8 Best Ways How To Insulate a Garage Ceiling Already Drywalled?

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You need to insulate your garage if you do various projects from there. But it’s also important to insulate the garage ceiling if you’ve rooms on top of it. This helps retain hot air during the cold season and makes the rooms above cool during summer. Insulating the ceiling is advisable to prevent losing heat from the main house through the garage. 

But how do you insulate a garage ceiling already drywalled? You shouldn’t remove the drywall on your garage ceiling if you want to insulate. Removing the drywall will interfere with its beauty and give you double work. Read on and understand how to insulate a garage ceiling already drywalled.

Is It Possible to Insulate a Garage Ceiling That’s Already Drywalled?

Yes. You can insulate your garage ceiling that’s already drywalled. Remember, removing the drywall while insulating this area will affect the beauty of the ceiling. But you can make small holes in the ceiling then fill them with injection foam insulation. The blow-in insulation can also help you insulate your garage ceiling in this case. Insulating the garage ceiling will help you reduce your energy bills and make the room comfortable, especially in winter. 

How To Insulate a Garage Ceiling Already Drywalled – Techniques

Injection Foam Insulation

The injection foam insulation technique will enable you to insulate your garage ceiling without removing the drywall. This technique requires you to make holes on the ceiling then fill them with resin agents or an aqueous solution. 

After applying the mixture, give them time to dry off and harden to create a strong insulation layer on your ceiling. The best thing about using this type of insulation on your garage ceiling is that it’s easy and fast to install. It’s also cheaper, and you can fix it yourself, enabling you to cut costs. 

Spray Foam Insulation

The Best Way To Insulate An Exposed Garage Ceiling

This insulation technique is also a good choice for a ceiling that’s already drywalled. It’s easy to install as you only spray the poly material on the drywall to insulate it. It expands and contracts to depend on the temperature of the garage. This makes it the best choice for insulating the garage as it will not leave any gaps for warm air to get out as the room gets warmer. 

It makes sure all the small spaces are filled regardless of the weather keeping the garage comfortable to stay in as no cold air escapes in. It has a high R-value making it the best choice for the garage ceiling. 

How to Insulate a Garage Ceiling That’s Already Drywalled

Before you start insulating your garage ceiling, it’s best to know its measurements. This will help you in budgeting. But ensure you buy extra insulation for emergencies. When insulating your garage ceiling that’s already drywalled, it’s best to use fiberglass insulation because of its high R-value. The fiberglass insulation is also thick and offers you a variety to choose from.

Do the following when insulating the ceiling of a drywalled garage.

Clean The Ceiling

Should You Insulate Your Garage Ceiling?

Before insulating the ceiling, the first thing you need to do is remove all dirt. Use the right chemicals and detergents to do this. Also, clean the cracks on the ceiling to remove insects or pests invading this area. 

Fill The Cracks and Peels

After that, you need to fill the cracks or peels with the foam. First, shake the foam well and connect a pipe to the can. After that, turn the can upside down and fill the holes halfway. The remaining space the foam will fill up as it expands. Sealing the cracks prevents mold growth as water can get a space to flow through. It also helps keep insects and pests from the ceiling, which can destroy your valuable items. 

Drill Holes 

The next thing you need to do is make holes in the ceiling drywall. The holes will enable you to install the insulation on the drywall easily. When making these holes have a cloth underneath or on the floor to give you an easy time cleaning up. Make a hole that’s about 2 inches after marking the area with a pencil. 

Install The Insulation

You then need to install the insulation on the ceiling. Ensure you put on your protective gear like a mask and eyeglasses when doing this. Then have your blower machine in a place where it can easily reach the holes. 

After that, place the blower hose end on the hole while someone helps you power it on. as the hole fills up, you need to remove the hose from the hole slowly. Do the same to the other holes and ensure you do this with utmost care. 

But if you use fiberglass insulation, staple or pin them on the drywall to hold into place. Don’t forget to space them out to give room for expansion. 

Cover The Holes

5 Types of Insulation for Your Garage

After filling the holes with insulation, you need to cover them. If you didn’t dispose of the pieces you drilled from the drywall, use them to cover the holes. Use an adhesive to hold them into place. Apply the adhesive on the holes’ edges, then cover with the pieces. 

But allow the adhesive to dry halfway before covering the holes to enable them to dry faster and prevent the pieces from falling into the holes. Covering this area will help restore its aesthetics and look attractive as the rest of the room.

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Is It Worth Insulating a Garage Ceiling That Is Already Drywalled?

It’s necessary to insulate your garage’s ceiling even if it’s already drywalled. Doing this makes it comfortable to use this room, especially in extreme temperatures. Insulating the ceiling of a drywalled garage also helps keep the rooms next to it warm during winter. 

Additionally, you’ll be soundproofing your house if you insulate the garage, enabling you to do various noisy projects without affecting your neighbors. Also, the items you store in the garage will last longer as the insulation will protect them from extreme cold or heat. Your energy bills will also reduce as you’ll not invest in other equipment to keep the house comfortable. But it’s advisable to insulate also the walls and door of your garage to get maximum benefits. 

Bottom Line

Insulating your garage ceiling that’s already drywalled is possible and helps you make the room comfortable to use. When insulating this area, ensure you have the right insulation material that will give you an easy time fixing. If you want to cut costs, do this project by yourself and ensure you cover all corners to avoid giving room for air to escape through. Insulating the ceiling garage will make your car last longer while also soundproofing the house. 

As an Amazon Associate, We may receive a commission for purchases made through links in the post at no additional cost to you.

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