Can You Use a Steel Bowl in an Air Fryer? (Dangers of Using it)

Air fryer maintenance doesn’t only involve cleaning. You have to ensure you’re using the ideal plate or bowl. Otherwise, your air fryer may not cook as it should or could develop a fault. 

Now, the truth is that you cannot put certain plates or bowls in an air fryer. But the question is, can you use a steel bowl in an air fryer? Can the air fryer cook foods in such bowls evenly? Read to learn more!

Can You Put a Stainless Steel Bowl in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. But before you take such action, please read this tip. 

Metals can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but remember that not all stainless steel bowls are ideal for air fryers. 

So, what stainless steel bowl can you put in an air fryer? Just ensure the stainless steel bowl is oven-safe. 

So, check the body of the steel bowl. If it says “oven-safe,” then you’re free to put it in your air fryer. But if you were unable to find where it was written “oven-safe,” then don’t use such bowls in your air fryer.

Another thing to look out for is the color or artwork on the bowl. If the steel bowl boasts a plain color, it is suitable for your air fryer. But if it comes painted or boasts some artwork, don’t use it in your air fryer. 

Additionally, if the stainless steel bowl has a handle, you can’t use it in your air fryer. Why? It will occupy so much space in your air fryer.

A Handy Tip:  Stainless steel bowls are a breeze to clean. That is why most people consider using it in their air fryer. But you have to ensure the stainless steel bowl you’re using is ideal for the air fryer.

Check the bottom of the bowl for a marking, such as an icon or write-up, indicating that it is oven-safe. If you’re unsure, don’t put such a steel bowl in your appliance, please. 

What are The Dangers of Using a Metal Bowl in an Air Fryer?

It is risky to put the wrong metal bowl type in your air fryer. Here are the dangers.

1. The metal bowl could poison your food

Alright, wait a minute. Is the metal bowl itself poisonous? No, it’s not! You might be wondering what can make a metal bowl poison your food. 

If the stainless steel bowl boasts an artwork or painting, chances are the air heat from the air fryer will melt them. Thus, the artwork or painting can leech into your food and contaminate it. 

A Handy Tip: If you must use a stainless steel bowl, choose a plain one. In other words, the bowl shouldn’t have any painting or artwork on it. 

2. Damage your air fryer

When you put the wrong metal bowl in your air fryer, two things can happen; you would either damage the appliance itself or put yourself at a huge risk. 

Another danger of using a metal bowl is when you wrongly place the bowl on the air fryer. If the bowl blocks the heating element or vent, the air fryer won’t operate, as it should. 

In other words, your food won’t cook evenly, and it won’t be long before your darling air fryer takes its last breath. 

Can You Use a Ceramic Bowl in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can comfortably put ceramic bowls in an air fryer and cook your foods perfectly. These bowls are designed to handle high temperatures. So, they can take the high temperature (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit), which your air fryer produces

However, not all ceramic bowls are ideal for the air fryer. Now, you should be asking, how do I know which is suitable for my air fryer? Here are the answers below. 

1: Plain ceramic bowl

Is the ceramic bowl a plain one? If yes, then it is safe for your air fryer. Underneath such bowls, you’ll often find a marking “oven-safe.” This marking indicates that the bowl can tolerate the high temperature that your air fryer or oven throws at it. 

2: Painted ceramic bowl

Is your ceramic bowl painted? Does it have a glazed appeal that indicates a mixture of other materials and finish? If yes, then it is not an air-fryer-safe. 

These types of ceramic bowls are not ideal for your air fryer. Why? The glossy finish will become dull if you subject them to high temperatures. 

So, before you use these types of ceramic bowls in your air fryer, have a rethink. Note that the risks far outweigh the benefits. You could damage your ceramic bowl, and foods cooked in such bowls won’t be appropriate to consume. Keep that in mind. 

Can You Use a Plastic Bowl in an Air Fryer?

No, you can’t. You can only use plastic bowls in the microwave, and the bowl still has to be microwave-safe. So, avoid putting a plastic bowl in the air fryer. Remember that microwave operates differently from air fryer or ovens. 

Now, what can happen if you put the plastic bowl in an air fryer? Well, a lot can happen. And it is a highly risky thing to do. 

The plastic could melt and spread all over your air fryer when subjected to extremely high temperatures. It can also shrink. So, if you put plastic in the air fryer, bear in mind that it won’t come out the same way. Its shape would be distorted, or it might melt completely. 

In this case, the food in the plastic plate will no longer be safe for consumption. Why? The plastic would have leached into the food, making it unhealthy to consume. 

There is also a chance you can damage your air fryer when you put plastic in it. So, it is a huge risk that could prove costly. 

A Handy Tip: Avoid putting any plastic material in your air fryer, whether Tupperware or take away plates. The temperature in the appliance is too high for them.

Can You Use a Paper Bowl in the Air Fryer?

No, you can’t. Anything paper should never enter your air fryer or even oven. These include a paper plate and a paper bowl. 

Now, why is a paper bowl unsuitable for the air fryer? The answer is simply the risk. The heat can ignite the paper. And when that happens, it could burn down the food on the plate, air fryer, and even your kitchen, and then you know what else could happen. 

A Handy Tip:  At what temperature does paper burn? Most people might be asking this question right now. Well, the temperature where paper can ignite is 451 Fahrenheit. 

However, keep in mind that other factors like thickness, moisture, and material combined determine the actual temperature paper can ignite.

Can You Put a Glass Bowl in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. But please ensure it is oven-safe. Pyrex and other related glass brands that can withstand high temperatures are also appropriate for air fryers

Can I use any glass bowl in my air fryer? No, you can’t. It must be oven-safe and has probably, passed your durability test.

What is a durability test, by the way? Well, it is something you have to do to know if your glass bowl won’t crack when subjected to high heat. It doesn’t matter if the glass bowl is oven-safe. Just conduct the durability test to see how it would hold up when subjected to extreme temperature.

Here is how to conduct a glass bowl durability test in an air fryer. 

  • First, place an empty glass bowl in an air fryer. 
  • Put on the air fryer and set it to maximum temperature. 
  • Leave the glass bowl in the air fryer for the duration of time you’ll be cooking the food you want to put in the bowl. 

You can try this process multiple times on the same bowl to see if it would crack. If it doesn’t break, you can use it in the air fryer without fear. 

A Handy Tip:  You can identify if your glass bowl is appropriate for an air fryer by checking for the marking “oven-safe.” Check underneath the bowl; it is usually imprinted there.

Another way to find out if the glass bowl is oven-safe is to check the manufacturer’s website if you know the product’s name or model. 

Conclusion: Can you use a steel bowl in an air fryer?

Well, yes, you can. But as we explained earlier, the steel bowl should be oven-safe. Additionally, the bowl should be plain and not have any artwork. 

If the bowl is painted or boasts some artwork, don’t use it in the air fryer. Why? The paint or artwork could melt and leech into your food. 

Additionally, avoid using plastic or paper bowl in your air fryer. Such bowls are not safe and pose a high risk. Plastic and paper bowls can ignite under high temperatures. 

Finally, any bowl you put in the air fryer must have the imprint “oven-safe” mark on it. Avoid using it in your air fryer if your bowl doesn’t have it. 

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