Why Is Your Goodman Furnace Leaking Water?

Are you worried because your goodman furnace is leaking water? What could be the problem? Goodman furnaces are one of the best units you’ll love to have. But this doesn’t prevent it from getting leakages. All you need to do is check the furnace from time to time to ensure it’s in perfect shape, especially as winter approaches to repair and equip it for the coming weather. 

Usually, a goodman furnace can leak because of a problem with the humidifier, clogged condensation drain, or after you turn on the air conditioner. But these are things you can easily fix and have your goodman furnace operational. So, read on and get an in-depth explanation on why your goodman furnace leaking water and the solution to this problem in this post.

Reasons Why Your Goodman Furnace is Leaking Water

There are a variety of reasons why your Goodman furnace leaking water. We discovered a few reasons for you after doing some research based on our previous experiences, and we will go over them one by one.

  • Could It Be a Problem with The Exhaust Pipe?

Sometimes your goodman furnace would be leaking water because of the exhaust pipe. The pipe facilitates the removal of condensate in gaseous form out of the furnace. But if the metallic pipe is not in the perfect shape or size or has a leak, the gases won’t get out as expected. 

When this happens, the gases will cool down and become water, released through the bottom of the furnace. If it goes on for long without you noticing, there will be water below the furnace, making it rust or corrode if the problem is not fixed faster. So, you need to call your technician and fix it. But you need to check the pipe extension at the top of the furnace to be sure if it’s leaking before contacting the expert. 

  • The Condensate Drain Blockage or Leakage

If your goodman furnace water leaks, it could be a problem with the condensate drain. Any goodman furnace with an AFUE rating of 90% and above produces moisture that has to drain through the drain tap. 

Also, the combustion of natural gas and propane results in water production as a byproduct. This means the condensing furnace has lots of water in it. However, this water should drain through the line to avoid leakage. But if it doesn’t drain, it could be a result of the lines having some blockage, which can be because of dirt accumulation. 

  • There Is a Problem with The Air Conditioner

An air conditioner unit can also make your goodman furnace leak water. This can be a problem during the warmer seasons, like in the fall. Usually, ACs remove warm moisture in the house then drain it through the condensate lines. But if the condensate lines are blocked or have other issues, the water will gather at the bottom of the furnace. A technician can solve this too. 

  • Problem On the Pumps

Another reason your goodman furnace could be leaking water is a problem with the condensation pump. This pump enables water to move through the lines, but it can at times not function properly, making the water leak. The only way you can determine if the pump has issues is by checking the drain tap. If it’s okay with no blockage, then it shows that the pump is the problem. But this is something you can solve with the help of your technician, who should do proper analysis and replace the pump if necessary.

Does Your Furnace Have a Humidifier? It Could Be Having Issues

If your furnace is connected to a humidifier to help you keep your house moist during the humid season, you may be a reason you’re experiencing a leak. If your humidifier is leaking, it will make you think that it’s the furnace leaking. 

To ascertain this, inspect the furnace and below the humidifier to determine where the problem is. Next, you need to check on the furnace’s drain line, water tap line, and feed tube to see if there’s water on them. If so, the problem lies there. But if you think your humidifier is old, call your technician to replace it. 

What Are the Effects of Having a Goodman Furnace Leaking Water?

If your goodman furnace is leaking water, then you’re not safe anywhere near it. This is because it’s an electrical component that can cause fire when it comes into contact with water. You can also get electrocuted or electric shock when next to the electrical wires. 

Apart from that, the water around the furnace may make the other delicate components in it to be destroyed or become faulty, which can cost you to repair. The water can also damage your house if the furnace is in the attic, and it can be expensive to repair. Plus, the furnace will rust and corrode, and if not attended on time, it will completely shut down. 

To avoid all these problems, check the goodman furnace regularly and work with a technician whenever you detect an anomaly. 

Can I Fix a Goodman Furnace Leaking Water?

Even though you can fix a leaking goodman furnace by yourself, it’s not advisable to do that if the leakage is at the furnace’s bottom. But before you call your technician, there are some things you can do to know where the problem lies. 

You can do that by:

  1. If you notice water below the furnace, you first need to turn off the system. After that, mop the area with water and dry the furnace (inside and the bottom of the furnace). Use a lint-free cloth to reduce the chances of having a fire after turning the system on. 
  2. Next, you need to monitor if the furnace filter has not been interfered with by the leak, which can constrict airflow. 
  3. Afterward, check the furnace drain tap to see if there’s any blockage. If there is any water on the condensate pan, clean it out using a shop-vac. But if there is dirt, use a dry vacuum to remove them out. If you don’t have a dry vacuum, a plumber snake will work perfectly. 
  4. After that, pour some water on the condensate pump to check if they are functional. If the pump doesn’t lead the water to the drain line, it has mechanical issues you need to address. 
  5. Then check the back of the furnace to check if there’s any leak. If the bottom of the furnace has an issue, call a technician to help you out. 

Is It Costly to Repair a Leaking Goodman Furnace?

This depends on what is making your goodman furnace leak water. A simple problem will not be costly. But a more complex issue with the furnace will require you to spend good amounts of money. Another thing that will affect the amount you’ll spend fixing the leak is your location and the technician you choose to work with. Also, if there’s a replacement to be done, the cost of buying the new replacement will be part of the amount you’ll spend.


If your goodman furnace leaks water, it’s best to determine the cause before working on it. First, however, you need to turn off the system for your safety’s sake then mop out the water as you wait for the technician to come to your rescue. Doing this will also prevent your unit from getting spoilt, which can be costly on your side.

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