Tall Person 
  4. Proflo PFS7242AWH Proflo: Best Drop-In Bathtub for Tall Person 
  5. K-1161-0 Tercet Bath: Best Corner Bathtub for Tall Person 
  6. Kohler K-1949-0 Exocrylic: Best Whirlpool Bathtub for Tall Person 
  7. American Standard 3060.109: Best Walking Bathtub for Tall Person 

Types of Bathtubs for Tall People

Depending on your bathtub space, personal preference, needs, and budget, here are eight types of bathtubs for tall guys:

1. Soaking Bathtubs for Tall Person 

Soaking bathtubs, popularly known as Japanese-style tubs, allow you to immerse your body fully, just as the name suggests. For that reason, they are perfect for tall guys to submerge and relax fully. 

These tubs are also best for couples as they are significantly expansive. Two people can sit in opposite directions and have a relaxing hot bath.

Usually, soaking tubs come in contemporary styles to match your modern space, and one best soaking tub for tall person is the American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution

This tub measures 72 x 36 x 21.5 inches, making it ideal for six-footers. It’s equally deep and wider to allow you to soak deep and offer you ample lumbar support. 

Moreover, it is safe to use, owing to its slip-resistant floor and fiberglass reinforcement. You’ll get it in a smart acrylic finish to match your modern bathroom space.

2. Freestanding Bathtubs for Tall Person

Freestanding bathtubs, as the name suggests, stand on their own. They don’t require to be fitted onto the wall or supported on anything. 

For that reason, they are best placed at the center of your bathroom to create a modern feel. You can even put them in your bedroom. 

The only issue is that they occupy a lot of space and are often expensive. 

While some freestanding tubs come with claw feet, most of them come without any feet. Overall, nothing beats a freestanding tub in style and comfort, and you can tell that from the Ferdy Boracay 67¨ Freestanding Bathtub

This 67-inch long bathtub is perfect for six-footers and has a 13-inch depth that offers you lumbar support. It’s made of acrylic and enjoys an oval shape to create the perfect contemporary look.

Best Freestanding Tub For Tall Person

3. Alcove Bathtub for 6 Foot Tall Person

Alcove bathtubs generally touch three walls and allow you to access them through one side (length). They are the most popular tubs in the market because they are easy to fit in tight spaces. 

Moreover, they are easy to integrate with showerheads and are generally relaxing.

Budget-wise, they are the most budget-friendly. It’s just that they are not the most stylish, thus best for spaces with a minimalist finish. 

One amazing tall alcove bathtub is the Kingston Brass VTDE 603122L. This contemporary alcove tub comes in a white acrylic finish and is available in left-hand and right-hand orientation. 

It generally measures 60 by 30 by 22 inches, thus spacious, and comes in a simple design.

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4. Drop-in Bathtubs for Tall Person

As the name hints, drop-in tubs are dropped into an already carved bathroom space. So, they are generally the easiest to install when you get the size correct.  

However, they may call for a lot of plumbing work to get things in order before you can drop them in. 

Overall, drop-in tubs resemble Alcove tubs in appearance, only that they have unfinished sides. You can, however, fit them into the wall just like Alcove tubs. 

One perfect pick for tall guys is the Proflo PFS7242AWH Proflo. This drop-in tub measures 76 by 22 by 44 inches, thus tall and deeper to give you a soaking tub experience. 

It easily fits in a three-wall space and comes in a white acrylic finish. You can count on this drop-in tub for a relaxing afternoon bath.

5. Corner Bathtubs for Tall People

As their name suggests, these tubs tuck into the corner of the bathroom. While most of them are rectangular, some are oval. 

Overall, corner tubs take up less space, making them best for bathrooms with limited floor space. Their small size also makes them best for spaces that are harder to furnish.

Meanwhile, despite their space economization, these bathtubs are very spacious and generally feel comfortable. 

One amazing corner tub for tall guys is the Kohler K-1161-0 Tercet Bath. This corner-installed tub comes in an acrylic construction and enjoys an artistic shape that makes it a stylish choice. 

It measures 66.38 by 66.38 by 26.25 inches, thus taller, wider, and deeper to allow two guys to use it simultaneously. So, it’s a perfect choice for taller couples.

Best Hot Tub For Tall Person

6. Whirlpool Bathtubs for Tall People

If you are looking for the ultimate hot water massage, no bathtub is better than a whirlpool option. 

Whirlpool tubs feature a set of strategically positioned jets that massage your joints to offer you the most therapeutic hot bath ever. Thus, these bathtubs are best for those dealing with chronic muscular pain. 

One fantastic choice for taller guys is the Kohler K-1949-0 Archer Exocrylic. This Whirlpool tub measures 66 by 32 by 19 inches, making it taller, broader and deeper. 

Its deep back offers you ample lumbar support, while its textured floor promotes slip resistance. Plus, it has a set of 8 adjustable jets for hydro massage and comes in a stylish white acrylic finish.

7. Walk-in Bathtub for Tall Older Adults

Walk-in bathtubs are popular among older citizens and those who find it hard to use standard tubs. These tubs allow users to walk into a mini-door and take a bath while seated comfortably. 

Overall, these tubs are costlier than the rest. But given their comfort advantage, it’s hard to complain about their hefty price. 

While walk-in tubs are generally broader and deeper, they are not the longest. You are thus less likely to find something longer than 60 inches. 

That’s the case with the American Standard 3060.109.CRW, which measures 59.5 by 29.8 by 37.5 inches. 

This walk-in tub comes fitted with 13 therapeutic water jets and 26 air jets, which makes up the perfect Air and water spa system. You can count on it for the most by therapeutic and luxurious bathing experience.

What Size Tub for A 6 Foot Person? Bathtub Sizing Guide

Bathtubs come in different sizes, depending on the type. But overall, the standard bathtub size is 60 x 30-32 x 19-21 inches (L x W X H). 

Of Course, there are a few exceptions, such as corner and walk-in bathtubs whose length and width are almost the same. 

Overall, a standard-size tub does not suit 6-foot-tall guys. You’ve to go for a large size and here is a table to use.

Bathtub TypeStandard Size Large Size (Best for 6-Foot Person)
Soaking 67x32x15 inches72x36x22  inches
Freestanding  60x30x30 inches72x32x30 inches
Drop-in 60x32x18 inches 72x32x20 inches
Corner 60x60x20 inches72x72x20 inches
Whirlpool 60x32x18 inches66x32x19 inches
walk-in60x30x38 inches60x36x38 inches
Alcove 60x32x18 inches72x32x20 inches

Other Bathtub Buying Considerations:

Other than the bathtub type and size, here are other buying considerations:

1. Bathtub Material

Generally, bathtubs come in the following material choices:

  • Plastic (acrylic or fiberglass): Both acrylic and fiberglass are forms of plastic known to be warm, well insulated, and lightweight. They can, however, scratch following contact with an abrasive or corrosive substance.
  • Cast Polymer: Cast polymer replicates granite or marble, thus attractive. It, however, becomes brittle over time, which means it may not hold up well for a long time.
  • Cast Iron: This enamel-coated material is impact-resistant and durable. It also keeps the water warmer for a long time. It’s heavy, however.
  • Steel: Steel bathtubs are usually enamel-coated just like cast iron, thus impact-resistant and durable. The material is sadly a poor insulator. Water is likely to feel colder quickly in an enamel-coated steel tub.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is the most popular material whose benefits include softness, ease of cleaning, low weight, and a stylish finish. The material is also budget-friendly.
  • Copper: Copper is generally recyclable, hard-wearing, and elegant. Its downside is that it is costlier and corrosion-prone.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is stylish and easier to clean. It, however, deteriorates over time and could crumble.
Bathtubs For Tall People

2. Your Space 

You must consider if you have enough space to place the bathtub that you want to buy. Overall, free-standing and walk-in tubs require the most space, while you can go for the others if you have limited space.

3. Brand 

The brand matters as it determines the tub’s quality and style. Some famous bathtub brands include American Standard, Kohler, Proflo, Tato, and Jacuzzi tub for tall person. 

4. Ease of Installation

You should go for a tub that you can fit easily. Overall, corner and alcove tubs are easier to tuck into the corner, while freestanding tubs don’t require any preparation but just enough space.

5. Tub Shape 

Bathtubs mostly come in oval and rectangular shapes, but others come in slipper, round, and square. Overall, you need to pick a shape that matches your space. Rectangular tubs, for example, are best for corner installation, while oval tubs are best for placing centrally in your bathroom space. 

Closing Thought 

Now you have an expert guide for buying the best bathtubs for tall people. Therefore, you can use it to shop for the most comfortable, fitting, and relaxing bathtub for your height.  

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