Bosch Dishwasher Buttons Not Responding (This FIXED it)

Bosch dishwasher comes packed with exciting features, making them one of the most sought-after dishwashers on the market. 

The company has world-class factories where these top-rated appliances are produced. Bosch has also been in the business for donkey years. So they have the knowledge and experience to deliver dishwashers that meet users’ needs. 

However, all appliances will become faulty at some point. In this case, you may notice Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding. The good news is you can fix this problem without spending big bucks. How? Continue reading to find out. 

Reasons and Fixes For Bosch Dishwasher Buttons Not Responding

Several things can cause the Bosch dishwasher button not to respond. The issue could be the appliance not connected to the power supply (faulty wall socket or circuit breaker), the child lock enabled, the start button not working (because the door wasn’t closed properly), the main control board, or touchpad issues.

So, how do you fix these problems to get your Bosch dishwasher button to start working again? Here is what you need to do. 

1: Bosch Dishwasher Not Connected To Power Supply:

Most times, the little things we neglect may turn out to be the actual problem. For instance, you may have disconnected your dishwasher from the wall socket, and probably forgot about it

In this case, when the buttons refuse to respond, must people may start blaming the manufacturer. 

It is normal for humans to forget. But before you panic, or raise any alarm, try checking if your Bosch dishwasher is connected to the power supply. 

How to fix this problem:

This isn’t a serious problem, and you don’t need any technician to reconnect your Bosch dishwasher to the wall socket. 

However, ensure your hands aren’t wet when reconnecting your dishwasher to avoid electrocution. And check the appliance for any sign of wire breakage. 

If the dishwasher’s wire is exposed, ensure it is tapped neatly before reconnecting it to the wall outlet.

What about when the wall outlet is faulty? This could make your Bosch dishwasher buttons not work too.  

Use a tester to test the wall socket to see if it’s still working. If it’s not, see if it’s an electrical problem in your home. You can also change the wall socket and see if that helps. 

Furthermore, understand that your Bosch dishwasher might not work or function, as it should without water. 

2: Child Lock Feature Could Be Active:

Bosch introduced the child lock feature to help protect the dishwasher. This feature makes it impossible for children to change the dishwasher’s setting while the appliance is in the middle of a cycle. 

So, the child lock feature is an excellent addition to the Bosch dishwasher. It prevents your kids from changing your dishwasher’s instructions during a wash cycle. 

But one thing you need to understand is this. Once the child lock is activated, all the buttons on the machine will stop functioning

In other words, when you press any button, it won’t respond. That is how the feature works. 

How To Fix This Problem:

You have to be sure that the child lock feature has been activated, don’t just assume it has. Once active, your appliance will display the letters “CL.” 

Just deactivate the child lock (CL), and the buttons on the dishwasher will start responding again. 

Here’s how to deactivate the child lock on a Bosch dishwasher. First, hold the lock button down for around 3 to 5 seconds. The CL will disappear from the display screen, or you’ll hear an audible beep. Both mean the child lock has been deactivated.  

3: Door not properly closed:

If your Bosch dishwasher’s buttons don’t respond when pressed, you should check its door, as there’s a chance that the door wasn’t properly closed. 

In some Bosch dishwashers, you’ll discover that the start button won’t respond when you don’t properly shut the door. 

Note that the start button isn’t the same as the on and off switch on the appliance. Also, this button won’t work if the door isn’t shut.

How To Fix This Problem:

The first thing you need to do is to find out why the door isn’t properly shut. Is the door faulty? Or is there something obstructing it?

The main priority should be to ensure the door is closed properly. If there is something obstructing it, get rid of it. If it’s faulty, have it fixed.

4: Faulty Main Control Board:

If your Bosch dishwasher’s button isn’t responding, there is a chance that the main control board is the culprit. 

The main control board is a vital part of the dishwasher. It regulates nearly all the functions of the appliance. So, if your control board is faulty, don’t expect the buttons on the machine to respond. 

The main control board transfers voltage to the appliance’s touchpad, causing the touch buttons to respond. So, when it becomes faulty, the buttons won’t respond. 

How To Fix This Problem:

The dishwasher’s main control board is often misdiagnosed. Nevertheless, it is a crucial part of the machine, so don’t attempt to repair it if you don’t have great technical knowledge. 

With that said, if you have the technical knowledge and you wouldn’t mind fixing your dishwasher’s main control board problem yourself, start with testing the components on the board. 

You’ll find several components on the main control board. Test each of them to know which one has a problem. If you find any blown or damaged components on the control board, get a new one to replace it. 

5: Faulty Touchpad:

The touchpad is another dishwasher component that can make the buttons not to respond. So, don’t overlook it. 

Now, let’s discuss how you can figure out whether your touchpad is faulty, including steps you can take to solve the problem. 

How To Fix This Problem:

The first thing to do is to be sure that the touchpad is faulty. You can do this by turning on the dishwasher and checking the display. 

If the display comes on, then check the touchpad. In other words, press the various buttons on the appliance to see if all of them will respond. 

If some buttons respond and some don’t, your dishwasher’s touchpad is faulty. 

The only way you can fix the touchpad and get your dishwasher’s buttons to start working is to replace it. Note that you can’t repair a defective touchpad. 

A Handy Tip: Some manufacturers may decide to sell the touchpad and control panel separately, while some would want you to purchase both together. 

If you were asked to purchase the control panel and touchpad together, buy both and fix them in the appliance. 


Why Can’t I Change The Settings On My Bosch Dishwasher?

You can’t change the settings on your Bosch dishwasher because the control board might be faulty or require a reset. 

If the control board is faulty, then have it repaired or replaced. In other words, you should get a new control board if the old one is irreparable. 

You can also fix this problem by allowing the control panel to hard reset itself. 

How Do I Reset The Control Panel On My Bosch Dishwasher?

You can reset the control panel on your Bosch dishwasher in diverse ways. The first one is to unplug the appliance from the wall outlet and let it remain idle for approximately 30 minutes. 

When you leave the control panel idle for this long, it will discharge itself and hard reset. Then turn the appliance on after 30 minutes. 

Another way to rest your Bosch dishwasher’s control panel is via the reset button. Note that some dishwashers have a reset button paired with the start button. 

You can use this button to reset your dishwasher. Press it down for 3 to 5 seconds, and that’s it. 

A Handy Tip: Note that the reset button is the same as the start button in newer models or modern models of the Bosch dishwasher. 

Bosch Support and Warranty

If the above fixes did not work for you, please contact Bosch customer care.

Tel: 1-800-944-2904

Text “SUPPORT” to 21432 for quick access to online resources such as owner manuals, servicer finder, FAQs, how-to videos, warranties, and parts & accessories search.

Bosch offers 1-year limited warranty on its range of dishwashers.

To register your new product with Bosch, please check out this link.


Bosch dishwasher not responding is an issue that several things can cause. You may have forgotten to plug the appliance into the power supply, or the wall outlet might be faulty. Additionally, it could be that power isn’t getting to the wall outlet or the circuit breaker isn’t in position.

Other factors can make the Bosch dishwasher button not respond when pressed. These include faulty main control board, door not closed properly, or touchpad problem. 

You can fix the majority of these problems with ease. However, note that the main control panel is a highly-sensitive component in the dishwasher. Thus, any mistake can damage the board terribly. 

Finally, another issue that can cause the Bosch dishwasher’s button not to respond is the child lock feature. This feature helps to prevent children from changing the machine’s instructions in the middle of a wash cycle. 

So, identify the issue making your dishwasher’s button not respond and fix it. But if you try and can’t fix the problem, you should consider getting a brand-new Bosch dishwasher.