Can Adults Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper? (Answered!)

Nothing is more effective in wiping the baby clean during a diaper change than baby wipes. Even better, they are free from alcohol and other harsh chemicals, thus gentle on the baby’s skin. But can adults use baby wipes instead of toilet paper?   

Adults can only use baby wipes sparingly if they are flushable. Sadly, not all baby wipes are flushable, and so they end up blocking the toilet. Also, excessive use of baby wipes can get rid of good bacteria and expose you to UTI.  

Understandably, baby wipes have so many advantages, which paints them as the perfect substitutes for toilet paper. That, however, doesn’t mean that they can replace toilet papers, as we’ll later see.

We’ll also look at how you can differentiate flushable baby wipes from non-flushable options. Moreover, we’ll compare baby wipes to wet wipes for toilet use, among many other basics.

Can Adults Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper?

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Can Adults Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper? (Into Details)

Generally, there are reasons why adults can and cannot use baby wipes in place of toilet paper. Let’s look at both sides to help you make your conclusion:

Why Adults Can Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper

Below are convincing reasons why you may want to use baby wipes instead of toilet paper:

1. Baby Wipes Are Hypoallergenic

Baby wipes are less likely to cause an allergic skin reaction, making them best for the baby’s skin. For that reason, they are even safer on adult skin, which means you can use them to wipe your butt.

2. Baby Wipes Are Alcohol-Free

While alcohol is an effective disinfectant, it easily irritates the skin. Luckily, baby wipes are alcohol-free, making them softer for toilet use.

3. Baby Wipes Are Effective Cleaners

Baby wipes will probably do a better job wiping yourself because they are moisturized, unlike tissue paper. That makes them better options against incontinence and diarrhea.

4. Some Baby Wipes Are Flushable

This is probably the most critical reason why baby wipes are suitable for adults. Generally, flushable baby wipes allow you to wash them down the toilet drain, just like you do with toilet paper.

Can you use baby wipes instead of toilet paper

Why Don’t Adults Use Baby Wipes?

Different adults have different reasons why they don’t use baby wipes. Overall, here are the commonest:

1. Regular Baby Wipes Clog the Toilet

Regular baby wipes are not flushable, as it’s the case with toilet paper. So, they easily get trapped within the toilet drain and end up blocking wastewater from getting to the sewer.

And to make things worse, regular wipes don’t decompose. So, no matter how much you flush, the wipes continue to clog the sewer line, interfering with the drainage.

2.  Some Adults Find Baby Wipes Weird To Use

Let’s face it; not many adults are comfortable using baby products, more so when it’s something as sensitive as baby wipes. So, understandably, some adults find them weird to use.

They find them uncomfortable to use and prefer to use toilet paper instead.

3. Baby Wipes Are Generally Smaller In Size

Baby wipes are designed for the baby’s tiny butt, and so naturally, they are smaller. For that reason, some adults find them too small to use as they fear browning their hands when using them.

That’s unless you go for bigger options (ones designed for kids and adults), which are quite a few.

4. Baby Wipes Don’t Disinfect

Though baby wipes’ cleansing power is unquestionable, they don’t contain alcohol or any other disinfectant, which is ineffective against bacteria.

Yes, they may remove bacteria from the body, but they don’t kill them. As a result, some adults don’t see the sense of using them over toilet paper.

Is It Safe for Adults to Use Baby Wipes?  

Baby wipes do not contain alcohol or any other harsh chemicals. For that reason, they are gentle on the skin. They are also hypoallergenic, making them best for sensitive skins.   

But does that make them safe?

Well, provided you don’t use baby wipes excessively, they are safe. Excessive use of baby wipes eliminates beneficial bacteria, exposing you to yeast, fungi, and other pathogens that potentially cause UTIs.

Overall, it’s a good idea to pick unscented options when selecting baby wipes for toilet use. And to avoid UTIs, consider wiping from front to back. But if they cause any rashes or irritation, stop using them right away.

why don't adults use baby wipes

How about their disposal?

Sadly, not all baby wipes are disposable, or shall I say flushable. So, they end up clogging the toilet, resulting in very costly repairs or even a smelly and unusable toilet.

Because of such a reason, it’s advisable to go for flushable baby wipes if you want to use them in the toilet.

Are ‘Flushable Wipes’ Really Flushable?

According to a 2019 report, not all baby wipes promoted as ‘flushable’ are flushable. So, instead of taking chances with wipes you aren’t sure of, it’s better to dispose of them in a trash bin.

But does that mean that there are no flushable wipes at all?

Of course not! Some wipes are flushable as advertised, and you can identify them from their construction material. In that case, if the material is 100% biodegradable, then the wipes are flushable.

Most flushable baby wipes are usually made from plant-based fibers which decompose inside the sewer. So, consider that. Note that those containing plastic are non-flushable.

On that note, below are three best flushable baby wipes on Amazon that adults can also use:

  • DUDE Wipes Flushable Wipes – Best flushable wipes for travelers 
  • Cottonelle FreshFeel Flushable Wipes – Best flushable wipes for incontinence
  • Kandoo Flushable Wipes – Best flushable wipes for potty training

Note that even though flushable wipes decompose, they do not do it as fast as toilet paper. For that reason, it’s advisable to flush them one at a time.

Other Than Toilet Use, How Else Can Adults Use Baby Wipes?

While most adults prefer to use baby wipes for toilet use, the wipes can also serve the following purposes:

  • Wiping the face – That includes cleaning off after a messy meal or excessive makeup
  • Surface cleaning – You can use the wipes to clean the kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Car cleaning – Baby wipes are effective in wiping the windshield, steering, car seat, and other parts of the car
  • Shoe wiping – You can also use baby wipes to wipe off dusty shoes
how to dispose of baby wipes for adults

Baby Wipes Vs. Wet Wipes for Toilet Use

a) Baby Wipes for Toilet Use

Baby wipes generally feature ingredients that are safe on the baby’s skin. They don’t contain alcohol or any other harsh chemical, which could irritate the skin, making them a good substitute for toilet paper.

Even better, some are flushable, which means you can wash them down the toilet drain. Perhaps the biggest issue is that you cannot use the wipes excessively, resulting in a UTI infection.

Remember, wiping your anal area with baby wipes means getting rid of good bacteria. And when that happens, you encourage UT infections.

b) Wet Wipes for Toilet Use

Unlike baby wipes, wet wipes feature a mild disinfectant, usually isopropyl alcohol, offering anti-bacterial properties. So, they are best for getting rid of bacteria.

Unfortunately, the chemicals are harsh on sensitive areas such as the anal region. So, you cannot use them as toilet paper.

How to Dispose of Baby Wipes for Adults

Given that regular baby wipes are not decomposable and even the so-called flushable options take time to decompose, flushing them down the toilet is not the best solution.

Instead, wrap them in paper bags after use and then put them in the trash bin. That ensures you don’t end up blocking your toilet.

People Also Ask

1. Can You Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper?

Generally, you can use baby wipes instead of toilet paper if the wipes are flushable. It’s, however, not advisable to do it often as that could get rid of protective bacteria, resulting in a UTI.

But when it comes to cleaning surfaces and objects, you can use baby wipes indiscriminately.

2. Is Toilet Paper Better Than Baby Wipes?

The difference between toilet paper and baby wipes is that the former disintegrate down the drain while the latter doesn’t (apart from flushable options). So, toilet papers won’t block your toilet, making them better for toilet use.

3. Do Adults Use Baby Wipes?

Adults mostly use baby wipes to clean surfaces, shoes, cars, and even the face. Very few adults, however, use them in place of toilet paper. But overall, baby wipes are effective multi-use cleaners that are gentle on the skin.  

4. Is It Bad to Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper?

While baby wipes are effective cleaners and less harsh on the skin, most of them are non-flushable. That means they won’t disintegrate in your toilet and so are likely to clog the drain. So, while it’s not bad to use baby wipes for toilet use, ensure they are disposable, lest you end up with a toilet clog.

5. Can Baby Wipes Clog a Toilet?

Baby wipes can clog a toilet if flushed down in large amounts or are non-flushable or non-decomposable. But if they are flushable and you only flush them one by one, you won’t have to worry about them clogging your toilet.

6. Can Baby Wipes Cause UTI?

Baby wipes are generally gentle on the skin due to the lack of alcohol and other harsh chemicals. However, you should use them sparingly as they could get rid of protective bacteria, exposing you to UTI infections.

7. Can Baby Wipes Cause Irritation in Adults?

Excessive use of baby wipes can irritate the skin. So, you must use them sparingly, especially around the anal area. But overall, baby wipes feature the gentlest ingredients, making them safe on the baby’s skin and safer on adult skins.

Can Adults Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper? Closing Thought:

Generally, baby wipes can substitute toilet paper, but it’s advisable to use them sparingly. Failure to do so could encourage UTI infections. Even worse, if you use non-flushable baby wipes, which are the majority, you could easily clog your toilet.

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