Can You Put An Air Fryer on a Wooden Surface?

The air fryer has become a popular appliance in homes. Air fryers are one of the must-have appliances in the kitchen, given the benefits users enjoy. 

You don’t need to fry your foods with oil when utilizing an air fryer. And this has massive benefits health-wise. The air fryer cooks food fast, and it’s safe and healthy.

But then, it’s important to understand where to store and how to use every appliance you lay your hands on. Why? It would help lower the chances of damaging the appliance or ruining your home. 

Now, most people may want to know if putting an air fryer on a countertop’s wooden surface is a nice idea. If you’re one of such people, we urge you to read this post. 

We’ll discuss things you have to understand about putting an air fryer on a wooden countertop surface and more on the subject. Read on!

Is It Safe To Put An Air Fryer on a Wooden Surface?

No, it’s not safe. The heat from the air fryer could damage your attractive wooden countertop. 

Now, here’s what you need to understand. Wooden countertops are designed with high-end and treated woods. Or perhaps, most of them are. 

Woods used to construct wooden countertops may hold up for a while when you place an air fryer on the countertop. But things may change fast. 

If the air fryer doesn’t cause the wood to crack, it may eventually cause it to warp or even burn the surface. 

A defaced wooden countertop would mess up the look of your once gorgeous kitchen. So, placing an air fryer on a wooden countertop is not a wise idea. 

But if you must do so, ensure you have the wooden surface well-protected.  

A Handy Tip: An air fryer can cause your wooden countertop to crack over time. So don’t rule out the possibility of such happening. 

How Do Air Fryers Damage Countertops?

Air fryers work on the principle of replacing oil with heat. They cook foods without oil and deliver a similar result as foods fried with oil. 

Cooking with an air fryer is healthier. On top of that, the result is quite similar to foods fried with oil, and air fryer-cooked foods are delicious too. 

So replacing oil with heat means air fryers require a huge amount of heat to cook foods. Thus, they can damage countertops in several ways. 

Let’s discuss how air fryers can damage countertops.

1. Heat

Have you noticed that most air fryers have a hot air vent at the bottom? The vent makes it possible for the appliance to work efficiently and not overheat. But unfortunately, it releases hot air, and this can be an issue for your countertop. 

Use your hand to feel the countertop after cooking with an air fryer. You’ll discover how hot the appliance leaves your countertop every time you turn it on. 

So, heat is one thing that makes placing an air fryer directly on a countertop a bad idea. If allowed to continue heating the surface of your wooden countertop, the air fryer could make the countertop crack or warp, over time.

2. Burnt wooden surface

Check the spot your air fryer has been occupying on your wooden countertop. It won’t remain the same appearance-wise. 

The heat from the air fryer would have left a brownish mark on the countertop, which resembles burn marks. 

Unfortunately, such marks could be everlasting. But if you’re lucky, you could restore your defaced countertop. 

You can avoid leaving burn marks on your countertop by protecting the wooden surface from the heat produced by the air fryer

3. Fine cracks

There’s a possibility of cracks appearing on your wooden countertop when you place an air fryer on it. It’s more likely to happen when you use your air fryer for an extended period. 

Can the heat released by the air fryer cause your countertop to melt? Yes, it can. The air fryer generates a large amount of heat when in use. 

The crack is more like your wooden countertop telling you it can’t take the heat anymore. So you have to act before your air fryer completely damages your countertop. 

4. Countertop could melt

So if your countertop’s surface is made of plastic or laminate material, expect it to melt. It’s more likely to happen when you use your air fryer for an extended period.

What To Put Under The Air Fryer To Protect The Countertop?

Your wooden countertop isn’t heatproof. So, you should be worried about what having an air fryer on the countertop would do. It could be catastrophic. 

The good news is this. Several things that you can use to protect your countertop from the heat released by the air fryer are available. And they’ll ensure nothing happens to your countertop. 

Let’s look at the things you can use to protect your countertop.

1. Heat resistant ceramic tiles

 You can use ceramic tiles to protect your countertop from the air fryer. Choose heat-resistant ceramic tiles.

Excitingly, these tiles are cheap and readily available. 

2. Silicone heat pads

Silicone’s ability to withstand heat is well-documented. So you can use silicone heat pads to protect your countertop from the air fryer’s heat effectively. 

What’s special about silicone pads? Firstly, they are made with food-grade silicone material, making them safe. 

The silicone heat pads are also 1.4mm thick and can protect your countertop from heat.

3. Heat protector mats

These heat protector mats are similar to silicone heat pads. However, most individuals fancy the heat protector mats as they sit on the countertop snugly and won’t slide off. 

Additionally, countertop heat protector mats are much thicker than silicone heat pads and would ensure heat doesn’t touch your countertop. 

These heat protectors are a wise choice for people who use their air fryers for extended periods. 

4. Heat resistant sealant

Heat-resistant sealants are used to fortify wooden countertops, making them strong enough to withstand heat from air fryers. 

Why Would An Air Fryer Crack a Countertop?

There are several reasons an air fryer may crack a countertop. Let’s look at them.

  • Air fryer insulation: If your air fryer doesn’t have decent insulation, your wooden countertop is in serious trouble. An air fryer with poor insulation would release all the heat on your countertop, damaging it. 
  • Air vent location: Air fryers have an air vent. The vent makes it possible for air fryers to dissipate heat and prevent overheating. Air fryers with vents located at the bottom would damage your countertop.
  • Countertop material: The material used in making the countertop plays a crucial role. Low quality and unprotected wooden material or stone would crack when subjected to constant heat from the air fryer. 
  • Placing the air fryer directly on a countertop: It’s important to place protective material between your countertop and the air fryer. The material used has to be thick enough to withstand the heat. 

Will An Air Fryer Damage a Quartz Countertop?

Quartz is tough and non-porous. Thus, it can withstand the heat from air fryers. However, keep in mind that the quality of quartz may vary. 

Therefore, the heat released by the air fryer can damage quartz countertops made of low-quality materials.

A Handy Tip: Keep in mind that quartz can resist heat up to some degree. Some quality quartz countertops can resist heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, a heat-resistant countertop mat or other protective material placed between the air fryer and your quartz countertop will make sense. It would shield your countertop from any possible damage from the heat produced by the air fryer. 

Will An Air Fryer Damage a Granite Countertop?

You can place your air fryer comfortably on a granite countertop. Granite countertops are tough and can withstand heat to a certain degree. 

However, don’t rule out using a heat-resistant mat or other protective materials. Place the heat-resistant mat between your air fryer and granite countertop to protect it from any possible damage the heat could cause in the future. 

A Handy Tip: Placing a heat-resistant mat between your air fryer and granite countertop will not only offer maximum protection against the heat. It would also help keep your air fryer in place when in use. 

Can You Put an Air Fryer on a Stovetop?

No, you can’t. It’s not worth the risk. It doesn’t matter if you don’t plan to use the air fryer while it’s on the stovetop. Just ensure you don’t place it there. 

Why is placing an air fryer on a stovetop a huge risk? The heat from a hot stovetop can melt your air fryer, damaging it. But, unfortunately, the melting air fryer can also start a fire, putting your other properties and life in danger. 

So, resist the urge to place an air fryer on a stovetop. It’s a risk you should never take or advise anyone to take. 

Conclusion: Can you put an air fryer on a wooden surface?

No, you shouldn’t. You can only do so when you have a heat-resistant mat placed between the air fryer and wooden countertop, or you’re sure the countertop has been fortified and it can withstand heat. 

The air fryer can generate a massive amount of heat that can damage your countertop. So resist the urge to place an air fryer directly on your countertop. It doesn’t matter if you have a wooden, quartz, or granite countertop. Using a heat-resistant mat will help offer maximum protection to your countertop. 

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