Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Sticks To Me! (3 Reasons Explained!)

Sharing the clawfoot tub with others requires utmost privacy, and that’s where a shower curtain comes in. Sadly, most shower curtains start to stick onto the body, which can be irritating. So, are you asking, ‘why does the clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to me?’ 

Your clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to you because of the difference in air pressure inside and outside your bathroom. Overall, the pressure difference could be because of swirling air, hot air from a hot bath, or cold air from a cold bath.

So it’s the conditions around your shower that are causing the shower curtain to stick to you. So, I’ll expound on these reasons in a few seconds to help you understand what’s going on with your shower curtain.

More importantly, I’ll suggest ways you can stop the shower curtain from sticking to your body. So, let’s get started!

Do you need a special shower curtain for clawfoot tub

Why Does My Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Sticks to Me?

The common causes of sticky clawfoot shower tubs are:

1. Swirling Air

If you have an open window, the chances are that cold air gets into your bathroom and pushes your shower curtain in your direction. That’s what we mean by swirling air. Swirling shower air is likely to blow the curtain if the shower curtain is lightweight.

2. Hot Air

If you shower with hot water and open your bathroom window, the cold air from the outside, which is heavier than the hot air inside, will blow the shower curtains in. Such an action will likely cause the shower curtain to stick to your body.

3. Cold Air

It’s also possible for the clawfoot tub shower curtain to stick to you when taking a cold shower. So, it’s not just about a hot shower.

During a cold shower, air gusts decrease the bathroom’s air pressure. As a result, air from the outside becomes stronger and pushes the curtain in, and it may end up sticking to your body.

How to Prevent Shower Curtain from Blowing in and Sticking to You

After looking at the above reasons, it’s clear that a shower curtain is likely to be blown away and stick to your body if it is lightweight. For that reason, you must look for a way to reinforce its thickness and weight or stop the outside air from blowing it away.

On that note, here are the fixes that I recommend:

1. Use A Heavier Shower Curtain

If the air pressure difference between outside and inside your shower can blow the curtain inside your clawfoot tub, the chances are that your shower curtain is too thin and lightweight.

If so, fitting a thick and heavier shower curtain can remedy the problem. In general, consider a heavier material like cotton or polyester, preferably double-layered options.

Remember, the heavier the curtain is, the more resistant it becomes against blowing air. And to ensure you reinforce it properly, consider hanging it on each side of the clawfoot tub. That way, the curtain won’t be blown to your tub and body.

One heavy shower curtain that complements your clawfoot tub is the Riyidecor Extra Wide Shower Curtain (View on Amazon).

This machine-washable shower curtain is 100% polyester, thus heavy enough, and measures 70×180 inches, therefore more expansive enough to cover your clawfoot tub.

It also comes with non-rust metal hooks to attach it seamlessly and reinforce it against the swirling air. The best part is that it’s waterproof and machine-washable.

how to prevent shower curtain from blowing in

2. Fit A Thick Shower Curtain Liner

Another way to stop a shower curtain from sticking to you when taking a shower is by adding a shower liner to your shower curtain. That’s if you are not ready to let go of your elegant shower curtain.

Remember, the liner goes inside your clawfoot tub as the shower curtain hangs outside, and that prevents the likelihood of the shower curtain sticking to you.

Overall, adding a shower curtain liner to a shower curtain creates a solid double-layer resistant to the blowing air. Remember, however, to consider a heavier shower curtain liner as you don’t want it to be blown away too.   

While most shower curtain liners come with a 3-10 gauge, consider going for the highest as the higher the gauge, the heavier the shower liner.

One clawfoot tub shower liner that ticks all the boxes is the Mrs. Awesome Clawfoot Tub Shower Liner (View on Amazon). This shower curtain liner is made of PEVA plastic, thus safe and waterproof.

It comes with 32 rust-proof hooks for its reinforcement and generally measures 70×180 inches, thus sizeable enough to cover your clawfoot tub.

The best part is that it can also serve as the shower curtain. So, with it, you can shower without a shower curtain.

3. Wet The Bottom Edge of Your Shower Curtain

Before taking a shower, you can wet the hem or bottom edge of your shower curtain to make it heavier. It won’t blow away easily if it is heavy and will thus not stick to you.

Unlike options 1 and 2, this approach is inexpensive and straightforward. The only downside is that water from the curtain may wet your floor and render it unsafe.

Moreover, you will likely have more work afterward as you’ll have to mop up the floor.

4. Add Some Curtain Weights or Magnets

Another way to make your shower curtain heavier is by adding weights or magnets to it.

Some shower curtains come with weights or magnets, so you only need to use them. However, don’t worry if they are missing or not enough as you can always buy some and use them.

Weights are usually straightforward as they weigh the curtain down, preventing it from blowing away. As for the shower magnets, you can only attach them to a clawfoot tub made of either porcelain or metal. They won’t stick on fiberglass or plastic.

A few other magnets will weigh down the curtain regardless of the tub material. The Magnetic Shower Curtain Weight (View on Amazon) is one perfect choice.

These magnets come in a set of 12 and are not just strong enough but also weighty sufficient to weigh down your shower curtain.

The shower curtain weighs work on both the shower curtain and the shower liner. Even better, it attaches to all tub materials.   

clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions

5. Place A Shower Organizer On the Shower Curtain Rod

Since the idea is to add weight to the shower curtain, you can place your shower organizer on the curtain rod. That makes your clawfoot tub shower rod heavy and reduces the likelihood of the curtain blowing away and sticking to you.

6. Use Circular Curtain Rod

Ideally, clawfoot shower tubs have a circular frame mounted to the ceiling where the shower curtain hangs. It’s essential, however, that the shower curtain is wide enough to go around the clawfoot tub.

Overall, the standard measurement is 70×180 inches, which is enough to help create more room inside your shower tub and stop it from blowing away. So, even if the curtain is pulled inwards, it won’t stick to your body because there will be more room for you.

7. Use Clips On Your Shower Curtain

Another incredible way to weigh down your shower curtain is by using clips. Shower curtain clips are usually attached to the curtain frame and help push the shower curtain outwards.

Not only will it weigh the curtain down, but it also creates more room as the blowing curtain will not reach you. Remember, the more the clips you use, the heavier the curtain will be, and the less likely it will blow away.

If you are looking for curtain clips to use on your shower curtain, you can get the EONMIL Windproof Shower Curtain Clip (View on Amazon).

This four-pack clip is easy to install, allowing you to do it tool-free, and it’s generally effective in holding the shower curtain to the wall. They prevent water splashes onto the floor in the long run, keeping it dry.

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People Also Ask

1. Do You Need a Special Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub?

Because a clawfoot tub is freestanding, turning it into a shower may require a wide curtain to go all around it. Standard claw tub curtains are 70 inches long and 180 inches wide, thus sizeable enough to cover the tub.

Note, however, that it’s essential to consider a shower curtain that is heavy enough not to blow away by the wind.

2. Why Does a Shower Curtain Sticks to Me When Taking a Shower?

The reason why your shower curtain sticks to you when taking a shower is that the hot water coming from your showerhead fills your shower with steam (hot air) that raises the inside shower temperature.

So, when the cold air from the outside of your bathroom fan gets in, it’s heavier, and so it blows your curtain inwards, making it stick to you.

3. What Should I Do to Keep Shower Curtains Out of My Clawfoot Tub?

No matter the reason for a sticking shower curtain, you can fix it by weighing down the curtain by using clips, weights, wetting the curtain bottom, or using magnets.

If this sounds like a doubting task, you can buy a heavier shower curtain or liner to prevent the curtain from blowing away and sticking to you when taking a shower.

Closing Remarks on Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Sticks to Me!

I believe that the above guide answers why your shower curtain sticks to you when taking a shower and the fixes you can implement.

As seen, an imbalance in air pressure and temperature causes your shower curtain to blow away and cling to you. So, the remedy is to make the shower curtain as heavy as you can!

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