How to Clean Magnalite Pans – Complete Step-by-Step Guide!

Why is cleaning Magnalite pan such a big deal? The answer lies in the reason many people love Magnalite pans. 

Magnalite pans are not only attractive and well-made. They are sturdy and durable. With a Magnalite pan, you won’t be budgeting for a new pan for many years. Doesn’t that sound great? It sure is. 

In this post, we will answer all the mind-bugging questions you may have about Magnalite pans. These include importance, cleaning, and safety-related question. 

So, are you ready to learn more about these gorgeous cooking pans? If yes, continue reading.  

Why Do People Love Using Magnalite Pans?

On most people’s cookware shopping list, Magnalite pans always have a spot. The only possible reason they might not include it is that they don’t need a replacement. Otherwise, Magnalite pans would be on that list. 

So why do people love and adore Magnalite pans? Is there something special about them? Yes, special is the right word to describe it. And below are some good reasons Magnalite pans are a staple in many kitchens. 

  • Magnalite pans are durable:

Durability is the first thing people consider about cookware before splashing the cash. It comes first before the appearance or brightness of the said cooking pan. 

Most cooking pans are attractive, quite alright. But they don’t last long. For Magnalite pans, the reverse is the case. These pans would remain useful in your kitchen for many years. And this means you won’t need to budget for new pans after many years.   

Magnalite pans happen to be one of the finest pans ever produced in the United States of America. The magnesium and aluminum alloy’s casting process is the reason Magnalite pans are long-lasting.

  • An excellent conductor of heat:

Heat conduction is another critical point to focus on when choosing any cookware. Cookware made of materials, which have good heat conductivity will make cooking a breeze in the kitchen. 

Magnalite pans come constructed using aluminum, a good conductor of heat. This enables the cookware to react quickly to changes in temperature. 

Being a good conductor of heat Magnalite pans will enable you to cook quickly and more efficiently. This means you’ll be spending less time on meals, all thanks to Magnalite cooking pans.  

  • Boasts a shiny appearance: 

There are diverse reasons people adore Magnalite pans. One apparent reason is their shiny appearance. It makes them look super bright and stylish, so they could add some beauty to your kitchen when mounted there. 

There has been no complaint about Magnalite pans’ finish. They all boost attractive finish, inside and outside. 

All these reasons sum up why people love and cherish Magnalite pans. Now let’s look at other details about Magnalite pans.  

Why It Is Important To Properly Maintain Magnalite Pans?

Every bakeware needs proper maintenance to last longer. Even the most expensive bakeware in the world does. 

Magnalite pans are durable and boast a top-notch finish. But if you want that to last for many years, you have to maintain your pans properly. 

Here are other reasons to look after your magnalite pans always. 

  • Keeps the pan stain-free – When you maintain your Magnalite pans properly, they will remain stain-free and ready for use whenever you’re ready to cook. 
  • Keeps the Magnalite pan in top condition – If you want to keep your Magnalite pan in top shape always, and make it look as good as new, maintain it properly before and after every use.
  • Keep the durable finish – It’s crucial to keep the Magnalite pan’s smooth and durable finish intact. Once this is gone, then the pan would be unattractive. Proper maintenance can help your Magnalite pans’ finish stay intact for many years.  
  • To prevent stains on the aluminum – Magnalite pans are designed with aluminum and magnesium alloy, making it an excellent heat conductor. When not properly maintained, the aluminum could get stained. Though the stain won’t reduce the pan’s performance, it would make it unpresentable.
  • Prevent flaky surface – Another reason you need to maintain your Magnalite plan properly is to avoid the possibility of flaky surface building up. When this happens, it would not only make your pan unpresentable but unpalatable health-wise. Change any flaky Magnalite pans instantly. 

How To Clean Magnalite Pans: Step-by-Step Guide

For the fact that you bought the Magnalite pan with your hard-earned money, proper maintenance should be non-negotiable. Ensure your Magnalite pan to be in top shape always so you can spend less time and energy baking your favorite foods. 

Cleaning a Magnalite pan is easy. It would be best if you had the right materials and ideas to get it done satisfactorily. However, we recommend disinfecting the pan ones weekly but allow a day or two after disinfecting before washing and use. 

It’s also essential to clean your pans after every use and store them in a dry place. We can’t emphasize this enough. 

Alright, let’s go over how you can clean your Magnalite pan to keep them in top shape for a long while. 

First, let’s go over the materials you need to make this happen.

  • Dish soap.
  • Bleach – the regular one.
  • A sponge that has scrubs
  • One or more toothbrushes with softer bristles.

So these are practically the things you need to cleaning. Also, don’t forget that you would need some warm water during the process. 

Below are the steps to take to get your Magnalite pans cleaned like a pro:

Step#1 – Make the pan’s surface plain:

Don’t make the mistake of using a rough sponge to clear off the residues on your Magnalite pan’s surface. Doing so would leave it with scratches that can damage the pan’s smooth finish. 

What you need to do instead is to place the pan under running water. Ensure the water is warm. In no time, the residues will become softer and come off the pan’s surface. You don’t need to use a rough sponge to achieve this. 

Step#2 – Use dish soap:

After clearing off the residues to achieve a plain surface, the next step should be to apply the soap to your Magnalite pan. 

Remember to use nothing but dish soap, as this has been made to work effectively on the cookware.

Apply the soap on the pan’s plain surface and use your bare hands to work it all over the pan. Set it aside for one or five minutes while concentrating on other things. The idea is to allow the dish soap to perform its job. 

Step#3 – It’s time to use the toothbrush:

Please note that the toothbrush ideal for cleaning Magnalite pan is one with soft bristles. Using a stiff brush would make your pan lose its shine. Again, don’t use the toothbrush for any other purpose other than cleaning your pan. 

If you don’t have a soft-bristled toothbrush, you can try a sponge. These two are okay for cleaning Magnalite pans. The only thing you need to do is ensure the sponge isn’t a rough one.  

Now, using your toothbrush or sponge, scrub the pan’s surface gently for a few seconds. A gentle scrub is all you need. Don’t try to apply too much force and expend all your energy on a couple of pans when you have other chores left.   

Step#4 – Deploy warm soapy water:

The first warm water used was without soap. But this time, you need to make the warm water soapy. 

In this stage, the simple target is to remove any stubborn residue (food particles) that has refused to let go of the pan’s surface. 

So, soak the pan in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes to make it easier to remove those stubborn residues. 

Step#5 – Use warm water for the third time:

For the third time, use warm water. But this time, you don’t need to make it soapy. The primary target is to rinse and ensure no soap trace is left on the pan’s surface. There’s no better way to get rid of soap than using warm water. 

Step#6 – Sanitize your Magnalite pan:

This is the final step, and the fourth time you would be using warm water. To sanitize your pan, add a few drops of unscented bleach (two teaspoons full) and soap the pan for one to two minutes. 

At this point, you’re done cleaning your magnalite pan. 

Tips To Clean Magnalite Pans

These are tips you need to adhere to when cleaning Magnalite pans. 

  • Washing the pan after every use should be a compulsory thing for you or anyone that uses the pan. And use warm water and suitable dish soap. 

A Handy Tip – Your dish soap shouldn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could damage your pan’s surface. If you’re not too sure of the dish soap you have available, ask the producer to know if you can use it on your Magnalite pan. Don’t be shy, as your pan’s life is at stake here.   

  • Get your pan sanitized once a week, using bleach poured into warm water.
  • Avoid using scented bleach. 
  • Don’t use your bare hands when working with bleach. Use a hand glove, and keep it properly after every use. 
  • Resist the temptation to use a rough sponge to scrub your pan. The same goes for sharp objects. 

How Do You Clean Discolored Aluminum Saucepans?

Your aluminum saucepan discoloration may have happened due to one of two reasons. First, it could be that the saucepan is aging. Another reason could be damage due to poor maintenance. 

Either way, here’s how to clean a saucepan that has been discolored. 

But first, know that other commercial cleaners can get the job done. Here are some excellent examples.

  • Bar Keeper’s Friend
  • Brasso

You can still make natural cleaners on your own. Here are the steps below.

Step#1 – Have the saucepan filled with water

Step#2 – Add vinegar (1/2 cup) and cream of tartar (2 tablespoons) for every cup of water added to the saucepan. 

Step#3 – Boil the water for at least 10 minutes. After which, pour out the cleaner and allow the saucepan to cool down. 

Step#4 – Wash the saucepan with dish soap and warm water. 

A Handy Tip – If there are stubborn residues after washing, you may have to scrub the pan with a steel wool pad. 

Is It Safe To Cook In Magnalite Cookware?

Aluminum can get into your food if you allow untreated aluminum cookware to be used for salty or acidic foods.   

However, a high dose of aluminum in the system could be fatal. But the cause of this can in no way be magnalite cookware.  

Researchers and medical professionals have also confirmed that anodized aluminum cookware is safe to cook. 

The reason is that anodizing helps to alter the cookware’s molecular structure, making it difficult for aluminum to get into food being cooked. It doesn’t matter if the food is salty or acidic. 

 With that said, it’s safe to say that an anodized magnalite cookware is safe to use.  

How To Season Magnalite Pans?

Here are the steps to season your Magnalite pans.

Step#1 – Preheat your oven to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step#2 – Clean the pan’s surface using vegetable oil poured on a paper towel. You can also use olive oil.

Step#3 – Place the oily pan into the preheated oven and allow it to remain there for two hours.

Step#4 – Remove the pan from the oven after two hours and rinse with warm water. Please don’t use soap. There’s no need for that.

Step#5 – Allow the pan to dry. You can clean the interior gently with a paper towel and store it in a dry place. 


So you have seen how to clean Magnalite pan to prolong its lifespan. Use these techniques for all your magnalite cookware in your kitchen.

Magnalite pans are top-quality cookware manufactured using high-quality materials. It’s safe and makes cooking easier. 

So, follow the cleaning procedure for your Magnalite pan to preserve your cookware’s smooth finish and quality. 

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