How to Improve Air Circulation in a Room Without Windows? Best Ways

Windows are essential in our home because they allow for unrestricted air circulation, which keeps the rooms cool and comfortable. However, only a few rooms, such as basements, attics, laundry rooms, and small storage rooms, are constructed without windows. But that does not stop you from creating ways to improve air circulation in these spaces. In this instance, how might air circulation be improved in a room with no windows?

This can be done in a variety of ways, such as by leaving the doors to these rooms open or by adding ceiling fans. However, this isn’t the only method for increasing air circulation in those spaces. So come with us and learn how to improve air circulation in a room without windows!

Why Do Rooms Need Air circulation?

Air circulation is a critical issue that must be prioritized in any home. Ventilation is generally required for health and safety reasons, and many building codes specify it in detail. Rooms with better air circulation will make you feel less stuffy.

If you plan on doing functional activities in a windowless room, such as cooking or painting, ventilation will be necessary to remove volatile organic compounds, humidity, and harmful pollutants emitted by smoke or chemicals.

Ways To Improve Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

There are numerous methods for improving air circulation in your rooms. We conducted some research and came up with some solutions after consulting with a few professionals. We’ll only go over a few of the most effective ways to keep your room’s air circulation running smoothly. Let’s take a quick look at the following methods for improving air circulation into the windowless room:

  • Having A Portable Fan In the Room

Portable fans are one of the best ways to improve air circulation in a smaller room without windows. When using a portable fan, ensure you rotate it after some time to help achieve equal air distribution in the room. The fan will help get rid of warm stuffy air in the room while also creating space for fresh air from the other rooms in the house. 

It’s advisable to use two portable fans to place one facing the ceiling and the other towards the door. Doing this will help keep the room fresh as one fan will be blowing the warm air away as the other one pushes it towards the door. 

  • Install A Vent Outside the Room

Another way to achieve good air circulation in a windowless room is by installing ventilation on the outside. This will help you reduce mold and fungi growth and any effect that may result from humidity. Fix the vent on the wall of the windowless room and improve air circulation here.

Install A Vent Outside the Room

  • Use HVAC 

If you have an HVAC system in your house, use it to help improve the air circulation in the room. All you need to do is switch it on to allow fresh air to come into the room. When using this method, ensure the door of the windowless room is open to enable the stuffed air inside it to get out. 

If it’s a hot day, remember to turn on the AC, but when cold, you’ll require heat. This will help you get fresh air in the room while keeping it comfortable with a favorable temperature

  • Work With Hidden Air Bricks

Another way to improve air circulation in a room without windows is to use hidden air bricks, which act as ventilation. The air bricks are placed strategically in high positions on the wall to help improve air circulation. It will also help you regulate the temperature of the room. 

  • Fix A Wall Air Conditioner 

You can alternatively add a wall air conditioner to the room. This equipment, unlike the window air conditioners placed on the window, is to be fixed on the wall. It helps you reduce the costs of installing a central air conditioner system in the room. It works by providing you with cool air while removing the unwanted air outside. 

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  • Install A Ceiling Fan in The Room

Alternatively, you can consider installing a ceiling fan in the windowless room to improve air circulation if it’s not there. The ceiling fan will help you get a cool breeze and cool down the room’s temperature. If you can install the ceiling fan yourself, the better.

Install A Ceiling Fan in The Room


But if not, consider working with an expert to enable it to function properly. Remember to do regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid having it stall. 

  • Have Air Purifier Plants in The Room

Additionally, you can introduce air-purifying plants in the room to help you ventilate a room without an AC. So apart from making this room beautiful you’ll be able to get plenty of oxygen which will keep the place fresh all time. The plants achieve this by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the room for photosynthesis and releasing oxygen, vital for human health. 

Have Air Purifier Plants in The Room

These plants also eliminate some airborne contaminants and chemicals in the air, helping the windowless room keep fresh. When this happens, you’ll be able to have a space that’s comfortable to sit on and do your daily chores. You can plant air purifier plants like aloe vera, Barberton daisy, snake plant, dragon tree, or broad lady palm. 

  • Keep The Door Open

One simple way to increase air circulation in a room without windows is to leave its door open, especially during the day. By this, the warm air in the room will get out while fresh air from other nearby rooms enters it. If possible, also open the exterior door of the nearby room to allow free air circulation. 

increase air circulation in a room without windows is to leave its door open

You can also open the windows in the next rooms so that the air from them can come to the windowless room. However, when using this technique, be ready to have high dust accumulation on the room or get your valuables destroyed by your pet or children who might sneak in. 

  • Avoid Having Several Furniture in The Room

You can also reduce the amount of furniture in the windowless room, especially if it’s a store or office. This will help prevent air circulation blockage by the furniture, which tends to occupy more space. When you have less furniture in the room, there will be air circulation. Since the air in it may not be enough, consider opening the room’s door. But otherwise, the furniture can cause dampness and stuffiness in the room, making it smelly.

  • Consider A Swamp Cooler

You can use various portable evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) in a windowless room to improve air circulation. The swamp coolers will help you have better air circulation in the room, more so in a dry season. It helps draw cool air into the room, which forces the warm air out, making it habitable. These machines come in various sizes and brands, so they vary from around $100 to $300. 

Is It Safe to Sit or Work in A Room Without a Window?

No. You should avoid working or sitting in a windowless room since lack of air circulation can cost you your life. Lack of oxygen in your body for a long time will result in severe heart complications, which is not good for a healthy individual. It will also cause asthma and bronchitis, which might worsen if the room is damp and stuffy.  You might also experience persistent coughs, shortness of breath, and a fast heartbeat. So, it’s best to work on ways to improve the air circulation in a room without windows to stay safe and healthy. 

Tips for Reducing Odors in a Windowless Room

One effect of having a room without a window is it has a bad smell. A foul odor can irritate your breathing system resulting in coughing and wheezing. Also, those in this room will have difficulties breathing in because of a lack of enough oxygen supply. 

To avoid this, do the following:

  • Use odor eliminators with carbon filters to eliminate dust, bacteria, and any foul smell keeping the room fresh. 
  • Alternatively, you can dehumidify the room using a dehumidifier which helps to remove excess moisture. Unfortunately, a humid room encourages the growth of mold and bacteria, which is also bad for your health. But the humidifier will help you bring the change you want. 
  • In addition to that, using a scented candle can also help get some sweet smell in the room while reducing the dampness there. The scented candles come in various flavors, allowing you to work with your favorite fragrance.
  • But don’t forget air fresheners can also help you eradicate the problem. If you can make homemade air fresheners, the better. Home-made air fresheners can be a combination of baking soda and charcoal to absorb the bad smell. 

However, you should note that eliminating the bad smell from the room is not a solution or will not improve air circulation. For this, it’s advisable to choose one of the above methods you’re comfortable with and have enough air supply in a windowless room. 

Bottom Line

When you have a windowless room be ready to learn how to improve air circulation in a room without windows. This will help you prevent the effects of sitting in such a place as a constant headache because of a lack of enough oxygen supply to various body parts. You can use simple methods like opening the room’s door or planting air purifier plans indoor. Equipment like air conditioners, fans, and HVAC systems can also help you.  But you should also know how to get rid of the bad smells in a room without a window since these places tend to be damp and encourage mold and bacteria growth.

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