Does your RV Water Pump Burp? (Here’s What you Can Do)

Does the water pump in your motor home keep burping every so often – every few minutes or at longer intervals?

Are you looking for guidance on what to do?

Then you’ll probably find this post useful. This post lists the possible reasons why your RV pump may be burping and what you can do to fix it.

Is Burping Normal? Is it Dangerous

No, this is not normal. It points to a periodic drop in water pressure in the motor home’s plumbing system that needs to be fixed.

In extreme cases, you can end up with large water that if not detected in time can ruin the floor or other areas in the motor home in addition to not having enough water when you need it.

What Causes the Water Pump to Burp?

Your RV pump is probably burping because there is a pressure drop in the water system that when detected by the pump is interpreted by the pump as a faucet, shower, or another point of use of water being turned on requiring the pump to start running hence the “burping”.

The pump runs until the water system is pressurised again only for the pressure to drop again.

The intervals at which it burps can vary depending on the extent of the fault such as a leak.

Why there Might Be a Pressure Drop (the Trigger for Burping)?

The plumbing system may experience a pressure drop because of the following:

#1. There is a leak in the water lines. Inspect the water line system for any leaks and fix them. It might be a loose connection, a broken or cracked fitting.

Inspect the piping and check for any pools of water as these can point to for example hairline cracks that are not always obvious to the eye.

#2. Check for water connections that may not be turned off such as a leaking faucet or one that’s not been closed, a leaking shower, or a toilet system that’s not able to hold and stop the water flow when full.

Is there a water line to your fridge that fills the fridge’s ice maker every so often?

Or perhaps there is a leaking relief valve.

Any of these sources of water leaks lead to a pressure drop that causes the pump to burp from time to time.

#3. Perhaps it is the pump that is faulty. If the plumbing lines are tight and there are no leaks from open faucets and showers then there might be an issue with the pump.

The pump may have a worn impeller, a faulty check valve that allows water to flow back into the water tank, or even a hairline crack on the pump filter.

Closing Thoughts

If your RV water pump keeps burpingng then it’s time to check for possible causes of pressure drop in the water system.

Check for water leaks in the plumping, leaking faucets, showers or toilets, or even the pump itself may be faulty.

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified technician.

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