Can You Spray Paint A BBQ Grill? (All You Need To Know)

If you are looking to get your grill painted, then you will want to know if it is possible to spray paint a barbecue (bbq) grill.

You can spray paint a BBQ grill as long as you completely clean the metal surface of the grill, remove any rust, and use a spray paint that is specifically designed for high temperatures such as Rust-Oleum’s BBQ & Stove spray paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and heat your grill for at least 30 minutes before cooking to burn off any excess paint or fumes.

Read on to learn more about how to prepare your grill for painting and a walkthrough of the entire process!

Can you spray paint a bbq grill?

Yes, you can spray paint a bbq grill. Just be sure sure that you don’t try to use regular spray paint on your bbq grill. Since the heat from the grill may cause the paint to crack, you will need to find a type of spray paint that can withstand high temperatures.

There are many high-heat spray paints available in the market today. These spray paints are made to withstand high heat without cracking or warping. These high heat spray paints will protect your grill from rust and corrosion and last longer than any other spray paint.

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What kind of spray paint do you use on bbq grill?

A few summers ago I pulled off the cover to my grill in the backyard and realized that the winter had not been kind. Since I didn’t clean the grill properly before the cold and rain set in, the tiny amount of rust I remembered had turned into a real problem.

Since I didn’t want to buy a whole new grill, I found my next project – spray painting a BBQ grill to add more years to its life!

When it comes to DIY projects, there is nothing better than finding a product that is already made for the job at hand. In this case, there are many.

I used this Rustoleum high heat spray paint, and I recommend the same one to everyone. It has a temperature rating of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. After the project was complete, I was very satisfied with the results.

Rust-Oleums High Heat Enamel Spray paint is specially formulated to renew, protect, and restore metal surfaces exposed to extreme heat. The tough satin finish makes it easy to clean and maintain. It also resists stains and corrosion. The spray paint dries quickly in just 30 minutes, which helps complete the job quickly.

This spray paint is also available in five colors: black, almond, white, green and silver.

How to spray paint a bbq grill? ( Step by step)

Spray painting a bbq grill is not a difficult task at all, but a fair amount of prep work is involved to ensure that you get the best results. You didn’t think you could just spray paint over the grease, grime, and burnt food did you?

Let’s take things step by step:

1. Clean the barbeque grill thoroughly

The first thing you should do before spraying anything on your grill is to clean it thoroughly.

Make sure that you remove all the grease and grime from the surface of your grill by using a heavy-duty degreaser or oven cleaner. Depending on the state of your grill, you might need to use a scraper or other tool to get all of the dried and burnt-on crap off the metal.

Apply the degreaser and let it sit for a while before you try to scrape to let it loosen as much as possible. You might need multiple applications to get things completely clean so be prepared for a lengthy cleaning session or two.

Once the metal is clean, wipe it down with a clean cloth to ensure it is completely dry.

2. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated

Ensure that the area where you plan to spray paint your grill is well-ventilated, ideally outside. This is especially important when using spray paints. Spray paints may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are harmful chemicals that can damage the environment and are also harmful to our health.

3. Prepare the surface by sanding

Prepare the grill surface by sanding any rough areas. This helps in creating a smooth surface. Sanding is done to remove any sharp edges or rough spots on the surface.

If there are areas where there is flaking rust, then using a wire brush to remove the rust is a good idea.

4. Tape off the areas that you do not want to paint

Cover the handles, grilling grates, or surfaces you don’t want to paint with painter’s tape. This prevents the spray paint from getting into those areas.

You might have a to get a little creative here as there are lots of irregular surfaces and areas to deal with on a grill.

5. Start spray painting the barbeque grill

Start applying the spray paint onto the surface of your barbeque grill. Holding the can of spray paint 6-8 inches away from the surface, begin spraying using a sweeping side-by-side motion with slight overlapping.

Let the spray paint dry for 30-60 seconds before applying another coat. Apply one coat at a time, wait several minutes, and repeat until you’re satisfied with the results.

6. Remove the tape

Once you have finished applying the final coat of spray paint, carefully peel off the tape. Do this slowly to avoid damaging the paint job.

7. Let the spray paint dry completely

Wait for 24 hours before using the barbeque grill. The spray paint needs to dry completely before use. You risk scratching the finish if you try to use the grill right after applying the spray paint. Once the spray paint dries completely, you can start cooking on it without worrying about it peeling off.

Before adding any food to your grill, light it up and let it run for 20-30 minutes to burn off any excess residue and ensure that paint fumes won’t make their way onto your food.

If you still have leftover spray paint, store it properly in an airtight container. Keep it out of direct sunlight and make sure that it stays cool. 

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Is it safe to spray paint a bbq grill?


As long as you follow the instructions mentioned above, then it is perfectly safe to spray paint a barbecue grill. High-heat spray paints are specially formulated to withstand high temperatures. It is always recommended not to spray paint the inside of grills or fireplaces. Avoid the areas directly exposed to flames.

These spray paints will also protect your grill from the rust and corrosion caused by exposure to rainwater and other elements.

So, if you are spray painting your barbeque grill with a high heat spray paint, then it is completely safe to do so.


By following the steps above, you can easily spray paint a barbeque grill. You should be able to achieve the desired result yourself without the help of any professionals. Just make sure to use the right spray paints suitable for barbeque grills and can withstand high temperatures.

Also, do not spray paint the interior of your grill because it will come in direct contact with the flame. Instead, apply the spray paint only on the exterior of the grill.

I hope that this article has cleared all your doubts regarding spray painting your barbeque grill. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment below. 


Can you spray paint a bbq grill?

Can you use spray paint on a BBQ?

Yes, you can use spray paint on a barbeque grill but you need to take care while doing so. Make sure that you follow the guidelines given in the article above. Also, ensure that you use the correct type of spray paint.

Can you use spray paint on grill grates?

No, you should not spray paint your grill grates. Since grill grates will come in direct contact with the flames, it is always recommended to avoid spray painting them.

Can you spray paint a rusty BBQ?

Yes, if you want to spray paint a rusty BBQ then you can do so. But make sure that you first sand down the rust spots using a fine grit sand paper before applying the spray paint. This way, you will get rid of the rust and prevent further damage to the surface.

Can you use rustoleum high heat inside grill?

No, you cannot use rustoleum high-heat inside a grill. You can use it outside but not inside.

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