Do Bathroom Scales Work On Carpet Accurately? (Quick Answer!)

Bathroom scales are among the most reliable weighing scales on the market. So, it’s always tempting to take them out and use them on the carpet. But do bathroom scales work on carpet?   

Bathroom scales only work on the carpet if you first use them on a hard and even carpet surface, and secondly, if you use the correct scale, a carpet-friendly scale.

So, the reverse is true. A bathroom scale won’t give you accurate results if you use it on an unstable or uneven carpet or if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for carpet surfaces.

I’ll take you through all these basics to help you know what bathroom scale to use on the carpet, how you can use it, and how you can get reliable results.   

I’ll also recommend a few carpet-friendly bathroom scales that you can get.

Here we go!

How to Use a Bathroom Scale on Carpeted Floor

In a hurry, find the most carpet-friendly bathroom scales on the hotlist below.

4 Best Bathroom Scales For Carpet

  1. RENPHO Body Fat Digital Bathroom Scale: Best Overall Digital Scale
  2. My Weigh Xl-550 Talking Bathroom Scale: Best Digital Scale For Plus-Size
  3. Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale: Best Analog Scale For Plus Size
  4. Thinner Extra-Large Analog Bathroom Scale: Best Overall Analog Scale

Do Bathroom Scales Work On Carpet? If Not, What Could Be The Problem

Generally, it takes a flatter and harder carpet surface and a carpet-friendly scale to give you a good reading on the carpet. Let’s discuss some of the issues that may fail your weighing scale on the carpet.

Possible Problem Number 1 – The Scale Could Be Sinking into the Carpet

Are you asking, why do I weigh less when my scale is on carpet? Well, that’s because the scale is sinking into the carpet.

This usually happens when the surface is too soft or when you use a low-profile scale of which bathroom scales are one of them.

The problem with low-profile scales like bathroom scales is that the carpet pushes their underside when you place your weight and such an upward force acts against the scale’s load cells.

As a result, the weighing scale will record a lesser weight than you actually weigh.


If you are using a low-profile scale like a bathroom scale on a carpet, you should find a harder and more even surface to place it on.

Possible Problem Number 2 – The Carpet Could Be Increasing Your Recorded Weight

An under-reading is not the only issue you could face when using a bathroom scale on a carpet. There is also an over-reading, which could happen if you use a mechanical or analog scale.

With an analog scale, the carpet cushions them against bending. In the process, it increases the inter-fulcrum distance, and that leads to an inflated reading.


If your analog scale is inflating your weight, consider getting a digital option.

One impressive digital bathroom scale for your consideration is the RENPHO Body Fat Digital Bathroom Scale. Not only can you measure your weight, but you also determine your BMI. 

This weighing scale integrates with your Apple Watch and Smartphone through the RENPHO App. Sadly, it only measures up to 396 pounds.

If you weigh more than 400 pounds, consider getting the My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale. This talking bathroom scale will tell you your weight, and it can hold up to 550 pounds. 

Why do I weigh less when my scale is on carpet

Possible Problem Number 3 – You Could Be Using the Wrong Scale

You cannot expect to get accurate readings if you are using the wrong scale.

But what do we mean by the wrong scale?

It could be that the scale is not recommended for carpet use. It could also be that the scale cannot hold your weight.


In the first case, consider looking for a carpet-friendly scale. The manufacturer or seller should specify that under the product specs. If they don’t, look for  ‘carpet feet’ as part of the accessories. Carpet feet mean that the accompanying accessories will stabilize the scale on the carpet.

In the second case, ensure the scale can bear your weight.

Possible Problem Number 4 – You Could Be Placing the Bathroom Scale on the Wrong Surface

Bathroom scales are designed for harder and even surfaces. So, the same applies to carpet floors.

In that case, what surface should I put my scale on? Well, consider harder surfaces like:

  • Concrete
  • Hardwood
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain tiles

Overall, try avoiding softer flooring like vinyl and linoleum. But if you have to place it on the carpet, ensure it is thick and hardy enough and put it on a hard and even floor.

Another Possible Reason – You Could Be Weighing In At the Wrong Time

Sometimes, all it takes to get the wrong measurement is weighing in at the wrong time. If you weigh in at different times of the day, the chances are that you’ll have some inconsistent results.

That’s because the amount of food you take and the level of hydration affect your body composition and weight.


Pick a schedule you are comfortable with to weigh in. It should preferably be before you take anything. That means the mornings are a perfect time for weighing in.

What surface should I put my scale on

How Do You Use A Bathroom Weighing Scale On Carpet?

You should know how to properly use a bathroom weighing scale on a carpet if you want accurate readings. That brings us to these five steps:

Step 1 – Look for a carpet-friendly bathroom scale

As discussed, one of the reasons most bathroom scales are not reliable on the carpet is using the wrong type. Not all bathroom scales are carpet-friendly; that’s the ugly truth.

So, the question is, ‘how do you find carpet-friendly bathroom scales?’

You have to look at its specifications carefully to see if the manufacturer recommends it for carpet use. Most scales come with ‘carpet feet,’ which raise the scale on an uneven surface. So, consider that.

Alternatively, go through the customer reviews to see if some customers use the scale on the carpet.

Step 2 – Find a stable surface on the carpet to place the scale

You might be having the most budget-friendly scale and still fail to get reliable results if you use it on an uneven surface.

The question is, ‘what do you do when the carpet surface is unstable?’

Well, you can try placing plywood that is of the same size as the scale on the carpet and then put the weighing scale.

Note, however, that this is a temporary move since you’ll have to do it each time you weigh in. If you want a more permanent fix, consider carpeting your floor and making it harder and even.

Step 3 – Pick a perfect weigh-in schedule

It’s essential to pick a weighing schedule that you are comfortable with. You could do it daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly, depending on what works for you.

Once you settle on that, you can pick a time which should preferably be early in the morning before having breakfast. That’s because your weight fluctuates during the day, depending on your level of activity and what you eat. 

Step 4 – Recalibrate the weighing scale

It’s advisable to recalibrate your weighing scale every time you move it to ensure you get accurate readings. It’s also advisable to do it after a long time of not using it.

So, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on calibration.

Step 5 – Go ahead and weigh in

Lastly, put the scale firmly on the carpet surface and stand on it to weigh in. You’ll need to wait for 3 seconds or so to obtain an accurate reading.

Do bathroom scales work on carpet

People Also Ask

1. Are There Any Bathroom Scales That Work On Carpet?

Several good bathroom scales work on carpet, and they include the following:

  1. RENPHO Body Fat Digital Bathroom Scale: Best Overall Digital Scale
  2.  My Weigh Xl-550 Talking Bathroom Scale: Best Digital Scale For Plus-Size
  3.  Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale: Best Analog Scale For Plus Size
  4. Thinner Extra-Large Analog Bathroom Scale: Best Overall Analog Scale

2. Can You Put A Bathroom Scale On Carpet?

Yes, you can put a digital scale on the carpet if the carpet surface is harder enough and even. But more importantly, the digital scale should be carpet-friendly, which you can tell from its specifications.

3. Does Carpet Mess Up A Scale?

If the carpet surface is uneven, the scale will wobble, leading to the wrong readings. An extra soft carpet also doesn’t favor scales as it’s likely to interfere with the readings.

4. Do Scales Work On Carpet?

Not all scales work on carpet. So, you have to ensure that the manufacturer recommends such a use. Scales generally don’t work well on unstable and uneven carpet surfaces.

5. Can Digital Bathroom Scales Be Wrong?

Digital bathroom scales are not perfect. They can be wrong if you place them on an uneven surface or if you overload them. Also, digital scales can send inaccurate readings if you fail to recalibrate them at the right time.

6. How Do Digital Bathroom Scales Work?

Digital bathroom scales feature a set of load cells that bend downwards when you place your weight. That creates some resistance converted into electrical signals, which ultimately provides you with accurate weight measurements. 

7. Will A Bathroom Scale Work On Carpet? 

Not all bathroom scales will work on carpet, but only those the manufacturer recommends for carpet use. For that reason, you’ve to read the product specs to ensure that the manufacturer recommends carpet use. 

Do Bathroom Scales Work On Carpet? Closing Thought: 

Generally, bathroom scales work on carpets if the manufacturer intends them for such use and you use them on harder and even surfaces. That’s important if you plan to be moving the scale around your carpet floor. You can use the tips I’ve shared to ensure you get the correct readings from your bathroom scale. 

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