Can You Use a Window Air Conditioner Without a Window?

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Window air conditioners are one of the best inventions, especially if you live in a hot region. But the question remains, can you use a window air conditioner without a window? Does it mean window air conditioners only work with windows? Can you use them somewhere else?

Those are the questions we will seek to answer if you do tag along. If you’ve recently moved places and still have a window conditioner, stay put and see whether you can put it to any other use.

Can You Use a Window Air Conditioner Without a Window?

Widow air conditioners are specifically ideal for windows. They help reduce the heat typical of houses in hot regions or during hot seasons such as the summer. But does that mean their best position is by the window?

Yes, the best position for a window AC is by the window. 

However, installing a window unit without a window is possible with some modifications. Most people don’t see how you can use a window air conditioner in a room. While that appears a little tricky, there are ways of going around it.

Before you start thinking about it, not it won’t work if you put it on your table. That would only work if you had a portable air conditioner. Window air conditioners work by expelling the heat from the rear part.

That means if you place them in a room with no openings, you could end up in a sweltering room. That’s because there would be no way for the heat to escape the house. Hence the reason they are mostly near windows.

But what if you could do some slight modifications? Would it be suitable for a windowless room? Yes, it would. That would, however, depend on how you go about it.

Let’s look at how you could make that possible.

How to Use a Window AC Inside

We have already established that it might be a tall order using an AC in a windowless room. However, it is possible to pull it off if you do any of the below things.

  • Cool One room and Heat another

If you are familiar with window ACs, you might know that they have two parts. One part of the AC should be inside the house while the other hangs outside through the windows.

However, if you want to use it inside, you will need to have the front part in a room you wish to cool. Meanwhile, the other part of the AC should be in another room that can withstand the heat.

This method, however, is fraught with certain complications. For one, you might have to contend with puddles of water in the other room. In addition, the heat won’t have any other place to go or escape the room since there aren’t any windows.

It will therefore condense in the room it is occupying. That will leave you with a colossal mess to sort after using the air conditioner. That could mean damaging the things in that room. The walls are one thing that the heat could damage and any other item in the house.

The best way to use this idea is to have the other room empty. Therefore, if you have a room you rarely use, you are good to go. The room should, however, not have anything that might be sensitive to heat. If this isn’t possible, an empty closet could also suffice.

  • Change the AC Unit with an Improvised Vent

How can you do that? Here’s how.

First, let’s see what you will need for the plan to be successful.

Step 1

The idea here is to have the AC deposit its heat in the trash bin as it cools your house. Therefore, the first step will be to cut the trash bin to fit the rear of the air conditioner. You will have to get a little creative here. Also, remember to get the perfect-sized trash bin.

Step 2

Now cut a small hole at the back of the trash bin and attach the flexible duct using duct tape. Ensure it is tight enough to ensure the heat doesn’t escape.

Step 3

Now guide the flexible duct to the place you want the heat. That may be outside or some other room.

Step 4

Place a container below the AC to collect any moisture from the condensation. That will need you to have the Ac on a raised stool and then put the container below it.

And with that, you will have turned a window Ac into an indoor AC. We, however, have to say that this method isn’t always foolproof. You will need to be as precise as possible to ensure you fix everything well.

You will be doing there to create a way for the heat to pass somewhere else through a vent. We have to say you need to be quite handy to pull it off successfully. It is, however, a cheaper option.

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What if you can’t pull it off?

We understand the ways we have outlined might not be that straightforward to pull off. In that case, you can get a portable air conditioner and use it to cool your house. Portable ACs have an inbuilt vent that allows you to use them even without windows.

You can even use them from room to room, thanks to the proper venting they come with. The only downside to this is that a portable Ac might come at an extra cost when you own a window AC already.

Final Thoughts

Window air conditioners come in handy cooling houses, especially if they have windows. Still, there are ways you can use them, even in windowless rooms. Our methods should have demonstrated how to use a window AC inside.

It might take you some time to get it right, but you will love that you followed what we told you.

As an Amazon Associate, We may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no additional cost to you.

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