Can Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

Are you planning to add a Kitchenaid meat grinder to your already robust collection of kitchen appliances but wondering if it can grind bones as claimed? You’re not alone!

Well, the truth is meat grinders have gotten more advanced and powerful. Many of them, such as the Kitchenaid meat grinders, now come with heavy-duty components. 

But we all know how hard most bones can be. Even our teeth, and as powerful as our bites are, cannot crack most bones. 

Now, here’s the question many Kitchenaid meat grinder users might have in mind. We’ll also clear any confusion about the meat grinder. Keep reading!

Does The Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

Yes, the Kitchenaid meat grinder can crush bones. It can do so satisfactorily. 

In other words, nothing will happen to the efficiency of your meat grinder or blades’ sharpness. Why? Kitchenaid meat grinders come fitted with heavy-duty components, powerful enough to get the job done. 

However, if you have the time, try to chop the bones into tiny bits before throwing them into your meat grinder. That way, you’ll reduce the workload on the meat grinder. 

What bones can Kitchenaid meat grinder grind? This appliance can grind fish bones, chicken, turkey bones, etc. Use it to crush bones for your adorable pets whenever you deem fit. 

A Handy Tip:  It’s advisable to invest in a meat grinder that won’t disappoint you when you need it. Bones are tough and can be quite difficult to grind. They could also cause the machine to wear off gradually. 

The Kitchenaid grinder is a premium-quality grinder built to crush meat and bones. It’s one of the wise options for individuals crushing bones now and then.  

Why Kitchenaid is a Powerful Meat Grinder To Grind Bones?

Kitchenaid meat grind crushes bones. There’s no denying that. The question is, what sets this grinder apart. What makes it more capable of crushing bones? Let’s discuss them. 

Reason#1: Motor Power rating: 

The motor’s power rating is one of the things to consider when purchasing meat grinders. The motor power rating determines what your meat grinder can and cannot crush. 

In other words, motor power determines a grinder’s ability to crush meat and bones. By the way, bones are tough to crush. Even some portions of meats are tough to grind. 

You cannot grind bones with a grinder that boasts a low-power-rated motor. You’ll only waste your precious time and probably, damage the appliance. 

But the Kitchenaid meat grinder is designed to crush bones and meats because it boasts a powerful motor rated 1000 to 3000 watts. It can crush bones and flesh to a desirable level. 

Reason#2: Grinding Capacity: 

This capacity means how much meat or bones the grinder can handle at once. And it’s what sets the Kitchenaid meat grinder apart. 

This meat grinder can grind approximately 150 to 300 pounds of flesh within an hour. And it’s durable, and it delivers consistent quality. 

Additionally, if you want to grind a large chunk of meat quicker, Kitchenaid is a wise choice. It would get the job done in record time, compared to many meat grinders out there. 

Reason#3: Long-life Span: 

Imagine splashing the cash on a meat grinder that can only work for a few months. You’ll lose interest in purchasing such meat grinders or even grinding bones. 

The truth of the matter is that bones are tough. Thus, your grinder will likely experience wear and tear after a short while. In most cases, it may fail to work. 

So, if you’re a heavy user, choose a meat grinder powerful enough to deliver the expected outcome. Don’t splash the cash on a meat grinder that will pack up after a couple of uses. 

Now, this is why Kitchenaid is a wise choice. It’s highly durable and can withstand heavy use. If you grind bones every day, your Kitchenaid grinder can last for 2years+.

The appliance can even last longer with proper maintenance. That is, keeping the inner and outer parts clean. Just endeavor to clean it after every use. You can dismantle the appliance and wash each component according to the instructions. 

So, these are reasons Kitchenaid is a powerful meat grinder and a wise choice to grind bones. 

How Do You Grind Meat Bones?

Let’s assume you plan to grind meat bones with your Kitchenaid grinder. How should you go about this? 

Let’s share some tips you need to know before you start grinding meat bones. 

#1: Consider the type of bones that goes into your meat grinder. Fish, a rabbit, small poultry, poultry wing tips, rodents, the neckpiece, ribcage bones, turkey bones, etc., are wise choices for grinding. 

#2: How thick and long are the bones? Please ensure the bones you intend to grind aren’t too thick. Length is also a crucial factor. For easy grinding, ensure the bones aren’t longer than your thumb. 

#3: Avoid beef, deer, pork, or bones from large animals. They’ll dull your grinder blades’ sharpness. Only grind the bones we mentioned in the first tip.  

#4: There is no point in cooking bones before grinding them. Just cut to size and throw them into the grinder. 

Alright, we have discussed the tips to note when grinding bones. Now, let’s discuss how to crush bones. 

Follow the steps below to grind bones:

Step#1: Sort the bones:

Let’s assume you’re grinding bones for your pet. Now, you already know the type of bones your pet prefers eating. Additionally, we have stated the kinds of bones you can put in your meat grinder. 

Now, sort the bones into a clean bowl for easy access and grinding. Then proceed to the next step. 

Step#2: Cut the bones to size:

The bones shouldn’t be longer than your thumb. Bones of such sizes aren’t difficult to grind. 

If the bones you intend grinding are large, cut them to size. You can use sturdy scissors, a knife, or a meat cleaver. 

Please note that you can cut the flesh of the bones if you prefer to offer your pet just bones. Otherwise, don’t bother cutting the meat off. Just cut the bones to size and grind. 

Step#3: Put a bowl underneath the grinding plate:

You would need a bowl underneath the grinding plate, where the crushed bones would fall into. Please place this bowl accurately. Otherwise, the crushed bones will land on the grind. 

You can also place a towel or napkin underneath the grinder to absorb water from the appliance to make cleanup a breeze. 

Step#4: Start grinding the bones:

Plug the grinder into the right socket (if you’re using an electric grinder), and start grinding. Put the bones one after the other into the grinder, don’t do it in a hurry. 

You’ll see the bones coming out of the grinding plate in the sizes you desire.  

What To Consider Before Buying a Meat Grinder For Grinding Bones?

Knowing what to watch out for when buying a meat grinder can help you make the right choice. There are tons of things to consider when choosing a meat grinder. So, knowing what to expect would allow you to take steps in the right direction. 

Let’s discuss things to consider before splashing the cash on a meat grinder suitable for crushing bones.

1: Do you prefer manual or automatic?

A manual grinder doesn’t use electricity. Thus, it will enable you to save on your electricity bill. But you have to be ready to use your strength to grind, which could be somewhat tiring.

Imagine crushing a large number of bones with a manual meat grinder daily. It will be tough to continue with such a task.

On the other hand, the manual meat grinder is a breeze to maintain and clean up. But automatic grinders are the best choice if you want to keep on crushing a large chunk of bones daily. 

2: What’s your budget?

Before you splash the cash, know this; capacity, gauge, and model influence meat grinders’ price. 

A heavy-gauge meat grinder would cost more than a light gauge one. Additionally, some models of meat grinders boast higher price value. But they get the job done and last much longer.

3: Is the meat grinder easy to use?

A premium-quality meat grinder doesn’t have to be complicated to use. You don’t have to break a sweat to grind your bones or meat. 

How meat grinders work is the reason they get stuck at times. But if the appliance has a reverse function, you can free up the stuck part with ease. 

Speed adjustment is also important. If your meat grinder boasts varied speed levels, you can achieve the desired texture you want your bones or meat to have. 

 4: Motor Power

This factor is the most important when buying a meat grinder for crushing bones. Why? The motor is what drives the appliance and defines it. 

If you plan to grind bones now and then, go for a meat grinder with a powerful motor. That is a motor with higher wattage. It can withstand heavy usage and last longer. 

Should I Freeze Meat Before Grinding?

Yes, you should. Why? Freezing will keep the meat firmer and allow it to maintain its shape. With this, it can pass through the grinder with ease. 

However, you should partially freeze your meat before grinding. And store in the freezer and not in the fridge before crushing.  

What Else Can You Do With a Kitchenaid Meat Grinder?

The Kitchenaid meat grinder not only grinds meat and bones. It can whip egg whites, knead the dough, and mix batter. 

The food grinder attachment makes the appliance multiple-purpose. It enables it to grind fruits, vegetables, hard cheeses, and bread.  

Conclusion: Can Kitchenaid meat grinder grind bones?

We explained this question here. Yes, Kitchenaid can crush bones. It is powerful enough to crush tender chicken, turkey, fish, and similar bones. 

What makes this meat grinder a wise choice to crush bones are the motor power, capacity, and durability. Kitchenaid meat grinder boasts a long lifespan. 

We also explained how to grind bones using a meat grinder. You can read and use the information here to crush bones for your adorable pets with ease. 

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