Top 7 Best Infrared Heater for Screened Porch Reviews & Buying Guides in 2022

Imagine this: you are chilling with your friends on your front porch, reminiscing about the times as you sip a few drinks. Then the night suddenly gets chilly. You don’t want to leave the porch, but you go to the house anyway because there’s no way you can endure the cold.

What if we told you there is a way to avoid all that? Yes, there is. The best infrared heater for screened porch will ensure you don’t leave your patio because it is cold. You’ll only leave because you are not ready to go into the house.

But how do you know the best-infrared heater to try? We understand the dilemma, so we have outlined the best to make it easier to choose. Do read on to see.

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Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI WiFi Infrared Wall Heater

The best option you can choose for your porch heating needs is this smart and easy-to-use heater. The Heat Strom Infrared Heater is mountable onto the wall and responds to Wi-Fi use, ranking it as a smart heater.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use your device to set the schedules and turn on the heater. One thing you will love about it is that it heats not only the air. Instead, it heats the surrounding objects to ensure you can enjoy the heat for as long as possible, even if it goes off.

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You will also love that it isn’t only ideal for outdoor purposes. You can use it in the house as long as you get the perfect place to install it on one of your walls. Safety is a big issue for heaters since they might accidentally fall over and cause fires.

The makers of this heater recognize that, so they have made sure it turns off automatically once it tips over. That protects you from any accidental fires.

That’s not all regarding safety, though. The Heat Storms grills are also safe to touch even when it’s in use. That is because its material doesn’t heat to burn someone even when they touch it. It radiates heat without heating the material.

Now to the big one. This heater packs 1000 watts and 3400 BTUs. What does this mean? You can heat a space measuring over 500 square feet if you use it to supplement another heat source and 200 feet if it is the primary heat source.


  • Easy installation thanks to the simple design
  • Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easier to use via phone
  • Can heat to 500 square feet
  • The grills are cold to the touch, making it safe
  • Versatile and can work for different settings


  • It is pretty noisy, which might irritate some people

Best Infrared Heater for Screened Porch Reviews & Buying Guides


Duraflame DFI030ARU Infrared Quartz Set Heater

The next best option to consider if you want to stay warm on your porch is the Duraflame infrared heater. Although the heater will cost a penny, you will love to hear that the money will be worth it. The first thing that will impress you is the wide heating range.

This infrared heater can heat over 1000 square feet if you use it as a supplemental heat source. That’s thanks to the 5200 BTUs that enable it to provide heat over a wide surface. It is, therefore, the best option if you have a large porch.

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Something else that makes this heater as efficient as ever is the mode by which it works. The heater maintains the air humidity to ensure the temperatures don’t drop below a certain point. That’s what enables it to heat larger spaces than the average infrared heater.

Thanks to this heater design, you can use it to replace your fireplace. It has a burning embers design that should fit right into your fireplace. All you have to do is set the heater on the floor of your fireplace and see the magic.

With the flame effect, you can operate the hater even without heat, which creates a powerful ambiance anytime you want. That’s thanks to the electric log set, which you heat all spaces outdoors or indoors.


  • Powerful enough and can heat over 1000 square feet
  • The flame log set can replace a fireplace
  • It is efficient since it works by maintaining air humidity
  • The infrared technology provides heat that warms you immediately


  • The labeling isn’t all that clear for someone to see easily

DR Infrared Heater DR-238 Carbon Infrared Outdoor Heater

Imagine an infrared heater you can control with a remote. This infrared heater is one of the best options for heating an outdoor place without walking to it. Unlike other heaters on our list, it is only best for sheltered external areas. 

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It comes with wall and ceiling mounts that make it easier for you to install. The mountings also mean it will spread the heat more evenly over a large surface. We also loved the clean and odorless heat the infrared heater produced.

The DR infrared heater is a durable heater that will give you the best service for a long time. It is made with the toughest aluminum material resistant to rusting and the usual corrosion common with other metallic materials.

Another benefit you will get from using this heater is quiet. It has modifications that enable it to provide heat while it remains ultraquiet. Forget about all the other noisy infrared heaters that irritate you even if they keep you warm.

The Dr. Infrared heater is ideal for either commercial or residential spaces. The three heating modes ensure you can use whatever heat level is suitable for you and your family. If it is a commercial setting, you can set it to provide as much heat as possible.

If you’re looking for a heater that will capably heat your backyard porch or patio even in light rain showers, then this is it. Give it a try and see how useful you’ll find it.


  • You can switch among three heating modes for your convenience
  • It is showerproof, meaning you can use it even with light rain showers
  • It has wall and ceiling mounts for easier installation
  • Perfect for residential or commercial areas


  • You need to be pretty close for the remote to work

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

One common issue most performance when they buy heaters for their porches is where to install them. Some will come with mounts that enable you to install them on the wall. But not all patios are next to a wall. That’s where the Briza Infrared heater flourishes.

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It has a dual setup in that you can install it on the wall, ceiling or use an adjustable tripod stand. That makes it a versatile heater you can use even in porches that wouldn’t work with a wall or ceiling-mounted heaters.

One thing most people look for when purchasing heating equipment is ease of use. The Briza heater is relatively easy-to-use, thanks to the remote control. You can control it from any location on your patio or room. The remote will help set and turn the heater on and off.

Because safety can be a pertinent issue with most heaters, the Briza infrared heater comes with a sensor that ensures it switches off whenever it detects that it has tipped over. That reduces the chances of a fire.

Another thing that will excite you about this heater is the inbuilt timers that ensure your home’s safety. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off if you set the timer. For instance, if you will only be using it for night hours, you can select it to switch off after that number of hours.

Also, with three different heat levels, you can enjoy the heat level you want. Set the heater to 900 watts, 1200 watts, or 1500 watts. That’s precisely what makes this heater such an excellent choice for you.


  • The three heat levels make it convenient to use
  • The remote control boasts its ease of use
  • With the timer, you can set the time for it to go off
  • It is safe to use and has sensors that turn it off when it tips over


  • The heat it produces works best as an augmentative heat source

Air Choice Outdoor Porch Heater

If you give them a chance, most people will choose a heater that can work both indoors and outdoors. The Air choice heater is one such heater. It is approved to work both in outdoor and indoor settings, making it a versatile heater.

What impresses us most with this heater is the gold standard infrared technology. The heat the heater produces is akin to the sun’s radiation, which enables it to heat your body rather than objects alone. That makes a fast and reliable heater.

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The Air choice infrared heater is also easy to mount, whether on the wall or ceiling. That’s because it comes with mounts for all the places. Besides that, it also has a remote control that ensures you can turn it off from whatever location you are.

If you worry about the environment, the Air Choice heater will be an excellent option for you. It is an environmentally friendly heat since it doesn’t use any fossil fuels. Instead, it uses electricity which enables it to produce radiant heat to keep you warm.

Another thing that endeared this heater to us is the overheat safety settings. It has sensors that detect whenever the heater overheats and then switch it off. That boosts its safety, making it a safe option for you and your family.


  • Overheat safety protection makes it a safe option
  • The environment-friendly option since it uses only electricity.
  • High-quality infrared technology makes it a reliable and fast heater
  • Easy to install and use thanks to the remote control


  • It emits a red light that makes it challenging to use at night

Pamapic Outdoor Patio Heater

Another heater you can consider for your screened porch is the Pamapic outdoor heater. Boasting three heat settings, rapid heating, and outdoor or indoor heating ability, the Pamapic outdoor heater is one heater you won’t regret choosing.

The heat from this heater is available in three different settings. So, you can set the heat to a level you feel is comfortable for you. You can opt for the 500w, 1000w, 1500w heat settings according to the level of cold in the surrounding.

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Installation is always an issue for technical equipment. Some will take you a painstakingly long time to install. You won’t have to deal with that if you are using the Pamapic outdoor heater. It has a seamless installation process that lets you mount it on your wall as fast as possible and have it working soon after buying.

This heater is also efficient in that it will save your energy by using radiation to heat bodies. It doesn’t have to heat objects to keep the environment warm and inviting. In case of the heater overheats, it will automatically go off.

You will also love this heater because you can set it to a 24-hour schedule, and it will turn off with no need to press any switch. The timer function makes it relatively easy to control the outdoor heater.


  • 24hur auto shut off timer makes it convenient
  • It is energy efficient and environment friendly
  • Three levels of heat setting make it a comfortable option
  • It is easy to install and mount on a wall or ceiling


  • It isn’t sturdy and is thus prone to damage

Trustech Outdoor Space Heater

Wrapping up our list is the Trustech porch heater that boasts quiet and superb heating that will make you instantly fall in love with it. Besides that, you will also love the infrared technology that releases enough radiant heat to keep you warm when on your screened porch.

The radiant heat doesn’t only keep you safe but is also energy efficient. It is estimated that, on average, the radiation will save you about 40% more power than other heaters that aren’t that energy efficient.

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If that’s not enough, it also has three heat setting that ensures you don’t have to endure a lot of heat. You can start low and build to a higher heat setting as the cold increases on your porch. It makes you think of the cold winter nights that make the porch inhabitable.

In keeping up with the safety standards of the heaters on our list, this heater also has overheat protection. That means you don’t have to worry about it being a fire hazard. That’s because it has a sensor that ensures it turns off automatically whenever it overheats or tips over

To make the matters of controlling it easier; it comes with a remote control that guarantees you an easier time controlling it. The remote control means you can turn it off from anywhere in the room as long as you’re in the vicinity of the heater.

As you can see, this heater will capably help you heat your screened porch. Thanks to the many helpful features, you won’t regret trying it.


  • The three-heat setting makes it comfortable to use
  • The remote control makes it easier to control
  • It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Advanced infrared heating makes it energy efficient


  • There’s no other way to control it without a remote control

Choosing the Best Infrared Heater for Screened Porch – Buying Guides

Now that you know the best heaters for your porches, it will be best to let you know the things to consider before choosing the best-infrared heater. Below are the factors you need to consider when choosing the infrared heater for screened porch.

  • How Safety is the Heater?

Heaters can be a fire hazard if they don’t have the fixtures to prevent that. That’s why you need to choose one that has automatic switching off for whenever it falls over.

Additionally, the perfect infrared header should also have overheat protection to boost safety further. Also, the cool touch exteriors are another feature that will prove whether the heater is safe for use or not.

  • Portable Heaters vs. Fixed Heaters

If you’re going to select the best heater for your porch, you will need to know if you’ll fix it in one place or carry it from one place to another. That’s a decision you will have to make when choosing a heater.

  • Ease of Use

The ease of use is determined by several things, chief among them the remote control. With a remote, it is easier for you to switch on the heater or off from wherever you are. It also has something to do with how easy it is to install and start using.

A three-heat setting, for instance, is also one thing you should look for in any heater before buying.

  • The Price

Of course, we had to include the price! This is one of the first considerations whenever someone wants to buy something. However, you would better off not look at it only when purchasing a heater for your porch.

  • The Wattage

The higher the wattage, the larger the area the heater will cover. Some come with three-level heating that makes it possible to enjoy different levels of heat. The higher the wattage then, the more heat you will get from the heater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will an infrared heater use too much electricity?

This depends on the watt rating of the heater. If it has many watts, you will expect it to use a lot of power to heat your home. Therefore, make plans to have a capable circuit breaker.

Will an infrared heater work with a screened porch?

Yes, they will. The ones we have listed here will all work for your screened-in porch.

Can I use my infrared heater indoors?

Some can work both outdoors and indoors, but some are specifically for outdoor use. However, you can ask before buying to ensure you get the best deal.

In The End

If you were looking for the best-infrared heater for screened porch, this list comprises all you need to consider. Remember not to forget the factors you need to consider before buying a heater for your patio.

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