Does Oat Milk Curdle in Coffee? (And How to Stop it)

Many individuals have experienced this. They sit down to have a nice hot cup of coffee, only to be left disappointed by how the coffee tastes. The milk has curdled, leaving the coffee to taste bland.  

When milk curdles, the coffee might taste like two different drinks in one cup. The coffee won’t taste as nourishing as it should.

Oat milk is a wise choice, given its nutritional benefits. It is also a good alternative for allergy sufferers and vegans.

Now, the big question many might be asking is, does oat milk curdle in coffee? If it does, then how can you prevent this from happening? Keep reading to learn more!

What is Oat Milk?

Oat milk isn’t a dairy product. Let’s get that straight. Dairy products are derived from cows, while oat milk is plant-based.

So, oat milk is nondairy, vegan-friendly milk and lactose-free. 

Oat milk is made by soaking oat in water for several hours, then you blend and strain it. After you finish straining, you can consume your oat milk as is or include some sweeteners such as cinnamon, vanillas, or dates. 

Oat milk is highly nutritious and beneficial to one’s health. Its vitamin D content is higher than cow milk. Vitamin D improves bone and dental health. 

The absence of lactose in oat milk also makes it a wise choice for individuals with allergies. Vegans or those with dairy intolerance can also take it. 

Can people with gastroenterological diseases take oat milk? Yes, they can. The gastroenterological conditions include Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis.

Oat milk also boasts other vitamins and minerals. These include protein, fiber, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. It is highly nutritious milk, and an excellent dairy alternative people can make in their homes. 

Does Oatly Curdle in Coffee?

Yes, Oatly does curdle in coffee. Why? The reason is a bad reaction. And this reaction is due to the heat and acidity the coffee has.

Just because Oatly curdled in your coffee doesn’t mean the milk is bad for consumption. It is safe for consumption, and it would still taste great. 

But then, any spoiled milk is unsafe for you to consume. The cause of spoilage is an overgrowth of bacteria. Thus, drinking such milk can make you sick.

Now, is curdled milk safe? Yes, it is. As earlier said, milk is only unsafe for consumption when it is close to producing bacteria. Avoid such milk. 

Why Does Oat Milk Curdle in Coffee?

Oat milk curdles in coffee for two reasons. The first reason is the acidity, while the second reason is the hotness from the coffee poured into the cup

So, the tea or coffee’s acidity level determines if the milk would curdle. But in all, the reason oat milk curdles is due to a poor chemical reaction when acidic coffee or tea. 

Does Oat Milk Curdle When Heated?

Oat milk curdling is due to a chemical reaction. But one thing you must understand is that not all oat milk will curdle when heated

The curdling is due to the natural acidity level. 

A Handy Tip: Oat milk tolerates heat better than its nut-based counterpart, almond. 

How To Stop Oat Milk Curdling in Coffee?

If consuming coffee with curdled oat milk doesn’t appeal to you, then you must find ways to stop it. Not all oat milk will curdle in your cup of coffee. But as earlier explained, acidity levels and temperature of the coffee play a crucial role. 

Now, here’s the big question. How can you prevent your oat milk from curdling in your coffee? Here’s how to get it done.

1. Let the oat milk be the first thing in the mug

You can prevent your plant-based milk from curdling by doing simple things. One of the methods you can deploy is pouring your milk into the mug first. After that, start adding your coffee, but do so gently. 

By doing this, the hot coffee would temper with the milk, bringing its temperature to the same level as the coffee. What will this lead to? It will prevent the milk from curdling. 

2. Use low or no acid coffee beans

Are you fond of brewing high acetic acid coffee beans? If yes, chances are you’ll continue to experience the plant-based milk curdling issue. 

The high acetic acid the coffee beans have is responsible. How? The acid can alter the hot coffee’s pH balance, causing the oat milk to curdle when added. 

How can you resolve this problem? This solution is simple. Use organic coffee beans with zero or reduced acetic acid content. 

3. Use only neat coffee mugs

Most people prefer reusing their coffee mugs because it is much easier. It could be a mug they used earlier and don’t have time to clean. 

But that’s where the problem lies. Your used coffee mug needs cleaning. Otherwise, your oat milk could curdle. Now, how does this happen? It is simple. 

If there’s coffee oil residue on the mug’s interior, it could increase the hot coffee acetic acid. Thus, when you pour in the oat milk, its lactic acid would react with the acetic acid, causing the milk to curdle. 

You can keep this from happening by washing your coffee mug before using it. You can wash it with dish soap, white vinegar, or even baking soda. 

4. Avoid using oat milk refrigerated for an extended period

We recommend using only fresh oat milk. Avoid opened milk that has been stored in the refrigerator for an extended period. Why? They could be harmful and are the possible reason for curdled oat milk in your coffee. 

The thing is, any unopened oat milk’s shelf life is 7 to 10 days. It would even be best to finish the milk within 7 days. This way, you can avoid using expired milk and the risk that comes with it. 

So, finish any opened packet of oat milk within a week. But if you can, endeavor to store it properly in a refrigerator. Otherwise, the milk would start to deteriorate. In other words, it would lose its taste, smell, and flavor. 

Can You Drink Curdled Oat Milk and Is It Safe?

There is no risk in drinking coffee with curdled oat milk when the milk itself is fresh. If you’re using oat milk that hasn’t expired, there’s no need to panic. It is entirely safe

For better understanding, two types of curdled milk exist. These include intentional and unintentional curdled milk. 

What is intentional curdled milk? This means the oat milk used is fresh. In other words, it hasn’t expired. Thus, you won’t have any health issues when you put such milk in your coffee. 

The unintentional curdled milk is the second type. Here, the milk used has expired. Thus, you might experience some health problems after consuming such oat milk. 

In a nutshell, using fresh oat milk is the best choice. You’ll be free from any possible health issues. You’ll also have no reason to panic when gobbling down your hot coffee. 

Is Oat Milk Good To Use in Coffee?

Yes, oat milk is a great and healthy addition to your cup of coffee for several reasons. The only drawback many may have regarding oat milk is the possibility of it curdling in coffee. But if the curdling is intentional, there’s no need to panic. 

An intentional curdle, as explained before, means the oat milk is fresh. And therefore, the coffee is healthy for consumption. 

Oat milk is not good to use for coffee once it has expired. Consuming such milk would be highly detrimental to your health. 

However, oat milk’s curdling isn’t something you should be breaking a sweat for. Other plant-based milk even curdles more than oat milk. 

Additionally, you can prevent your oat milk from curdling with ease. We even explained how to get this done. 

Oat milk is also a wise choice for allergy sufferers and people with lactose intolerance. It contains twice the amount of fiber present in cow milk, making it an excellent choice for people who want to increase dietary fiber intact. The benefits include improved gut and digestive health. 

Oat milk is lactose, soy, and nut-free. And it is a wise choice for vegans who don’t fancy cow milk. 

Conclusion: Does oat milk curdle in coffee?

Yes, it does. The curdling is due to several reasons. One is the hot coffee, while the second could be the brewed coffee’s high acetic acid. 

However, you can prevent your oat milk from curdling in the coffee. Just pour the milk first before adding the coffee to the mug. Another way to avoid this is to use coffee beans with low acetic acid and ensure your cup is clean before using it. 

Most people may also be wondering if curdled oat milk is safe. Well, the answer is yes! You can take coffee with curdled oat milk. Only avoid such milk once it has expired.  

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