Is Your Hansgrohe Shower Valve Leaking? (2 Reasons Why!)

Considering Hansgrohe shower systems’ reputation, it is unpleasant to see the shower valve leaking. And since it wastes your water and money, you have to fix it immediately. But first, why is your Hansgrohe shower valve leaking?

Your Hansgrohe shower valve is leaking due to a faulty shower valve cartridge or an old or worn-out shower valve. So, the fix involves changing either the shower valve cartridge or the shower valve, and I’ll share the ‘how-to.’

Your job is to determine the source of the leak, and since you only have two culprits, it should be easy. This guide shall help you diagnose the exact issue with your leaky Hansgrohe shower valve and fix it. 

We’ll also look at a few questions about leaking Hansgrohe shower valves.

Let’s get started:      

Hansgrohe shower valve leaking

2 Reasons for The Hansgrohe Shower Valve Leaking

Below are two reasons why your shower valve is leaking:

1. Defective Shower Valve Cartridge

A shower cartridge located inside the shower valve controls water temperature and volume. It looks like a small shower valve and protrudes typically from the shower valve while connecting to the exterior handle.

The cartridge is usually made of plastic, which wears or cracks over time, and when it does, it lets water seep through it even when the shower water is turned off. 

In this case, you will hear a trickling sound coming from your shower head when no one is using the shower. 


If the problem is a defective shower cartridge, the solution is to change it. Get a quality Hansgrohe shower valve cartridge and fix it there.

How do I change a Hansgrohe shower cartridge?

Here’s how to replace the Hansgrohe shower cartridge:

The Tools

  • A replacement shower cartridge
  • The right size spanner
  • Pair of pliers

The Steps

  • Turn off your shower water off
  • Locate the screws that hold the shower handle to the wall and unscrew them slowly
  • Once you remove the shower handle, you can now access the shower cartridge
  • Loosen the nuts that hold the shower cartridge into position
  • Pull the shower cartridge out using a pair of pliers
  • Slide in the new Hansgrohe cartridge and fasten it into position
  • Put the handle back and turn on the water to see if the leaking has stopped

2. Worn Out Shower valve

If the shower valve continues to leak after replacing the shower cartridge, it means that your Hansgrohe shower valve could be faulty.  

Remember, the Hansgrohe shower valve sits behind the shower faucet. Its job is to direct cold and hot water to your showerhead. 

Over time, a shower valve may become clogged with mineral deposits or get damaged. If that happens, its effectiveness reduces, and one way it shows for it is through the leakage.


If the issue is a faulty or worn-out Hansgrohe shower valve, its fix is finding a replacement.

Remember, however, that though many Hansgrohe shower valves have the same fitting, it’s always a good idea to confirm the size to get the perfect fit. 

Overall, you cannot go wrong with the Hansgrohe Ecostat Modern 2 – Handle 7- Inch Wide Shower Valve (View on Amazon) as it matches most Hansgrohe shower faucets.

This Hansgrohe shower valve has an elegant finish and is corrosion resistant to last you longer.

how to replace Hansgrohe shower valve

Below is the process of replacing a leaking shower valve:

The Tools 

Replacement Hansgrohe shower valve

  • Pair of pliers
  • Dry cloth
  • Screwdriver

The Steps

Here’s how to replace Hansgrohe shower valve:

  • Place a dry cloth on your bathroom floor to keep your working place is clean and hold the screws and other small fixtures from rolling down the drain
  • Turn off your shower water main supply
  • Unscrew the shower handle using a screwdriver
  • Locate the trim plate screws and loosen them slowly
  • Remove the u-shaped cartridge inside the valve slowly not to ruin other shower valve components
  • Once the cartridge is out, disconnect the shower valve from the water supply pipes
  • If pulling the pipe is hard, use a lubricant to loosen it. You can use the plumbers best lubricant, DANCO Waterproof Silicone Lubricant
  • Once you remove the shower valve, connect the new Hansgrohe shower valve to the water feed
  • Now slide in the cartridge and re-assemble the shower handle
  • When everything is intact, switch on the water supply to detect any leaking

Please note that if you cannot replace the new valve by yourself, you can call a local plumber to do it for you.

How do I change a Hansgrohe shower cartridge

How Do You Fix a Leaky Hansgrohe Shower?

There are different reasons why the Hansgrohe shower may leak. Two are those we’ve discussed; shower valve and calve cartridge. The other, however, is the showerhead. 

If your Hansgrohe shower continues to leak after changing the shower valve or the shower cartridge, you should check the showerhead. The chances are that it might be faulty or just worn out and needs replacing.

Cause and Fix

Often, the Hansgrohe showerhead starts to leak if it is clogged with grime or dirt. If that’s the case, you should consider washing it first, which you can do with vinegar solution and a regular toothbrush.  However, be careful not to damage the thread nozzles.

How about a faulty showerhead?

Inside the showerhead is an O-ring or rubber washer that seals the shower hose and the showerhead to prevent water leakage.

Over time, the rubber or O-ring may wear out, making water leak through your shower head. If you are dealing with a worn-out rubber washer or O-ring, you can replace it.

But, if, after all, nothing seems to correct the water leakage, it’s now time to replace your shower head.

You can do it by simply following the steps below:

The Tools 

You’ll need these two tools:

  • Replacement shower head
  • screwdriver

The Steps

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Turn your bathroom water supply off
  • Remove the old showerhead and replace it with the new one
  • Turn on your shower water supply and check if there are notable leaks
  • If not, congrats! You installed the new showerhead correctly

If you are looking for a replacement shower head, you can buy the Hansgrohe Clubmaster Shower Head (View on Amazon). It is sturdy, easy to install, and perfectly fits any Hansgrohe shower trim.

how to fix a leaking Hansgrohe faucet

People Also Ask

1. What Are the Reasons for The Hansgrohe Shower Leaking?

Your Hansgrohe shower valve leaks due to a faulty shower valve, a worn-out shower cartridge, or a defective showerhead. So, look at all these possibilities to fix your leaking Hansgrohe shower.

2. How Can I Stop a Hansgrohe Shower Valve from Leaking?

You can stop your Hansgrohe shower valve from leaking by changing the shower valve, replacing the shower cartridge, or replacing the showerhead, depending on the affected part.

3. After How Long Should I Replace My Shower Cartridge?

Mostly, shower cartridges should be replaced after every two years of use. Cartridges are mostly made from plastic. So, they are prone to natural wear and tear. You should, however, do it sooner if the shower valve starts to leak.  

4. How Long Do Shower Valves Last?

Shower valves have a lasting period of 20-30 years. That’s more like a lifetime. However, most shower valves clog and become faulty in a few years, which means you may have to replace them sooner.

Closing Remarks On a Hansgrohe Shower Valve Leaking!

Generally, a leaky Hansgrohe shower valve could be because of a faulty cartridge or shower valve. In that case, you have to replace the affected part. But if you are unsuccessful after doing all that, you should consider replacing the showerhead as it could be the problem.

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