Can You Put Ice in a Food Processor? (And in a Nutribullet?)

Food processors have transformed the way we work in the kitchen. They’ve brought great convenience in the kitchen since their introduction. Their applications have also advanced greatly and this has bought with it some great versatility.

Food processors are available in different models and this means varying capabilities and features. As such, when buying a food processor, it’s important to look for one that best meets your needs and offers a wide range of features and functionality.

As far as versatility is concerned, there are many questions that people ask and they require a definite answer. Can you put ice in a food processor? This is one of the most common questions especially among cocktail and slushie lovers.

We shall answer this and other concerns in this post. We encourage you to keep reading and find out some great and interesting information. 

Is it Safe to Put Ice in a Food Processor?

If you love enjoying a frosty drink during those hot days, the likely scenario is that you’ve asked yourself if it is safe to put ice in a food processor? Of course, the question is interesting and worth some attention. However, you cannot get a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as the answer to this question.

Why is it so? It’s because there are so many types of food processors and each of them performs differently from the other. While some food processors could handle ice, others might not perfectly give you good results.

To make it a bit more interesting, we’d say yes, it is possible to put and crush ice in a food processor as long as you put small amounts of ice at a time. How do you do that? By using the pulse setting on the food processor as opposed to the puree or grind settings.

Even if you do that, you may still run the risk of putting the blades of your food processor in danger as many of them are designed for this job.

Technically speaking, your food processor may be able to do the job but it needs to be powerful enough and have an exclusive crushing blade for grinding ice cubes.

If you aren’t sure about your food processor, in particular, you can buy a new food processor model that comes with a built-in ice crushing feature and this will greatly solve any problems.

Such a model will help you prepare your own iced drinks in addition to crushing frozen vegetables and fruits into smooth, enjoyable juices or smoothies.

How to Crush Ice in a Food Processor?

If you have the right kind of food processor, the point of concern is how to crush ice in it. Crushing ice is a tricky process and the most important thing is to ensure that your processor remains intact after all is said and done.

Now that we have established that crushing ice in a food processor is possible, let’s look at how best you can do it without jeopardizing the safety of your processor.

Step #1

If at all you’re using the attached blades of the food processor, then make sure to use ice cubes as opposed to large pieces of ice. This helps prevent overworking the processor motor which is common when you use big pieces of ice.

Step #2

Have parchment paper at hand and place it beneath the food processor before you begin the crushing process. On top of this, put some plastic wraps on the top section of the processor to avoid any contact with the electrical parts.

An old towel could also come in handy and be placed under the ice. This will prevent the ice from splattering all over the place.

Step #3

Put on the food processor and allow the blade attachment to run for one minute but at a low speed. After one minute, put the processor off and let the blades stop moving before you open the processor sides carefully.

If it’s not possible to open all the pieces immediately, give them time to cool down before trying to remove them with a tong or spoon.

Step #4

If at all you’re using a liquid such as water to break the pieces of ice into smoother bits, make sure to only use the quantity needed. Using a lot of water will cause the ice pieces to melt faster than you’d want as there’ll be less exposed surface area. 

Step #5

If crushing smaller amounts of ice, you can put some dry items such as breadcrumbs on top. These will catch some ice chips and you can discard them afterward.

An alternative method if you don’t have a food processor

In case you don’t own a food processor, you can put your ice cubes in a sandwich bag or re-sealable bags and then smash them using a rolling pin. Put some water in an empty clean jar and then seal it tightly. Once done, turn it upside down on a flat surface to allow air bubbles to fully escape.

Can You Crush Ice in a Nutribullet?

Nutribullet is one of the best food processors in the market, especially for smoothie lovers. This amazing mini blender is designed to work fast and efficiently and works perfectly well on both hard and soft ingredients.

With this in mind, can you crush ice in a Nutribullet? This is a good question worth looking into and getting an accurate answer.

Unlike countertop blenders that come with variable power and speed settings, Nutribullet only has a single speed setting which makes it hard for it to take on hard ingredients such as ice.

According to Nutribullet manufacturers, the blades available aren’t suited for crushing ice cubes. However, you can blend frozen ingredients and get a consistently smooth drink

Can You Crush Ice in a Cuisinart Food Processor?

The answer to this question is a yes. You can crush ice in a Cuisinart food processor as long as it’s powerful enough. This said you should be careful as the hard ice can easily scratch the walls of the bowl and also make the blades dull.

When crushing ice, you should consider using medium shredding but this can be noisy and you should be prepared for it. It’s however easy to deal with that than have your precious food processor disfigured and the blades dulled.

Can You Put Water in a Food Processor?

You can only decide whether to put water in a food processor once you understand the different types of containers and how to use them.

Having said that, can you put water in a food processor? The answer is yes but you should only put enough to avoid leakage or poor chopping against what you’re looking for. If you’re putting any liquid, only fill up to the fill line.

It is also good to avoid putting hot water or liquid in the food processor to protect the appliance’s machinery. Some food processors however come equipped to hold hot ingredients but the general rule is to avoid adding hot foods in the culinary.

Can You Crush Ice in a Food Blender?

Blenders come in two main categories: immersion-type blenders and countertop blenders. Some blenders such as personal brands can crush ice while others such as the food processor blenders aren’t designed for slicing ice.

When using a blender to crush ice, always consider the size of the cubes and do it in small amounts. The best blenders for crushing ice are normally the commercial-grade ones or the smoothie blenders. To keep your blender safe, always check the user manuals to be sure whether it’s designed for the work at hand.

Downsides of Using a Food Processor to Crush Ice

Food processors are ideal for crushing ice. However, there are some disadvantages associated with this. To begin with, some food processors have weak blades suitably designed for chopping food.

You should only use brands and models designed for this very purpose if at all you wish to crush ice in the food processor.

Specifically, most food processors are not designed to support ice crushing and even those that can handle this do also come with a few challenges. First, the ice will leave your work bowl scratched or the blades dull.

As a general rule, it’s advisable not to use your food processor for crushing ice not unless it’s expressively designed to support that.


Food processors can help make your work easier while adding some versatility in the kitchen. However, when it comes to crushing ice, always avoid the risk of damaging the food processor unless the model is designed to handle this kind of work.

Some models mention the availability of this feature and as such you can use them comfortably despite the related noise. Some of these models include Ninja BL610 Ice Crushing Blender , Blendtec Classic 575 Blender and Vitamix 7500 Ice Blender just to name a few.

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