Dishwasher Makes Noise when Switched off – Here’s Why and What to Do

Some dishwashers complete the wash cycle successfully and still make a humming or buzzing sound after the cycle ends which can leave you concerned about your safety and that of the dishwasher.

If this bothers you and are you looking for answers to what may be causing it and what you can do to fix it, then read on. This post explains why a dishwasher can make the humming sound and when to be concerned about it.

Why a Dishwasher Makes a Humming Sound at the End of the Cycle?

Some dishwashers make a humming sound at the end of the wash cycle only for a preset time.

This sound is usually low in volume and comes from a fan that circulates air that dries the dishes faster.

Is this Normal?

Check with the dishwasher’s owner manual if the humming sound should be expected or not before deciding if it is an issue you should be concerned about.

Additionally, if the sound is noticeably loud or only recently started then there’s probably an issue with the dishwasher that requires attendition.

Contact a qualified dishwasher technician for support.

Is it Normal for a Buzzing|Humming Noise During the Cycle?

It is normal for a dishwasher to make a humming sound during the cycle. This sound usually comes from the washer’s drain pump as it sends the waste water down the drain.

If the sound is unusually loud there might be an issue. Perhaps there’s something jammed in the drain pump’s impeller?

Check if the humming or buzzing noise has only recently started happening. It it only recent then there’s likely an issue with the washing machine.

Check the dishwasher’s manual on how to access the drain pump impeller safely or contact a qualified service personnel for assistance.

Closing Thoughts

If your dishwasher makes a buzzing noise at the end of the cycle, it might be from the fan (selected models) that circulates air for the dishes to dry faster.

It is normal for the dishwasher to make a humming sound from the drain pump. This should low in volume. Any unusually loud sound should be investigated.

Do not hesitant to contact a qualified dishwasher service personnel.

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