Does Toilet Paper Expire? (Detailed Answer!)

Imagine running out of toilet paper while using the toilet, and you don’t have any more rolls left. This is enough to have you purchase this precious commodity in bulk, but before rushing to your local retail store, ask yourself, does toilet paper expire?

Toilet paper has expiry dates on the package, but you can ignore it provided it’s in good condition. Toilet paper can last for several years, provided you keep them in a cool, dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight…

Storage is a fundamental aspect when examining the shelf life of toilet paper and you should leave your toilet paper rolls in their original or a watertight, airtight container. You will learn more in this post, so keep reading.

Furthermore, I will walk you through how to store your toilet paper rolls to guarantee their durability.

Does tissue paper expire?

Does Toilet Paper Expire? (Explained Further)

Although toilet paper does not expire like foods, it can “go bad” under some conditions. For instance, it is a thin paper that’s not water resistant, so it can grow mold if it remains moist or wet for an extended period.

Since toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water, excess moisture may cause it to disintegrate before you can use it. Moreover, this might be a problem with related paper items, such as paper towels or toilet seat covers.

If you reside in a warm and humid area, consider storing toilet tissue properly to keep it from molding. In addition, heat can also be an issue since toilet paper can dry out and disintegrate into dust if left at the mercy of the sun and dry heat.

While this may give the impression that toilet paper is rather delicate, you shouldn’t be too concerned. If you store your toilet tissue in a bathroom cabinet, it will last a long time, even if you purchase it in bulk.

What Causes Toilet Paper to Go Bad?

Even though your toilet paper is somewhat immune to expiration, some conditions can make it go bad. They include:

1. Exposure to Moisture

The most common cause of toilet paper degradation is when it becomes wet. Most brands craft toilet paper to dissolve in water—a process that takes as little as five weeks.

Unfortunately, a moist roll of tissue paper will get soggy before five weeks. It might be feasible to keep it by drying it out, but most situations would demand you toss it out and start again.

Even if toilet tissue does not become wet, it can degrade if stored in a damp environment. If you stay in a hot and humid climate, the humidity in the air can quickly cause mold to develop on the tissue paper, and it will spoil the entire roll in a short time.

Bacteria could also grow in the same warm, damp circumstances, making the toilet roll unsanitary to use. Therefore, you need to avoid water and dampness if you wish to extend the life of your toilet paper.

2. Exposure to Heat

You can’t just keep your toilet paper anywhere warm, like under constant sunlight, because you do not wish it to become wet. Toilet paper will dry up, become brittle, and finally turn to dust if left in an area with excess light and heat.

Toilet paper does not have to crumble to dust to become useless; it just needs to be too dry to become too abrasive to use. Therefore, always store your toilet paper in a cool and dark place.

3. Bugs

Some insects and bugs can also degrade the quality of toilet paper. Some, like silverfish, may consume it, while others may build nests in it.

In general, don’t store enormous amounts of tissue paper where insects and bugs can access it.

4. Rodents and Other Small Critters

If you keep a lot of toilet paper in an area where mice, rats, and other critters can reach it, you’re giving them a great place to build their nests. A huge pile of soft toilet paper is cozy for these creatures.

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Does Toilet Paper Have an Expiry Date?

Toilet paper does have an expiration date, but you might be shocked to learn that it can endure for months, years, and even decades. How you keep your toilet paper might affect how long it lasts.

Can Toilet Paper Get Moldy or Mildew?

Toilet paper does not dissolve easily in water, so if it gets moist or wet, it could become moldy. Likewise, since toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water, if it becomes too moist, it may disintegrate before you use it.

If you live in a tropical and warm area, consider storing the toilet paper to keep it from molding.

Expired toilet paper

How To Store Toilet Paper

If you choose to stock up or want to maintain your toilet tissue in excellent condition in case it takes a long time before using it, the tips below may help.

1. Keep It High and Dry

Maybe you adopted the practice of keeping toilet paper near the toilet or beneath your bathroom sink, as most people do. It is a brilliant strategy until the sink leaks or you spill water on the unutilized paper.

To avoid this, consider storing your tissue paper someplace higher in the bathroom, or don’t use your bathroom at all. Alternatively, put it in a towel or linen closet near the bathroom if you have one.

It keeps your toilet tissue away from leaking faucets and frees up space beneath the bathroom sink for more water-resistant items.

2. Keep It in Its Plastic Package

Usually, toilet paper comes in a sealed plastic package that needs to be airtight. Therefore, inspect the package before purchasing to ensure there are no openings.

Pay close attention to the package joints that wrap the toilet paper to ensure your retailer seals them properly. Don’t pull it out of the plastic to put it on shelves since that will degrade your toilet paper.

Once you open a box and realize it will take a while to use the remaining rolls, place them in a sealable bag similar to the one used to keep winter garments.

3. Original Factory Packaging

When you purchase toilet paper in mass, the brands sometimes divide the rolls into smaller bundles of four, six, or nine rolls and sealed within the larger package. The tiny containers preserve the quality of your toilet paper.

When you open a toilet roll package, the remaining rolls have only limited exposure to air. It is crucial in a humid environment because if you don’t use the other rolls soon enough will make them moldy.

If you’re concerned about getting toilet paper in bulk, look for a package containing tiny plastic bundles inside the bigger one, and your supply should last long enough. However, it’s different if you purchase toilet paper from a store because the rolls come wrapped separately in the paper, which can mold when exposed to moisture.

Can You Use Moldy Toilet Paper?

It is not advisable to use moldy tissue paper since the mold has been linked to allergy-like effects when inhaled or in touch with the skin. Since toilet tissue comes in touch with your skin, it is safer to avoid using moldy toilet paper.

Fortunately, toilet roll is a necessity, and experts recommend keeping it in a dry area and tightly wrapped until usage when purchasing in bulk.

Can You Use Expired Toilet Paper?

The expiry date on the toilet roll package is not that important as you may use it even though it is officially expired. However, examine it for mold before utilizing it.

When using a toilet roll past the expiration date, first sniff it for any foul or unusual odors before checking for black spots because you’re likely to smell mold before seeing it. If you can’t detect any unusual odors, continue using the roll.

What Is the Lifespan of Toilet Paper?

Tissue paper does not expire until you expose it to dirt or moisture, so there is no defined lifespan. Since it is biodegradable, it breaks down in five weeks when exposed to the environment.

Toilet paper may endure for years if stored in an airtight container or cupboard. Mold can grow on toilet paper when stored in a warm and humid place.

Shelf life of toilet paper


1. How Long Does Unopened Toilet Paper Last?

With proper storage, toilet paper could stay for years, if not decades. Toilet roll will last the longest if kept in a cold, dry place or packed in a waterproof container.

However, the toilet roll can grow moldy when exposed to excess moisture.

2. How Long Does Toilet Paper Last?

Many factors determine how long toilet paper lasts. But generally, a roll of toilet tissue should last an individual three to four days.

Final Thoughts on Does Toilet Paper Expire?

Toilet paper can survive years, or even decades, if you store it properly in a cool, dry place or packed in a waterproof container. It’s of utmost importance to keep your toilet paper away from humid places or expose it directly to the sun because it can grow moldy and decompose when exposed to excess moisture and sunlight.

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