11 Ideas for Covering Up Wall Heaters

Even though heaters will save your back during cold seasons, they can make your walls look ugly. Some can cause your wall’s paint to peel off, while others will not have your favorite color that matches your theme.

The good news is that you can cover these heaters and hide them using various tricks without spending much money. Were going to show you simple tricks on how to cover wall heaters without relocating or renovating them. So, read on and understand more.

How To Cover Up A Wall Heaters?

Use the following hacks and tricks to bring a difference in a room with wall heaters. These ideas you can do as a DIY project, but if you don’t know how to do some of them, work with a professional.

Use Curtains to Hide the Wall Heaters

A simple way of covering wall heaters is using curtains. Use the curtain as a divider in such a way that it also brightens up the space. But first, measure the height of your wall so that you get the appropriate measurements of the curtain that will hide your heater well. Give some clearance allowances so the curtain doesn’t come into contact with the heater. Then fix rails along with the ceiling that you’ll use to hang the curtains. 

Curtains will save you a lot of money and don’t require much time to fix, making them ideal for those who want a quick fix. You can also change the curtain designs and colors when you’re bored with the one on use. However, it may not be a good pick for those busy rooms. Also, you need to be cautious with curtains as they can cause a fire. It can also interfere with the thermostat since it won’t detect easily when there’s a temperature change.

Place A Table Near the Wall

Alternatively, you can have a table over the heater to cover it up. You can have a table that matches your wall heater. Then put some décor on top of it like indoor plants so that they become the center of attraction in this area.  You can make a customized table that will perfectly cover your heater and provide enough space which won’t destroy your table. 

Opt For Screens

Another better way of covering your wall heaters is by using screens. The screens will also help you beautify your walls, brightening that space’s look. You can opt for a traditional diver screen or the tall standing shutter. You’ll not have difficulties moving them whenever you want to access the heaters with these independent screens. 

The best thing about choosing screens is that they allow you to paint them into your favorite color. You can also use wallpapers on them to add aesthetic appeal to this area. 

Why Not Bring a Closet to This Area?

You can also use a closet to cover your wall heater. This popular method enables you to store the heater in your bedroom or kitchen closets. Since the closet’s door is similar to the other types, it will be challenging to know what’s inside it. All you need to do is build the closet around the wall heater and have it hide safely. 

Go For Cabinets

Why not introduce cabinets around your wall heaters to cover them. You can use cabinets in your kitchen or unfinished basement and easily hide your heater. Metallic or wooden cabinets can work depending on your likes and budget. You can go for the recessed or freestanding cabinets and give your walls a different look. 

Make Your Heater Different by Painting It with Heat Resistant Paint

If you want to cover your wall heater, paint it using heat-resistant paint. It will help enhance this space’s look and give you an easy time decorating the room. Use paint that will not make the wall heater the focal point. For example, if the walls around this place are bright, opt for a dull color. But if you want it to stand out, go for bright paint color, then make a fake frame to help hide the wall heater. The heat-resistant paint will not peel or melt off when your heater runs. 

Bring In Some Plants Around the Heater

If you love indoor plants, use them to decorate the walls around your heater. The plants will cover the heater, and they’ll be the main focal point in this area. Put several plants in a beautiful vase to create a stylish and energetic natural look. Let the plants be an average length that perfectly hides the heater. But if you can get different plants of varying heights, the better. 

Change Your Wall Heater to A Fireplace

Be creative and bring brilliance indoor, making this space cozy and comfortable to stay in by bringing a fireplace. This idea will help make this space look unique and welcoming, especially during winter.

You will require to add only a mantle to make this setup complete. Ensure you get the right measurements of your heater before buying the mantle. After that, carefully fix the mantle around the wall heater. To enhance the look of this space, consider adding decorative fireplace tools. 

Build A Bar Around It

If your wall heater is next to the window in a spacious corner, use it to make a bar or a relaxing joint. Build beautiful benches over it, then bring some comfortable chairs which will allow you to spend enough time here. The windows will improve your view of outdoor sceneries while providing adequate fresh air. You can also read your favorite book while here as you wait for supper.

Introduce Some Artwork Over the Heater

Draw focus away from your wall heater using beautiful artwork. Place the painting over the wall heater in a manner that anyone who comes into this area eyes the beautiful creative piece. Then paint the heater with similar color as your walls. But ensure you pick the best artwork which is striking from a distance.

Create A Book Shelf Around It

Additionally, you can cover your wall heater using a bookshelf. The bookshelf with notable books will help you hide the ugly part of your heater with ease. However, you need to be creative in designing the shelf to make it the focal point. You should also arrange the books so that any person who comes to this area only sees the shelf and the books. Camouflage the heater by painting it similar color to your walls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it advisable to cover a gas wall heater?

If you don’t want your wall gas heater to be visible, you can cover it. You can use a wooden cover to hide it from the display. But you can also use other decorative elements like plants to cover your gas heater. 

Can you cover electric wall heaters?

No. Electric heaters are not like gas heaters because the heat is generated by an electric current running through an element. The nature of electric wall heaters is that they do not actually object, but rather a heating source, so it is impossible to cover them. The cover would go over the wall, but not the heater itself.

Are wall heaters safe to leave on overnight?

Wall heaters are not safe to leave on overnight. This is because they can overheat and ignite nearby combustible material, such as drapes, upholstery, or bedding. If the item is able to burn, it may become an airborne hazard with the potential of starting a fire in other parts of the house.

Do wall heaters use a lot of electricity?

Wall heaters can use a lot of electricity if it’s running constantly. This is due to the fact that the heater is always on and there is no thermostat. The temperature will fluctuate, and the motor will be on the whole time.

Is it normal for a gas heater to make noise?

No. Usually, gas heaters are very quiet unless they are broken, in need of an adjustment, or there is some debris or other object on the fan blades which would cause it to vibrate.

Can I place furniture in front of the wall heater to cover it?

Even though the furniture will cover your wall heater, it will affect its normal operation. The furniture will block heat from the heater. This will prevent free heat distribution and will damage your wall heater with time, making you incur additional expenses while repairing it. 

Which is the cheapest way to cover wall heaters?

If you don’t want your wall heaters to be visible, using curtains is the cheapest and simple way. Look for fashionable curtains and place them around the heater but ensure they don’t come into contact. 

Bottom Line

If you didn’t know how to cover wall heaters, we hope this guide has been useful to you. Identify the best idea and cover up your wall heater without a struggle. If you want a permanent solution, go for it.

But if you want something temporary, fix a curtain or removable screen. Don’t forget all these ideas can beautify the space. You need to be creative and playful to get something unique.

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