Can You Plug an Air Fryer Into an Extension Cord? (Is It Safe?)

Many households are concerned about healthy eating and now own an air fryer. This appliance is easy to use, cooks healthy food, and cuts down on cooking time.

People use air fryers in their kitchens because of their ability to make food crispy and crunchy using hot air.

But when placed on the counter or cooking table, the air fryer’s cable might not be long enough to reach the wall outlet. Most air fryers actually have very short cables.

If your air fryer’s power cable does not reach the wall outlet, you may need an extension cord. Is it safe to use an extension cord with the air fryer?

We are going to shed light on whether it’s safe to plug your air fryer into an extension cord.

Can You Use an Extension Cord With an Air Fryer?

Yes, it is possible to plug the air fryer into an extension cord; however, the main factors to consider are the length of the extension cord’s cable and the voltage.

You can use an extension cord for an air fryer as long as it is not longer than 5 feet or has at least a 12-gauge line because longer cables can cause a voltage drop that can lead to problems with your air fryer.

The total length of the extension cord is an important consideration because if the cord is longer than the wiring in the electrical socket, voltage fluctuations may occur, and this damages the appliance.

Because voltage fluctuations can cause numerous small and large accidents, it is best to stick to a 5 to 12-foot extension cord or 12-gauge cable.

You can also use an air conditioner extension cord as long as it is not longer than 5 feet because air conditioner extensions are usually short.

Do Manufacturers Recommend Using Their Air Fryers With Extension Cords?

The answer is no; it’s not a good idea to plug your kitchen appliances into extension cords. It’s also unsafe to plug in multiple cords at the same time.

The best approach is to use the air fryer like it’s intended: plugged in directly to the wall outlet in your kitchen.

Some users also wonder if using an outdoor extension cord is better than an indoor one, and the answer is still no.

It doesn’t matter which type of extension cord is used; it’s best to plug the air fryer into the wall socket, not the extension cord.

Is It Safe to Use an Extension Cord For an Air Fryer?

It is not completely safe to use an extension cord for the air fryer unless a certain condition is met: the voltage must be constantly maintained to avoid damaging the appliance.

An air fryer extension cord is not completely safe to use because of a potential voltage change. With an extension cord, the air fryer can experience a voltage drop and this phenomenon can cause malfunctions in your appliance.

So, electricians or air fryer manufacturers recommend using either a 12-gauge extension cord or a 5-foot air conditioner cord for your extension cord.

This is the general rule: to avoid voltage fluctuations, the extension wire must be no more than 5 feet long.

Also, just a heads up: always check the voltage requirement of your air fryer before plugging it in. When purchasing Asian air fryers, the voltage may differ for users living in the USA.

Reasons Why Should You Avoid Using an Extension Cord With an Air Fryer

Below are the six reasons why you should not use an extension cord with an air fryer:

1. If an extension cord gets too hot, it can catch fire:

The air fryer draws the maximum or near-maximum current from the circuit. While extension cables come in a variety of diameters, they are all insufficient to accommodate the current required by larger appliances.

Also, extension cords are made of wires covered in insulation, but this doesn’t mean that the extension cord cannot catch fire. In fact, if it’s overheated for an extended period, the extension cord can easily catch fire, so it’s a fire hazard in the home.

2. An extension cord can cause a voltage drop

Additionally, the length of the extension cords can cause a voltage drop, which is unsafe and can damage the devices, as well as overheating the extension cables, which could cause a fire.

3. There’s a risk of cable mix-ups

Don’t fix the extension cord for the air fryer to the wall, counter, or near other wires. It can cause a mix-up, and others can mistake the extension cord for fixed cables.

If they are plugged in, it’s unsafe to do any handiwork or renovations near the air fryer and extension cords.

4. Long cables and wires are dangerous in a kitchen environment

The air fryer’s cord is short for a reason: it is supposed to be plugged straight into the wall outlet so it doesn’t hang around the kitchen.

Long cables, like that of an extension cord, can be a tripping hazard which can cause the air fryer to fall off the counter while it’s in use, and this is extremely dangerous.

Also, long extension cords can melt or malfunction when exposed to the heat in the kitchen, especially near stoves and ovens. This can also be a potential fire hazard and ruin your air fryer too.

5. Lack of earthing

Extension cords don’t often have an extra cable for earthing, which is exceedingly dangerous.

They should only be plugged into a grounded wall outlet. When an appliance is not given enough power, it will consume more current to do the same amount of work.

6. Electrical overload

When operating the air fryer using an extension cord, it can cause what is known as an “electrical overload.”

This can also happen if you plug in the air fryer and an additional appliance, like a blender into the extension cord at the same time. That’s more power than the extension cord can take and will cause the circuit breaker to trip, and the fuse can even explode.

Can I Plug My Air Fryer Into a Power Strip?

No, it’s not safe to plug the air fryer into a power strip.

Why? Because power strips are designed for low-power consumers. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are examples of low-consumers, but appliances like air fryers and microwaves are high consumers.

The low power consumers like laptops are well-served by a power strip and don’t cause fires. Since the power strips have ampacity limits, the air fryer should not be connected to the power strip under no circumstances.

Each power strip has an ampacity, also known as its appliance load. If this rating is exceeded by too many power consumers, the power strips become overloaded, which is a dangerous problem.

As soon as the power strip is overloaded by the air fryer, it causes the circuit breaker to trip. This can cause an electrical fire in the kitchen!

When you plan on making a four-course meal, you can use the air fryer and additional appliances, but make sure you connect them directly to an electrical outlet because it will require more amperes of electricity than a power strip can offer.

If not, it will overheat the power strips, potentially resulting in a fire.

Can You Plug an Air fryer Into a Surge Protector?

No, never plug the air fryer into a surge protector. The main problem is that the air fryer causes overheating, and this can easily lead to a fire.

Surge protectors are commonly used to expand the number of outlets in your home as well as to shorten the distance between a socket and the item you want to plug in.

A surge protector should not be used with an air fryer since it may overheat and create a fire.

Surge protectors’ inner breaks are usually intended to trip less frequently than your home circuit. It is possible for the surge protector to overload if it is equipped with a 10A breaker.

What Gauge Extension Cord Can I Use For an Air Fryer?

You need to use a 12-gauge extension cord.

An air fryer does not use a lot of power when it’s running and cooking your meals. However, it requires an excellent cable system and a short cord because the wiring tends to overheat.

Therefore, it’s best to use a 12-gauge extension cord when plugging your air fryer in. A 12-gauge cord can handle 20 amps of power with no issues.

Again, ensure that the extension cord is very short. The longer the cord, the worse it is for the air fryer because it will experience voltage fluctuations.


For those who like simple, quick-cooking appliances, air fryers are ideal for speeding up the cooking process. But, since the air fryer’s cord is usually so short, the user will have to use a 12-gauge extension cord, and it is generally safe to do so.

When utilizing it with an extension cord, however, you must be cautious because longer cords can create voltage fluctuations which, in turn, damage the appliance and can potentially cause a fire.

Instead, utilize 12-gauge wires, which are ideal for plugging in your air fryer and also much safer to use, even if slightly longer.

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