How To Season T-fal Pans? (And Why Do You Need to Season it?)

Cooking is more of an art to most of us. As such, we need the best equipment or utensils to achieve the best result. This is also the same when frying an omelet or any other thing.

Luckily for you, one utensil that comes to the rescue is a T-fal pan. It was introduced in 1956, and it has had over half a century to improve and win us over with its quality and durability.

However, just before you get to frying, you will need to season your T-fal pan. We get what you are thinking. You think you need to add some herbs and spices to your pan. Well, you are mistaken. It is more of preparing your pan for optimal performance.

We get that doesn’t sound very clear now. Well, that is why we are here. In this article, we will explain all about seasoning and how to season T-fal pans. 

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How to Season T-fal Pans?

Seasoning your T-fal pans is as essential as anything goes by. And this is because it helps improve the lifespan and durability of your non-stick pan. Even more, it improves its coating that supports non-stick. This way, you enjoy smooth use.

The reality is that you need this. You do not want to make an omelet and have a large proportion of it sticking to your pan. Well, that is where seasoning your T-fall comes in. With it, you do not have to bother about sticking.

So, we bet you are wondering how to season your T-fal pan now. Well, you can do this through two methods. And we will tell you how just in a bit.

However, regardless of the method you choose, remember this. Once you wash your pan, you need to season it all over again. Otherwise, you would be frying without the support of its non-stick capacity.

Now that we have cleared that, let us get to how to season your T-fal pan. 

Option 1 – Season on Your Stove

Your first option is to season your pan on your stove. And this is quite a straightforward method. In fact, you will hardly spend a minute with this method.

Still, you will need some materials for this method. They are:

  • Canola or peanut oil 
  • Paper towel or dishcloth 
  • Dish soap

Then, once you get these materials, follow the instruction below.

  • First, wash your pan using dish soap and warm water. The goal is to ensure that your pan is free from dirt or any other contaminant
  • Then, use the clean dishcloth or paper towel to get your pan dry 
  • Afterward, apply a teaspoon of the canola or peanut oil to your pan. Ensure you rub it on its surface and cover the whole pan, reaching the rim
  • Now, place your pan on your stove. Regulate the heat to the medium level and leave the pan there between 30 seconds and one minute 
  • Next, remove the pan from the stove and ensure that the pan cools down
  • Now, use another paper towel or dishcloth to clean off any excess oil from the pan

Once you do this, you have successfully seasoned your T-fal pan. You can proceed to use it.

Option 2 – Season in Your Oven

You can also season your T-fal pan using your oven. You get a similar result. However, you will spend more time with this option. 

Again, you will need some materials for this method. They are:

  • A teaspoon of peanut oil 
  • Paper towel

Then, once you get these materials, follow the instruction below.

  • First, preheat the oven between 3o0 and 350 degree Fahrenheit. 
  • Afterward, apply a teaspoon of the peanut oil to your pan. Ensure you rub it on its surface and cover the whole pan, reaching the rim. You will need a paper towel for this.
  • Now, place your pan inside your oven. Then, leave it there for one hour.
  • Next, remove the pan from the oven and ensure that the pan cools down.
  • Now, use another paper towel to clean off any excess oil from the pan.

Once you do this, you have successfully seasoned your T-fal pan. You can proceed to use it.

However, remember that seasoning does not apply to your ceramic cookware. Also, confirm if your cookware has a plastic piece covering the handle. While it is a protective piece, it is susceptible to fire.

So, ensure you remove it. This way, you do not expose yourself to a fire hazard.

Should You Use Olive Oil to Season a T-fal Pan?

One major thought that may have crossed your mind is olive oil for seasoning your pan. However, you have heard some reports that it is not the best option.

Well, let us clarify for you. The fact is that utilizing olive oil is not the best bet when trying to season your T-fal pan. And this is thanks to its low smoke point when compared to other oil.

Yes, you will find some manufacturers recommending olive oil. However, we do not advise that. Like we already stated, olive oil has quite a low smoke point.

In turn, this implies that olive oil breaks down faster under high or medium temperature. Consequently, it begins to release smoke and get your air all choky.

So, avoid olive oil. Even better, it would be best to avoid other oils that have a low smoke point too. Also, butter is not an excellent option for your seasoning needs.

Which Oil is Best to Season T-fal Pans?

Now, you know you should avoid oils with a low smoke point. So, we bet you are wondering what oil is your best bet.

Well, take a hint. Your best bets are oils with a high smoke point. With this option, they break down slowly. This way, you have less to worry about when it comes to smoke and fire.

So, on to your best bet. It would be best to use peanut oil for seasoning your T-fal pans. Alternatively, you can use canola oil or grapeseed oil. With them, you get an option that can tolerate the higher temperature.

Why Do You Need to Season T-fal Pans?

So, next up is why seasoning your T-fal is a great idea. And we bet you have got this on your mind too. After all, your T-fal pan already claims it is non-stick.

Well, we have got you covered. We will explain below.

The reality is that perfection is not always possible in the production of your T-fal pans. As such, there are various tiny pores and holes on your pan’s surface. In turn, these imperfections can affect the effectiveness of your non-stick pan.

Precisely, while most of it will not stick, you might have a little part of your pan sticking. In turn, this can ruin the perfection of your scrambled eggs or omelet. We bet you do not want that.

Well, that is where seasoning comes in. It helps you to perfect the imperfections in your T-fal pans. Precisely, it fills these holes and ensures that your pan’s surface is perfect and ready for your use.

Even more, seasoning is a great idea because it reduces your oil consumption. Precisely, when you season your pans, you tend to use less oil when cooking.

Also, there is the place of durability. When you season your pans, you guarantee its durability. This is because the oil around your pan becomes a protective cover for the pan. In turn, this layer prevents oxidization and rust.

So, ensure you season your T-fal pans regularly. It comes with various advantages. In fact, manufacturers recommend that you do this regularly. This way, your cooking is top-notch, and your pan stays in excellent condition.

What Happens If You Don’t Season Your Pans?

You are most likely intrigued by the benefits that come with seasoning. However, you are wondering what happens if you do not season your pans.

Well, a lot. 

First, when you do not, be ready to experience sticking when you are cooking. In turn, you will need to start adding loads of oil to stop sticking. Guess what, you will waste more oil from doing this. We bet you do not want it.

Even more, when you fail to season your pans, you make your non-stick pan redundant. Like we already stated, your pans will stick without it. So, what is the point of getting this non-stick pan?

Then, you will also have to see your pan less durable. This is because your food will continuously get into your pan’s spores. With time, your pan gets inefficient and less functional.

So, coupled with the advantages you get to enjoy from seasoning, we bet you have no reason why you should not do it. In fact, you have a lot to gain from seasoning and much more to lose from not.

As such, ensure you season your T-fal pans.

How to Clean T-fal Pans?

Now, we are ready to help you clean your T-fal pans. And this is important because, without proper care, your pan will wear. And then, it will begin to stick and get useless eventually.

You want to avoid this by regularly cleaning your T-fal pans. So, are you looking to clean your T-fal pan the right way? We have got you covered. 

First, you want to ensure that your pan is cool before you begin cleaning. You might also want to hand wash them.

All you must do is get a cloth or sponge. Then, use soapy and warm water to clean the pan. 

However, keep in mind that you do not want to use scouring pads. And that is even if you have stubborn stains. Also, avoid non-recommended cleaners. They will do more harm than good to your T-fal pans.

You can then place it in a dishwasher. In most cases, your T-fal pans are fit for washing inside a dishwasher. However, ensure you confirm this from the instructions on your pans packaging.

If it is, then you can place it in. Note that while doing this, place your pan vertically inside. Also, ensure there is space between the dishwasher rack’s spikes. This way, you reduce friction while washing.

Tips for Cooking with T-fal Pans

Cooking with your T-fal pans can be fun. However, you will need to keep somethings in mind. Well, here are some tips that should help.

  • Avoid the use of metal utensils with your T-fal pans. They can scratch your T-fal pans and damage its surface. It would be best to use utensils from plastic, wood, nylon, silicone, and wood.
  • Do not cook your food at very high temperatures. It would be best to stick to low and medium temperatures. This way, you prevent your pan from warping and losing its non-stick capacity from high temperatures.
  • Ensure you preheat your T-fal pans before cooking. Wait for a few minutes. This way, your food cooks evenly.
  • Avoid adding fat to your T-fal pans when it is hot. It will only smoke and spoil the coating of your pan. Add the fat before preheating your pan.


Seasoning your pan is a great way to keep them in excellent condition. We have told you everything you need to know about doing this.

So, get right to this and have a fun and safe time cooking.

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