Do Bathroom Radiators Need To Be Earthed? (Explained!)

Bathroom radiators are essential parts of bathroom design, especially in very cold areas. They provide warmth to ensure comfortable shower time.

Since the bathroom is a special location for electrical installation, it is important to take the necessary precautions for safety like earthing, in case of electrical fault. So, do bathroom radiators need to be earthed?

Yes, bathroom radiators must be earthed to prevent electrocution, fire hazards and to prevent the radiator and other appliances from damage in case of an electrical fault. Also, all other components in the bathroom like lighting, bath, toilet, shower, and basin should be earthed.

The earthing cable collects electrical shocks, therefore, preventing them from traveling through metals or wet components in the bathroom. It is for this reason that radiators should be earthed but unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of this.

With that said, let us discuss in detail why bathroom radiators should be earthed.

do bathroom radiators need to be earthed

3 Reasons For Earthing Bathroom Radiators

Renovating or constructing a new bathroom is a complicated process because choosing the fixtures can be a daunting task.

Choosing the best faucets, showerheads, or flooring for your bathroom can be exhausting because there is a variety to choose from.

Adding a bathroom radiator (View on Amazon) is among the best ways to add warmth to your bathroom, and luckily choosing one is not as complicated. All you need is to ensure that it is earthed because of the reasons below:

1. To Prevent Electrocution

As already mentioned the bathroom is a special location for electrical installation because the combination of water, metals, and electricity is risky. You are exposed to the risk of electrocution anytime you are in the bathroom.

It is therefore, important to ensure that all the components in the bathroom including the radiators are earthed to reduce the risk of electrocution.

2. Prevent Fire Hazards

So far, you already know that the bathroom is prone to fire hazards and hence puts you and your family at risk all the time.

There are several sources of electricity in the bathroom, which are potential sources of fire and for that reason, you should be extra careful when using them.

When soaking in the bathtub or blow-drying your hair, you are surrounded by electrical appliances which can cause a fire in case of electrical faults.

With an earthed radiator, electricity leakages are directed to the ground and therefore preventing instances of fire.

3. Prevents The Damage Of The Radiator And Other Electrical Appliances

Like any other electrical appliance, radiators are at risk of damage from power surges and spikes. If the radiator draws more electricity than it should, it will get damaged.

It is therefore important to earth the radiator and other fixtures in the bathroom to ensure that excess electricity flow is directed to the ground where it does not cause damages.

As with the many designs, radiators are made of different materials. Non-stainless steel to aluminum. The only common feature is that all the materials are conductive and allow heat to travel through them faster.

However, the materials differ in durability and cost. For instance, if you are looking for a durable material on a budget, mild steel is a good choice.

If you are willing to spend extra cash for quality and longevity, radiators made from aluminum or stainless steel will be a good choice.

Can You Use A Portable Heater In The Bathroom

How To Earth Bathroom Radiators

Building regulations require that all electrical equipment including bathroom radiators should be earthed. This is to prevent electrical shocks caused by power overflow.

If the metal part of any electrical appliance or equipment in the bathroom is exposed, it must be earthed.

In many instances, the radiators are forgotten during bathroom earthing putting the lives of the users at risk.

The radiator can be earthed by, connecting it to an earth terminal in the socket or an already earthed pipe. If you connect the radiator earthing to already earthed pipes, ensure that the earthing wire can be accessed for inspection.

Follow the simple steps below earth the radiator:

  • Cut off the power supply to the radiator
  • Wipe out the dust or clean the paint to expose a metal part of the radiator
  • Attach an earth clump to the bare metal part. Also, ensure that the clump is genuine and approved.
  • Screw the earth cable into the clump and direct it to the ground.

Note that, the earthing procedure is sensitive and determines the safety of your bathroom. Therefore, if you are not sure of how to install the earth wire and the regulations around it, ensure to contact a technician to get the job done right.

Should Central Heating Pipes Be Earthed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need To Earth A Towel Radiator?

Yes, towel radiators must be earthed. According to the building regulations, all wirings in the bathroom should have wiring that connects them to the ground to prevent electrical accidents in case of electrical faults.

2. Should Central Heating Pipes Be Earthed?

Yes, the pipes connecting the central heating system should be earthed. Many homeowners prefer this system because it is more effective than individual heating appliances and saves on energy, but it is more expensive.

As you enjoy the effectiveness of this heating system, ensure that all the pipes are earthed for security measures.

3. Can You Use A Portable Heater In The Bathroom?

Yes, you can use a portable heater as long as you keep it away from water. If you decide to heat your bathroom with a portable heater, be cautious so that it does not come into contact with water.

4. Is A Fan Heater Safe For The Bathroom?

Fan heaters are safe for heating the bathroom, and it will take you at least minutes to get your bathroom at a comfortable temperature. The only catch is to ensure that the fan heater is installed away from water sources.

Final Words On, Do Bathroom Radiators Need To Be Earthed?

Bathroom radiators keep the bathroom warm and cozy during the cold season and hence it is an essential appliance in the bathroom. To ensure that it achieves its purpose and maintains bathroom safety, it must be earthed.

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