Can You Use a Grill Pan on a Glass Top Stove? (And is it Safe?)

Grill pans come with a ton of advantages – they’ll serve you well, no doubt. With a grill pan, you can cook both veggies and meat simultaneously. However, you will draw some concerns when you have a glass top stove. This is because glass top stoves are scratch-prone. This post will answer whether or not you can use a grill pan on a glass top stove. 

Is It Safe to Use a Grill Pan on a Glass Top Stove?

It is generally Not safe to use a grill pan on a glass top stove because glass top stoves are more prone to scratches. Sure, these pans are lightweight, and you can hold them easily, but most of these pans are made from cast-iron. 

Cast-iron pans are tough, which means that you should expect some scratches or marks anytime you land them on the glass top stoves. Grill pans are mostly available in cast-iron because they serve well when it comes to food searing. 

Cast-iron features a hard finish to withstand higher temperatures when you are cooking, and that is why it is not safe to use a glass top stove over it. If you use a glass top stove over a grill pan, the stovetop will get damaged over time. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using It

1. Grill Pan Weight

Determining the weight of a grill pan will depend on the material used for its manufacture, and cast-iron is heavy. 

That means that putting in more veggies, meat, or any other kind of food adds weight to the grill pan. And when you do this, a lot of pressure will be exerted on the glass top stove. 

In cases where you accidentally dropped your grill pan, try and keep its contents so that you don’t add more weight to the glass top stove. 

Grill pans also don’t come with proper handles. Instead, they feature a long handle, which will be very dangerous against heat. This alone increases your chances of dropping your grill pan, perhaps because it’s too hot. 

2. Grill Pan Size Matters

Size is also a major factor to consider. A proper grill pan size should be some inches larger than your burner. And because grill pans are mostly used for cooking and grilling meat, you’ll need a larger surface area. That means you will have to go for a bigger grill pan to accommodate all the food items. 

However, the problem is that many burners are too small while the grill pans are too big. This means that you will have to wait longer for your grill pan before it can heat properly because grill pans require heat evenly distributed. 

A glass top stove will complicate issues in this case because foods like steak require frizzling heat to cook well. Glass tops will not provide this kind of heat needed to cook such kinds of food. 

Additionally, cast-iron pans retain heat under their surface. However, it can be quite disastrous for heat to build up because it can affect your cooktop surface. Precisely, if the heat gets too much, your glass top stove could end getting damaged. 

Even if your top stove is made from some of the most durable elements, the buildup of heat can still contribute to its damage. And because a glass top stove costs an arm and a leg, you would want to take many precautions with them. 

3. Check the Bottom Surface of Your Grill Pan

Smooth bottom pans are known to evenly distribute heat, making it easy for the food to cook properly. However, you need to note that not all grill pans have a flat and smooth bottom – some will feature uneven and ridges on their bottoms. 

Most cast-iron pans have uneven surfaces, which will directly affect its functioning with a glass top stove. In other words, if the pan can’t balance, then it will take longer for heat to be evenly distributed throughout the grill pan.

This affects the cooking time, and there are chances that your food will not be properly cooked in the long run. When using a grill pan, you must maintain the temperature. Because if heat can’t be evenly distributed on your grill pan, there is no point using it, anyway. 

4. The Finish on Your Grill Pan

The last factor you should consider is the finish of your grill pan. Well, grill pans are rough, and this is quite helpful if you need to retain heat. However, this is also dangerous when you are going to use a glass top stove. 

And this is because you can see that most grill pans are enameled. The surface will heat up, then maintain that heat to help in cooking your food. The high heat is, however, dangerous to your glass top stove. The temperatures can damage the cooktop when it becomes too hot. 

Cast-iron pans are known to heat up very fast, but there is always an option. Choose a cast-iron grill pan that features a porcelain enamel. This porcelain should act as the pan’s protective layer. This option will make you more confident using grill pans on glass top stoves without fear of marks and scratches.  

Best Cookware to Use on a Glass Top Stove

Cast-iron grill pans can come in handy when you want to grill your favorite dishes. However, you will have to choose other cookware if you must use glass top stoves. 

1. Stainless Steel Grill Pans

Stainless steel pans are one of the best cookware to use on glass top stoves because they are usually designed to resist scratch. 

Steel is strong and durable and will get the job done. They are moderate in size – not too big or small. And this is why they are the most preferred option for the size of your glass top stove’s burner. 

There’s a problem, though. Stainless steel pans are not good at heat conduction. And as I mentioned earlier, even distribution of heat is quite important in the grilling of food. In other words, heat needs to get to the grill pan’s ridges for perfect searing. 

If you feel that your stainless steel won’t serve you well because of the even distribution of heat, get stainless steel made with aluminum or copper at its bottom. 

Additionally, copper and aluminum will heat up quite fast and distribute the heat evenly across. 

2. Titanium Grill Pans

Titanium is one of the options out there, and there’s a reason why – it’s lightweight, nonstick, and durable. Honestly, who would love such a kind of cookware that guarantees you almost everything? 

Titanium holds up heat, which results in the even distribution of heat. The best of all is that Titanium keeps the heat from building up on the glass top stove. 

This cookware can be used to cook pieces of meat without fretting. Additionally, the cookware is scratch-resistant, which makes it one of the people’s top priority. 

On top of the other features that come with Titanium, this cookware also features a flat bottom and a smooth finish, making them suitable for use on the glass top stoves. 

This cookware is stylish with a cool design. Additionally, the Titanium cookware is spacious, so you can always grill many foods simultaneously. 

Titanium cookware can be too expensive, and that’s because they get the job done. If you love grilling your favorites, you will see the worth of this cookware. 

And a bit of caution, if you are going to use stainless steel Titanium, it would help if you re-season your cookware to make it release food easily. 

Titanium cookware is great because they are in the perfect size required for the burners. This cookware is not too small or too big. Precisely, the Titanium pans extend some inches beyond your burner, making it easier for your burner to heat and retain heat. 

3. Cuisinart Cookware

Cuisinart cookware offers excellent performance and is durable, which means that you will forget about replacing or repairing this cookware for some time once you have purchased it. The best of all is that this cookware is quite affordable. Let’s look at how this cookware is constructed, shall we? 


This cookware features an aluminum core, which makes it durable. Some users have expressed their satisfaction, noting that the cookware can last up to 14 months without any issues. 

However, some verified buyers have noted that this cookware is prone to warping, especially when you directly put it in water immediately you complete the cooking process. 

Handles are well-designed with a round bottom for balancing and to ensure that there is even distribution of heat. 

Cooking Performance 

The Cuisinart cookware heats up quickly and evenly distributes the heat, thus ensuring that food is properly cooked. 

The bad news, though, is that the cookware is not nonstick. Many verified buyers did not like the fact that food sticks on this cookware. However, users can prevent this by letting the pan heat up then add some oil before use. 

Cleaning this cookware is quick and straightforward because there are manufacturer’s instructions that are easy to follow and implement. That downside, though, is that this cookware features a mirror-like design that can easily get scratched. 

4. Calphalon Classic Cookware

The last cookware on this list is the Calphalon Classic Cookware, a reputable brand in the cookware industry. It is one of the stainless steel for glass stoves and quite affordable for people who’d love to give it a shot. 


This cookware is made from aluminum with an exterior of stainless steel with an aluminum base. The cookware is thick at the bottom but not too heavy to hinder it from getting the job done. In other words, they can still serve on glass top stoves. 

The Calphalon Classic Cookware is prone to warping, but only when you introduce very high heat to it. And this cookware can last for long when well-maintained. 

Cooking Performance

This cookware’s surface is nonstick, which means that you will have to heat it first with oil before you can start using it. This ensures that the food you are cooking doesn’t stick on the pan. Usually, aim at regulating the heat to medium when cooking. 

The steel used may react with acidic substances, so it could be wise to take caution. The pan, however, can heat up quickly and even retain the heat. The best of all is that this cookware distributes heat evenly, ensuring that your food is properly cooked. 

Cleaning the Calphalon Classic Cookware is not a daunting task at all. All you have to do is soak for a while for the stuck food to come off before washing and rinsing with clean water. The downside, though, is that this cookware will lose its attractive shiny finish over time. 

Compared to other cookware, the Calphalon Classic Cookware is quite affordable and durable, which means you will get value for your money. 

Bottom Line

Glass cooktops are no doubt delicate, and you can’t just treat them normally as you’d treat any other cooktop; they need care if you want them to serve you longer. 

As I have mentioned, different stovetops will need different pans. In this regard, titanium or stainless steel are some of the best options you can opt for. 

Stainless steel and titanium are durable, feature a smooth finish, and above all, are scratch-resistant. 

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