Can Freezer Paper Go in the Oven? (And Is It Same as Parchment Paper?)

Not everything can be put in an oven. For example, you cannot put plastic materials in an oven. Why? It would melt and damage the appliance. The plastic would also melt onto your food, making it unhealthy to consume. 

Another material that comes to mind is freezer paper. It is easier to lift a food item from the freezer and send it straight into the oven still wrapped in freezer paper.

But before making such a move, ask yourself this question. Can freezer paper go in the oven? We’ll respond to this question and more in this post.

What is The Use of Freezer Paper?

Freezer paper is thick, well-coated paper. It is coated with wax or plastic on one side, while it boasts a paper layer on the exterior. 

Now, what’s the use of freezer paper? It boasts various benefits, one of which is to wrap meat or seafood. The inside of the freezer paper is coated with wax, which protects the meat’s juices. The wax also prevents moisture loss

On the other hand, the outside of the paper is for documentation purposes. That’s where you’ll find information about the meat stored in the freezer

So, freezer paper is used for wrapping meat and seafood before storing them in the freezer. 

What other uses does freezer paper have? Well, people also use freezer paper for wrapping cheese. It allows the cheese to breathe but ensures it doesn’t dry out. 

Another use of freezer paper is in craft projects. It is used for painting and quilting. 

A Handy Tip: Freezer paper is made using heavy-duty paper and appears much stronger than foil. It is used for storing meat such as chicken and steak. 

Let the wax portion remain inside with the paper layer outside when using freezer paper. Now place the cut of meat in the freezer paper and use tape to shut it. But that’s not all. Now, wrap the entire package using an aluminum foil’s airtight layer.

Is It Safe To Use Freezer Paper in The Oven?

The straightforward answer is No! And please, don’t put freezer paper in your oven for any reason. Why? It is not heat-tolerant. 

You can think of parchment paper as the ideal material for heat, while freezer paper is for cold temperature, including sustaining the freshness of meat and cheese.

Why you can’t put freezer paper in the oven is simple. It comprises a wax coating and a paper layer. And both could melt when subjected to extremely high temperatures in the oven. 

When wax and paper melts, the outcome could be devastating. It could start a fire and probably destroy your appliance and more.

So, never put freezer paper in the oven. It is not safe for your appliance.

A Handy Tip: The freezer paper possesses all that’s required to keep your meat colorful, fresh, and flavorful for 12 months.  

Is Parchment Paper and Freezer Paper The Same Thing?

No, that’s the straightforward answer. The only similarity is the “paper” in the names they bear. Both are also useful as storage materials. 

Parchment paper is also regarded as baking paper. However, most people name freezer paper and butcher paper interchangeably, though they’re not the same material. More on this later. 

Now, let’s look at how both materials differ 

1: Coating: Parchment paper and freezer paper differ in the coating material used. Parchment paper comes coated with silicone, and this coating is responsible for its heat-resistant, water-resistant, and non-stick properties. Additionally, they also come in bleached and unbleached varieties. 

On the other hand, freezer paper boasts an entirely different coating. It is coated with wax or plastic and paper. 

2: Uses: Parchment paper and freezer paper have different uses. Parchment paper is used for cooking or reheating foods. Its heat resistance makes it ideal to use in the oven. Another name for parchment paper is baking paper, as it is essential in baking. 

Freezer paper is used for different purposes. It is used to store meat, fish, and seafood. Another use of freezer paper is to keep the cheese. It allows the cheese to breathe but, at the same time, prevents it from drying out. 

So, you can see that parchment paper and freezer paper have diverse uses. 

3: Rated temperature: What temperature can both materials tolerate? As the name implies, you can use freezer paper in the freezer. You can use it to store your meat, fish, seafood, and even cheese. 

So, you can use freezer paper in the freezer, as it can tolerate low temperatures. However, you cannot use freezer paper in the oven. Why? The heat from the appliance would melt the wax and paper coating.

On the other hand, parchment paper is used in baking. It can also tolerate a temperature range of 420 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. And you can put parchment paper in the oven safely. 

Is Freezer Paper The Same as Butcher Paper?

No, they are two different materials. The only similarity is the name “paper,” which both materials share. Usage-wise, both materials differ

Let’s start with butcher paper

Another name for butcher paper is “Kraft paper”. It is produced from Kraft pulp and is quite heavy-duty. Butcher paper is also like a brown paper bag, though it is much sturdier and thicker. 

So, what’s the primary use of butcher paper? As the name suggests, butcher papers are produced for use by butchers. They serve as papers for wrapping meat cuts before being distributed to customers. 

This paper is inexpensive and foldable. And you can cut it to size to wrap any quantity of meat you want to wrap. 

A Handy Tip: You can put your meat in butcher paper and store it in a freezer. It freezes fine. The only challenge you’ll have with keeping meat in butcher paper is that the paper can’t hold the juices. So, your freezer would be a mess by the time you’re ready to use the meat. 

Next is freezer paper. How is this paper different from butcher paper?

Well, firstly, freezer paper is excellent for storing meat in the freezer, as the name suggests. Why? It boasts a one-sided wax coating that helps hold meat juices in place. 

So, when you store meat in a freezer paper, you won’t return to your freezer all messed up. This paper can also help your meat to remain fresh for an extended period. 

While the inside of the freezer paper is wax coated, the outside boasts paper for documentation purposes. On the paper, you can jot down the type of item stored in the freezer paper, date, and more!

A Handy Tip: Butcher paper is coarser and thicker than freezer paper. Freezer paper is also not as common as butcher paper, as many persons don’t know its usefulness, and you cannot blame them. 

Does Freezer Paper Prevent Freezer Burn?

Yes, it does. By the way, freezer burn is damage experienced by food stored in the freezer. This damage is due to oxidation and moisture loss. It is a clear indication that the food wasn’t appropriately wrapped in airtight packaging. Thus, the air has reached the stored food and initiated the spoilage. 

So, how does freezer paper prevent freezer burn? It shuts air out and locks moisture in the stored foods, preventing dehydration. Its plastic coating makes this possible

Furthermore, freezer paper’s weight makes it easier to conform to the food item wrapped inside of it. These characteristics put freezer paper in a better place to prevent freezer burn. 

Can Freezer Paper Go in The Microwave?

We have revealed here that freezer paper cannot go in the oven. Now the question is, can it go in the microwave? No, you can’t. 

Why? The wax or plastic coating could melt and sip into your food. There is a possibility of the paper side catching fire too. So, it is not safe to use freezer paper in the microwave or the oven. 

What Can You Use Instead of Freezer Paper?

If you don’t have freezer paper in your kitchen, don’t panic! Other alternatives are available. Let’s discuss each of them. 

1. Wax paper

This paper boasts a wax coating, giving it an excellent ability to prevent dehydration of your stored foods. So, food items stored in the wax paper can remain fresh for a considerable period.  

2. Aluminum foil

If you don’t have freezer paper or wax paper, use aluminum foil. It can handle hot and cold temperatures. Aluminum foil can also prevent moisture loss to some extent. 

3. Plastic wrap

This wrap does a great job storing food items in the refrigerator and for reheating. You can also use it to store foods in the freezer short-term. The only drawback is that it doesn’t prevent moisture loss like other alternatives. 

Conclusion: Can freezer paper go in the oven?

No, it can’t. Why? The plastic or a wax coating on one side of this packaging can melt under high temperatures. 

Freezer paper is useful for storing meat, fish, cheese, and even seafood in the freezer. Its plastic coating helps it shut out air and trap moisture in the stored food item, preventing freezer burn. 

However, you cannot use freezer paper in the microwave. Furthermore, we also explained that freezer paper and butcher paper aren’t the same. Butcher paper is thicker but not a wise choice for storing meat or other food items in the freezer.