Can You Run A Car Without A Thermostat? The Best Answers

A car’s thermostat is an essential component. That’s because it opens and closes to ensure the engine is at the ideal temperature to keep the car running. So, can you run a car without a thermostat? Would there be any consequences if you tried that?

For a car to start and run efficiently, you need so many things to work right. Cars being the mechanical contraptions they are means removing a single part might hamper their functioning. That’s why most car mechanics wouldn’t advise you to run you can without a thermostat.

It isn’t a good idea, but is it nigh impossible? Let’s find out.

Is it Possible to Run a Car Without Using Thermostat?

Yes, a car can run without a thermostat. The most significant role of the thermostat in any automobile is to regulate the temperature of the engine. That enables the car to run efficiently without issues since the engine won’t overheat.

How does the thermostat do that? The thermostat enables coolant from the radiator to get to the engine and cool it. By working so hard to propel the vehicle forward, the engine will get hot after some time in full operation. 

That’s where the thermostat comes in. It opens to enable coolant to pass through from the radiator and reduce the heat in the engine. If you know anything about automobiles, you understand that removing the thermostat will have the radiator closer to the engine. 

What Happens if You Take the Thermostat out of Your Car?

The first thing that would happen is that you wouldn’t be able to turn on the heat in your car. The car will still move since the thermostat isn’t that integral in the vehicle’s propulsion. 

The heat that comes on whenever you turn the Ac on in your car comes from the engine. But now that the radiator is closer to the engine since you have removed the thermostat. You, therefore, won’t get any warm temperatures in your car when you need them.

Another thing that will happen when you remove your thermostat is the engine will not reach the optimum operating temperature. The engine has a temperature it needs to get to for a capable performance.

Removing the thermostat will see the engine become too cool. That will then prevent it from attaining the temperatures for optimum performance.

The performance of the engine isn’t the only thing that would suffer. That’s because the engine parts would also get extensive damage from you removing the thermostat. The thermostat works on the premise of checks and balances.

It ensures there is a balance between the heat and the cold in the engine. That’s what would make the engine work best. Therefore, the engine parts will suffer without a thermostat as there isn’t a device to balance the heat and the cold.

Removing the thermostat will increase your fuel mileage. How is that possible? With the coolant next to the engine, it will be colder. That will cause it to think it is running cold because there isn’t enough fuel in the tank.

It will thus adjust the gas valve and cause the fuel tank to release more fuel. You will therefore have your car running rich, which could cost you a great deal.

Is It a Good Idea to Drive without a Thermostat?

Absolutely not. It is a terrible idea to drive without your thermostat unless forced by circumstances. While driving without it for some time might not be that detrimental to the stat of your car, you should avoid doing it regularly.

Still, some circumstances might make you consider running the car without a thermostat. Such cases might include situations when the thermostat is working incorrectly or broken, and you have to remove it.

If that happens, you can run your car without the thermostat. However, to ensure the engine doesn’t cool too much, you could place a piece of cardboard between the car’s grill and the radiator. 

That prevents the entry of cool air that would further cool the engine and cause further problems for you.

There are times when the thermostat itself might go rogue and not give the performance you need it to. That could have dangerous implications for the car. Therefore, you would need to find a way to bypass the thermostat.

Can an Engine Overheat Without a Thermostat?

Some people might think that the engine will overheat because there isn’t a thermostat to regulate the heat. That, however, isn’t possible since the radiator being so close to the engine will keep in a state of constant cooling.

The radiator will keep releasing the coolant in the absence of the thermostat even when the engine doesn’t need cooling. There can therefore be only one result here. The engine will be too cool.

You, however, will need to be alert to the issue of the engine overheating. If you notice any changes in the temperature, you will have to remove the cardboard. That could cause you to drive as you stop each time the engine threatens to overheat.

Frankly speaking, it isn’t worth all that trouble when you can visit a mechanic and have them replace your car’s thermostat.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q – Is a thermostat integral to the running of a car?

          Yes, it is. A thermostat plays the integral role of balancing engine heating with cooling. That ensures the engine doesn’t overheat and ruin any of its parts. That’s why it’s a terrible idea to run your car without a thermostat.

Q – How do you know if the thermostat is stuck and isn’t working?

          To know this, you will need to monitor the heating of your car engine. When starting your car and the engine warms up, the coolant should move in to reduce the heat if it goes anywhere near an unsustainable level.

If the coolant doesn’t kick in when this happens, then your thermostat is stuck.

Let’s Wrap It Up

So, can you run a car without a thermostat? Yes, you can. But is it advisable? No isn’t. Each time you face issues with your car’s thermostat, visit a mechanic and have it fixed as soon as possible. That will help you to avoid facing the problems we have highlighted.

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