Can Chips Get Moldy? (And How Long Do They Last)?

Storing a bunch of chips in the kitchen isn’t a new thing in many homes. Chips are a perfect snack to eat when starving and waiting for food to be ready. 

Buying plenty of chips and stashing them in the kitchen isn’t an issue for most people. The safety of chips stored for an extended period has been a subject of debate. Most people are asking questions like can chips get moldy.

If you’re one of those seeking an answer to this question, you’re in the right place. You’ll find out all you need to know in this post. So, keep reading.  

Do Chips Get Mold?

The answer is yes. Chips can get mold, but they don’t get it easily. Let’s explain. Mold thrives in the presence of oxygen and moisture. Chips are stored in airtight containers, cutting off moisture and oxygen supply, which mold needs to grow and proliferate. 

So, chips stored in unopened airtight containers have lower chances of getting moldy. The absence of oxygen and moisture makes it possible. 

Whenever you open the packaging, note that the chances of the chips becoming moldy increases. Exposure to oxygen and moisture are the reasons for this. 

So it is better to finish any bag of chips you open. Don’t store the remaining chips. Why? They won’t last long or stay fresh for long. 

Additionally, it is advisable to store chips in a cool and dry place. Airtight containers are ideal for storing chips you don’t plan to consume soon. 

Can Tortilla Chips Mold?

First and foremost, yes, tortilla chips can get mold. Don’t forget that mold can thrive on a range of food when oxygen and moisture are available. 

Tortilla chips’ production makes many to believe that they cannot get mold, which makes sense. The frying, baking, drying, and salting make chips more resistant to mold. 

So, your salt-filled chips packed in airtight bags are the last place they’ll want to be. But that doesn’t mean the chips can get moldy.

The possibility of tortilla chips becoming moldy increases when you open the packaging. It will happen since moisture and oxygen can now penetrate the bag.

A Handy Tip: Remember to store your tortilla chips in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. Finish any tortilla chips bag you open immediately and check for mold or signs of spoilage before eating your chips. 

Can Potato Chips Mold?

Yes, potato chips can become moldy. And this doesn’t have much to do with their expiry date. If the chips bag remains sealed, bacteria or mold cannot thrive there. They need oxygen to thrive, as we have explained for other chips. 

Appearance is the easiest way to know if your potato chips have become moldy. A change in appearance is a sign of mold on your chips. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that opening the bag of chips gives mold a clear invitation to invade the snack. So empty the potato chips once you open the packaging. That’s the best way to prevent the chips from becoming moldy. Avoid storing opened potato chips, as they won’t last long. 

How Long Does it Take for Tortilla Chips to Mold?

When you open a bag of tortilla chips, expect them to stay eatable for 1 to 2 weeks. How and where you store your opened tortilla chips would determine how long they’ll last before becoming moldy. 

Store your chips in a cool and dry place. You can store it at room temperature and keep the package closed tightly. 

The reason for covering the package is to make it harder for mold or bacteria to thrive. You’ll invite mold to invade your snack if you don’t store them properly.  

A Handy Tip: Sealed tortilla chips can stay fresh for 2 to 3 months, while homemade chips can stay fresh for a couple of days or a week.

Can You Get Sick From Eating Old Potato Chips?

Yes, old potato chips can make you sick. You can even get salmonella if you’re not careful. But again, the probability of falling sick after consuming old potato chips depends on the condition of the chips.

Stale potato chips that have past their expiry date are safe for consumption. Unopened, well-packaged, and stored potato chips can remain fresh for 2 to 3 months after expiring. 

But, in general, eating potato chips that have gone bad can make you sick. So check properly to ensure the chips are in good condition before consuming them.

Discard chips that have off-flavor, odor, taste, and appearance. You should also do the same thing to chips that have become moldy. It doesn’t matter if only one of the chips has mold. There’s a possibility that the rest of them are moldy. 

So, the best thing to do when you discover mold in a bag of chips is to discard the entire chips.

Can Doritos Get Moldy?

Yes, Doritos can become moldy over time too. But these snacks don’t develop mold quickly. If you find mold on your Doritos, chances are they started developing them during production. The snack must have been contaminated or inappropriately packaged or stored. 

Note that Doritos don’t get moldy easily. They’re not like bread which has a higher moisture content, the ideal condition for mold to thrive. 

These snacks can remain fresh for a considerable period. Just ensure you store them properly. 

A Handy Tip: You can take significant steps to ensure your Doritos stay fresh for an extended period. The first step is to store the snack in a cool and dry place. Ensure you put your Doritos in an airtight container and make sure the bag has no leakage. 

Mold or bacteria can grow on the snack when stored in a damaged bag. So seal your Doritos in an airtight container only, and finish any packaging you decide to open to eat. 

Keep this in mind. An opened Doritos won’t last long when stored. 

Can Chips Expire?

Yes, chips expire. They can stay fresh past their expiry date but will eventually expire after a while. Reaching the “best before” date doesn’t mean chips are unsafe to eat. 

It means that the manufacturer suggests the ingredients and quality of the chips may start to deteriorate at that time. Check your expired chips before eating them. Discard chips with visible signs of spoilage immediately.  

A Handy Tip:  Chips can stay fresh for 2 to 3 months after their best before date. 

They have a shelf-life of 18 months from the day of production, though proper storage can cause them to stay longer.  

It is also advisable to observe your chips before consumption. Monitor the chips whether they have passed their expiration date or not.  

How Long Do Potato Chips Last Once Opened?

The answer to this question is 1 to 2 weeks. And yes, your opened potato chips can last this long with proper storage.

Always ensure the package is adequately closed to prevent air and moisture from entering. If these elements make their way into the chips bag, they may create the perfect condition for mold or bacteria to thrive. 

Store your opened potato chips in a cool and dry place. And remember to observe the chips for possible signs of spoilage before eating them. 

Opened potato chips can last for weeks, as stated earlier. But it is best to finish the opened chips than store them. 

How Do I Know If My Chips Have Mold?

Molds are not so difficult to identify. A simple observation will help you figure out whether your chips have become moldy or not. 

Moldy chips will appear discolored. You’ll spot a green or blue discoloration on the chips, which could become hairy over time. 

A Handy Tip: Discard the whole chips in the bag if you discover the presence of mold on one or more chips. Don’t conclude that throwing away the moldy ones means the others are safe. 

One or more chips in the package already have mold, so the environment is conducive for the fungi to thrive. Thus, other chips in the packaging may have developed mold too. 

Conclusion: Can chips get moldy?

Yes, they can. But they don’t get moldy quickly like bread, for example, because they contain less moisture. 

The chips’ production process makes them more resistant to mold. The frying, baking, drying, and even salting process makes them less prone to mold infestation. 

But then, this doesn’t mean chips cannot get mold. All mold needs to start growing is oxygen and moisture. But an airtight container won’t give room for that to happen. That’s why you have to keep your chips bag tightly sealed. Make it impossible for oxygen to penetrate the bag. 

So it is essential to store your chips properly if you want them to last long. Store them in a cool and dry place. And ensure the packaging is tightly sealed. 

Additionally, keep in mind that opened chips may last a few weeks, and you can eat expired chips, provided they haven’t gotten moldy. 

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