Do You Need a Special Shower Curtain for a Clawfoot Tub?

As a freestanding tub and an elegant one, a clawfoot tub is converted into a shower area with a shower curtain. But given its odd shapes, such as oval, rectangular, and hourglass, do you need a special shower curtain for a clawfoot tub?

Your clawfoot tub requires a shower curtain that is spacious enough to wrap around it, preferably measuring 180 x 72 inches. Additionally, the shower curtain should run on a track around the tub and should be water-repellent, mold-resistant, and well accessorized.

So, without a doubt, your clawfoot tub requires a special shower curtain as there are specifics that you have to consider. Consider the curtain’s size, track, water repulsion, mold resistance, and accessorization.

And while speaking of accessorization, we are talking about the curtain’s hooks for easy installation, magnets for making the curtain heavier, grommets to prevent curtain tearing, and roller balls for easy curtain rolling.

We’ll talk more about these buying considerations but first, let’s talk about why you need a special shower curtain for your clawfoot tub.

do you need a special shower curtain for a clawfoot tub

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4 Best Shower Curtains for a Clawfoot Tub

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  2. Mrs. Awesome Clawfoot Shower Curtain: Best PEVA Clawfoot Shower Curtain
  3. Riyidecor Flower Clawfoot Shower Curtain: Best Polyester Clawfoot Shower Curtain
  4. Barossa Design Hotel Style Shower Curtain: Best Cotton Blend Clawfoot Shower Curtain

Why Do You Need a Special Shower Curtain for A Clawfoot Tub?

After confirming that you need a special shower curtain for your clawfoot tub, the obvious question is why? Well, that’s because of these four reasons:

1. You Need a Shower Curtain That Wraps Around Your Clawfoot Tub

While a standard shower curtain measures 72 x 72 inches, we’ve options that measure 36 x 72 inches (stall options), 72 x 84 inches (extra-long), and 108 x 72 inches (extra wide), among others.

The problem with stall options is that they are too small. You’ll need to fit several around your clawfoot tub, which can be too expensive and physically involving.

A standard shower curtain will also not fit as it’s not wide enough. Yes, its length is okay, but since it’s not broad enough, you’ll need to install at least two, which is costly.

And when it comes to the extra-long and extra-wide curtains, they’ll make your bathtub look weird as they are too big. So, your only best option is a standard size curtain (180 x 70 inches) as it promises to wrap around your clawfoot tub.

2. You Need a Shower Curtain That Runs On a Track

As mentioned earlier, the shower curtain should be able to wrap around the clawfoot tub, and it’s not just about getting the correct size. You also have to consider the curtain’s tracking system to ensure you can easily pull it around the tub.

Unlike regular bathtubs, clawfoot tubs don’t rest against the bathroom wall, which means the curtain has to move around the tub smoothly. If that’s not the case, there is always the risk of water dripping behind your clawfoot tub and wetting the floor.

3. You Need a Shower Curtain That Is Water-Repellent and Mold Resistant

Since it’s all about water, you need a shower curtain that can resist its damaging effects. The curtain should keep the water in the tap for starters, so it shouldn’t soak wet.

Secondly, the fabric shouldn’t attract mold. That brings us to vinyl, the most everyday shower curtain material.

Vinyl repels water, resists mold, and is generally easy to clean and affordable, as the D&M Clawfoot bathtub Shower Curtain demonstrates.

This heavy-duty vinyl shower curtain will withstand water damage and not fail and guarantees privacy protection, aesthetics, machine-washing, and quick-drying.

The other excellent material choice is PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate).

PEVA has the same qualities as vinyl but has the advantage of being more ecofriendly and classier, which makes it slightly expensive.

One PEVA clawfoot shower curtain to consider is the Mrs. Awesome Clawfoot Shower Curtain.

This shower curtain, which can also serve as a shower curtain liner for your clawfoot tub, comes in a waterproof, ecofriendly, and easy cleaning construction, making it fantastic for just about any clawfoot bathtub.

is it hard to install a clawfoot tub

4. You Need a Shower Curtain That Is Well Accessorized

The demand doesn’t just stop at the curtain size, fabric type, and track. You also have to consider the accessories accompanying the curtain as they are critical in the performance of the curtain.

Here are the accessories to prioritize:

  • Magnets/weights – Magnets, sometimes known as weights, prevent the curtain from clinging to you or your shower walls. They do that by holding the curtain to the tub.
  • Grommets – Grommets reinforce the curtain, preventing it from tearing. In their absence, you can look for eyelets or hook insertion.
  • Rollerballs – The shower curtain can sometimes be hard to roll out of the way when getting out of the shower. However, you can move seamlessly with roller ball rings and keep the curtain rods in good condition without damage.
  • Hooks – Hooks allow you to install the curtain around the bathtub easily. You get to hang it seamlessly. Preferably, go for metal hooks as they are more robust and rust-resistant.

In Summary – What Kind of Shower Curtain Do You Need for A Clawfoot Tub?

In consideration of the discussed above, it’s clear that the ideal shower curtain for a clawfoot tub should meet these conditions:

  • Measure 180 x70-72 inches to fully wrap around the freestanding bathtub.
  • Have a tracking system that allows it to wrap around the tub smoothly
  • Be well accessorized with metal hooks, big magnets, rust-proof grommets, hook eyelets, and roller balls.
  • Be waterproof, mold-resistant, and easy to clean fabric, preferably vinyl or PEVA

If you decide to go for clock fabric such as cotton or polyester, you should use a clawfoot-specific liner to protect the curtain from damage.

That you can do with the YISURE ClawfootShower Curtain Liner. This curtain liner wraps around your clawfoot tub, protecting the shower curtain from direct water contact. The best part is that you can use it without the curtain if privacy is not a big concern.

Benefits of a Shower Curtain Around a Clawfoot Tub

Now that it’s clear you need a unique shower curtain for your bathtub, why should you consider going that route? Well, that’s because the shower curtain promises these advantages:

a)  Privacy

The curtain allows you to turn your clawfoot tub into a shower and offers you privacy when showering. That’s beneficial if more of you share the tub and comes in handy when guests come over and have to use your clawfoot tub.  

b) Splash Protection

Your bathroom floor can get messy if there is no way to contain water splashes when showering. Luckily, a shower curtain prevents the water from getting out of the shower area or the tub, thus no flooding on the bathroom floor.

c) Aesthetics

While clawfoot tubs are aesthetic in their own right, they look more aesthetic when using a shower curtain. One more aesthetic fabric is polyester, which brings us to the Riyidecor Flower Clawfoot Shower Curtain.

You’ll need to use this shower curtain with a waterproof liner as polyester is not water-repellent. The liner will therefore prevent it from soaking wet and attracting mold.

do you need 2 shower curtains for a clawfoot tub

d) Easy Installation

Unlike a glass shower door, which is not expensive to install but also quite involving, you can set up a shower curtain in seconds and don’t need any experience.

e) Low Maintenance

If we also compare the shower curtain with a shower door, the former is easier to maintain than the latter. With a shower curtain, all you have to do is keep it clean and mold-free, but when it comes to a glass shower door, you have to clean it regularly and may also need to do a few repairs once in a while.

f)  Open Up Your Space

Once you open the shower curtain, you create the impression that you have a spacious bathroom. That’s hard to do with a shower glass door.

How to Choose the Right Shower Curtain for a Clawfoot Tub?

Here are important considerations for a clawfoot shower curtain:

1. Correct Curtain Size

Remember, the best curtain size for a clawfoot tub measures 180 x70 inches. However, you can choose a slightly longer option (180 x 72 inches) if your clawfoot shower tub is slightly longer.

Even other clawfoot shower tubs measure 108 x 72 inches. So, to be sure, measure the length and width of your clawfoot tub to determine what size shower curtain to get.

2. The Right Fabric

When it comes to fabric type, you’ve to choose between functionality and aesthetics.

On functionality

If you want a shower curtain that doesn’t soak wet, resists mold, and is easier to clean, consider either vinyl or PEVA. The difference is that vinyl is the cheaper option while PEVA is the eco-friendlier.

On aesthetics

If what matters most for you is a beautiful shower curtain, go for a polyester or cotton fabric.

Note, however, that these curtains will require a waterproof liner to protect them from soaking and mold unless you get an option like the Barossa Design Hotel Style Shower Curtain, which has a snap-in liner.

This cotton-blend liner is a 2-in-1 option, given that it’s a curtain with a detachable liner that promises a spa-like experience, as the name suggests.

best shower curtain for a clawfoot tub

3. Shower Curtain Track

You need a shower curtain that smoothly goes around your clawfoot tub and that’s where the track is important. Consider a shower curtain with a track to allow you to properly wrap the curtain around the bathtub.

4. The Right Accessories

While the curtain size and fabric type are primary considerations, don’t overlook the accessories as they make a big difference. The curtain should come with stronger hooks, preferably metallic, for easy installation for starters.

Secondly, consider an option with weighted magnets to prevent the curtain from clinging to your body when taking a shower. Don’t forget the grommets and roller balls either, as the former prevents tearing while the latter promotes easy rolling of the curtain.

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How to Set Up a Clawfoot Tub Shower

If you want to add aesthetic value to your bathroom you need to install clawfoot tub shower rods. With the clawfoot tub located away from the wall, the rod should be able to encompass the whole area. Here is how to install one

1. Measure the Space

Using a tape measure, measure from the ceiling to the floor. These measurements will help you determine the size of the clawfoot tub shower rod and the lengths of the tubes.

Once you have these dimensions you are good to go. While the curtain can be a little bigger it should never be smaller. Luckily 2 Pack Tape Measure Measuring Tape for Body Fabric Sewing is not only functional but accurate as well.

2. Know Where to Install It

If you want to keep the clawfoot shower from sliding off or being tripped over, you should support the shower rod by 3 points. Next, use brackets to connect the shower to the rest of the components such as the wall, ceiling, and tub plumbing.

3. Cut The Clawfoot Tub Rod

Using your measurements, trim your clawfoot tub rod so it can fit in that space.

To do this use a tube cutter. However, make sure you only cut the female ends of the tube. Do not forget to measure the surface rods.

4. Hang the Shower Rod

To carry out this step you need to look for another person. You can therefore ask him to hold the rod while attaching the bracket.

5. Attach the Shower Curtain

Once you’ve installed the rod, hang the curtains so they can envelop the whole clawfoot shower tub. The best way to use the shower is when the curtain is hanging inside the tub so that the water does not leak on the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you measure a shower curtain for a clawfoot tub?

Using a tape measure, measure the curtain and ensure that it’s 180 by 70 inches so that it goes all around.

To get accurate results, measure the length of the clawfoot from inside the tub and slightly below. If you have a good tape measure, you’ll get accurate measurements.

2. Can you put a shower in a clawfoot tub?

Yes. But if you are replacing the rod or adding a clawfoot tub make sure you do your research.

Showering with the liner inside the tub will prevent you from getting excess water around it. Instead of putting multiple liners just get one large liner.

3. Does a shower curtain go inside or outside the clawfoot tub?

When hung and used, a shower curtain liner can help you keep water where it’s supposed to be. Having said that, always make sure the shower curtain is inside the tub basin when showering.

4. What kind of shower curtain do you use in a clawfoot tub?

The right kind of shower curtain should be durable and waterproof. It should also be larger, heavier, and more secure to wrap around.

5. Do you need 2 shower curtains for a clawfoot tub?

No, it’s not a must. By getting an extra-large curtain that goes all the way around, you can prevent the need of buying 2 curtains. 

The heavily woven polyester fabric will prevent it from blowing in while taking a shower.

6. How long should a shower curtain be on a clawfoot tub?

While shower curtains for clawfoot tubs come in different sizes the best one needs to be 180 by 70 inches. This size is wide enough to go all around the tub and prevent water from getting out.

7. How do you keep water in the clawfoot tub?

To keep water in the clawfoot tub you require 2 to 3 shower lines. This is to make sure that the water remains inside the tub.

The best thing is to prevent water from getting out in the first place, not just to prevent it from reaching the floor.

8. Are clawfoot tubs practical?

Although this is true these tubs were originally made with practical intentions. They not only make your bathroom beautiful but also provides you with a place to soak away your worries and stress

9. Is it hard to install a clawfoot tub?

As compared to other bathroom installations, installing a clawfoot tub is a bit hard because of the weight. Before installation, you may need to reinforce the floor to cater to the tub’s weight.


When it comes to the clawfoot tub, the normal shower curtain just won’t fit it. Although it should be made of durable waterproof material, it needs to be heavier, larger, and more stable to wrap around and stay put. So the question: do you need a special shower curtain for a clawfoot tub is indeed it’s needed.

When shopping for the right shower curtains for your clawfoot tub you need to consider the size and the mechanism that you need to fix both by the rod and inside the tub.

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