How To Turn On Different Types Of Showers (Explained!)

Turning on a shower you are not familiar with can be a challenge. If you are struggling with hotel showers or just moved into a new house, fret not because, in this post, we will guide you on how to turn on different types of showers.

Turning on a shower involves twisting knobs. Regular showers have one knob, and this makes them easy to operate. However, new shower systems are designed with up to three knobs with different functions. You must figure out the function of each knob to get water flowing.

The simple tips below will help you turn on different showers:

  • If a shower has three knobs, use the third knob to get water flowing from the showerhead, the other two are for hot and cold water.
  • For showers with a diverter valve is on top of the faucet, pull the tab to direct water to the showerhead.
  • For showers with no visible pull tabs; check for the pull tab under the faucet and pull it.
  • Showers with multiple settings should give you different water streams. To get your preferred stream, locate a little knob on the showerhead, and with each turn comes a different stream.

To learn more about operating modern showers, come along to the next section of this post as we discuss the tips above in detail.

how to turn on different types of showers

4 Tips On How To Turn On Different Types Of Showers

Turning on a shower should not be difficult. However, modern showers are complicated, and you will be surprised to find yourself in the shower and not being able to turn it on.

If you are in a hotel or your friend’s house, you could call for help, but it is too much of a hustle. To save you from this stress, follow the tips below to get water flowing from your showerhead irrespective of the type of shower.

Tip 1: Three Knob Showers

Showers with three knobs like Rainfall Shower Faucet Bathroom 3 Handle Tub Shower (View on Amazon) seem complicated and hard to operate, but they are the easiest as long as you know the functions of each knob.

One knob draws hot water, another one cold water, and the third knob controls water flow. When you turn the shower on, water flows to the tub. To have water flowing from the showerhead, you should turn the water flow knob to the opposite side.

However, the functions of these three-knob showers differ, and just any knob from three could be the one controlling water flow. It is advisable to turn on the knobs in turns to determine which knobs does what.

After figuring out which knob affects water temperature and which changes the direction of water flow, set out your water at the preferred temperature and enjoy your shower time.

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Tip 2: Diverter Valves On Top Of The Faucet

Some showers and mostly shower/tub combos like SR SUN RISE Shower System are designed with a diverter valve on top of the faucet. Have you ever seen showers that have a whole lever above the faucet? This is precisely what we are talking about.

Operating such a shower is very easy. Use the faucet handle to turn on the water, which will flow to the tub; the next step is to adjust the water temperature to your preferred settings.

The main challenge for many people when using this shower is how to change the flow of water from the tub to the showerhead. You remember our lever on top of the faucet, this it’s function. Pull the lever, and the water flow will be redirected to the showerhead.

Tip 3: Shower Valves With Diverter Valves Hidden Under The Faucet

It is one thing to struggle with a shower where you can see the valves and more of a struggle when you cannot see them.

When you turn on the water, it will start to flow to the tub, and the nightmare is how to change the flow of water to the showerhead with no sight of a valve.

Luckily, changing the direction of the water flow is very simple despite the tricky design, where the diverter valve is located below the faucet.

To change the direction of water flow from the tub to the showerhead, pull the tab. If you find it challenging to pull the tub with water flowing, turn off the water and pull the tab.

What’s more, be gentle when pulling the tab because too much force or pressure might pull off the valve.

Tip 4: Showerheads With Multiple Settings

Showerheads with multiple shower settings like Shower Head with 3 Premium Stream Settings offer various stream types like massage, pulsating, or mist. To enjoy your shower with such a showerhead, you should set it at the preferred stream. Some people like the massage stream, while others would rather be on the mist stream.

To change the streams, locate a nob on the showerhead and turn it until you get the preferred water stream.

Turning on other showers will be an easy task with the four tips above. If you are turning on the right knobs and there is no water coming out, there is no water supply, or the valves are broken.

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FAQs (About Types of Showers)

1. How Do You Turn On The Shower With 3 Knobs?

Showers with three knobs seem complicated, but they are straightforward to operate. One knob is for cold water, another for hot water, and the third controls water flow. To rule out the functions of all the knobs, open them one at a time.

2. Why Is The Diverter Valve Not Working?

The diverter valve redirects water from the tub to the showerhead and vice versa. If you turn it on and it is not affecting water flow, it is either blocked or broken. In such instances, contact a plumber for repair or replacement.

3. Can I Increase Water Pressure By Changing The Showerhead?

Water pressure from the showerhead is determined by the plumbing connection and the type of showerhead you are using. Some showerheads release water at high pressure than others, so, yes, you can increase the water pressure by getting a high pressure showerhead.

4. How Do I Turn My Shower Diverter On?

The shower diverter is turned on by pulling up the diverter tab. By so doing, the water flow diverts from the tub to the showerhead. Pushing back the tab turns the water supply to the tub again.

5. Why Is My Shower Water Not Getting Hot?

If the water flowing from your showerhead is not heating up, there must be an issue with the heater’s temperature control. Contact a professional to check and repair the system and get back to enjoying a hot shower.

In Summary: How To Turn On Different Types Of Showers.

Being unable to get water flowing from the showerhead can be frustrating and irritating, especially after a long journey when only a shower can help you relax. We hope that the tips discussed above will help you turn on different types of showers.

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