How To Use Your Phone In The Shower (6 Ways Explained!)

Are you torn between getting in the shower and postponing your shower time to wait for an important call or to reply to a message because you cannot use your phone in the shower? If you are in this frustration all the time, let us guide you on how to use your phone in the shower.

You can use your phone in the shower whether it is waterproof or not. For waterproof phones, place them in the shower curtain or liner pocket or use a phone holder. If your phone is not waterproof, use waterproof phone cases, waterproof phone skin, a Nano-coating, or a zip lock bag.

Water and steam from the shower will damage your phone that is why you should take the necessary measures to protect it from the two or never take it with you in the shower.

Come with us to the next section as we give you information on how to safely use your phone in the shower.

Pocketed shower curtain liners

Can The Steam/Moisture From The Shower Damage Your Phone?

Did you know that the moisture from the hot shower water can damage your phone? Unfortunately, many assume as long as the phone does not get direct contact with water it is safe.

The truth of the matter is, even if you keep your phone away from the water, the steam will damage it in the long run.

Steam is water in vapor form. As the cold water heats up, water is converted into moisture and fills the bathroom. When moisture settles on surfaces around the bathroom it cools down and turns back to water.

Therefore, your assumption that your phone is safe in the bathroom as long as it does not come into direct contact with water is wrong.

The moisture will seep into the phone through the phone openings, condense into water and damage it. The damage from the moisture will not be instant, but it will get damaged over time.

How To Safely Use A Waterproof Phone In The Shower

Modern smartphones are manufactured as waterproof hence can be used in the shower or submerged in swimming pools.

However, before you take that risk, be sure that your phone is waterproof. Check the user manual of your phone or visit the manufacturer’s website and confirm the features of your phone model.

Also, even with the confirmation that your phone is waterproof, do not expose it to water for long. Sometimes small amounts of water and steam can find their way into the inside parts of the phone causing damage.

If you want to keep on using your waterproof phone in the shower or the swimming pool without damaging it, employ the tips below:

1. Place The Phone In The Pockets Of Shower Curtains Or Curtain Liners

If you intend to be using your phone in the shower all through, invest in pocketed shower curtains or liners.

They are very affordable and will keep your phone safe from splashing water and moisture. If your shower curtain has shower liners, it is not for decorative purposes alone, but functional because the pockets keep your phone safe.

With the phone in the liner pockets, you catch your favorite show as you soak in the bath or simply have your phone close so that you do not miss an important call or message.

There are a variety of water-resistant shower liners in the market, which is a good thing because you have a variety to choose from. On the other hand, choosing the best for your bathroom can be a daunting task.

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2. Shower Phone Holder

Another option for enhancing the safety of your waterproof phone in the shower is by using a waterproof phone holder paired with the shower liner pockets.

Waterproof phone holders vary in size and shape to accommodate phones of different sizes and shapes but the bottom line is that they protect phones from water and moisture damage.

Some phone holders are designed with touch screen functionality so that you do not have to remove the phone from the holder to answer or reply to an email.

Also, they are designed to protect your phone from moisture and water irrespective of how long it is exposed.

The best phone holder for your phone or tablet should fit perfectly without leaving gaps that might allow moisture in.

Lastly, phone holders wear out over time. Therefore, keep on checking, and if you notice cracking replace it immediately to avoid leakages.

How To Use Non-Waterproof Phones In The Shower

If your phone is not waterproof, you need to be extra careful when using it in the shower. Below are some of the options you have if your phone is not waterproof and you want to use it in the shower:

1. Waterproof Phone Cases

Waterproof cases are watertight hence do not allow water to reach your phone. They can be soft, hard and heavy-duty bags/pouches giving you options to choose from.

These cases do not only protect your phone from water but also from sand and dirt if you are using your phone on the beach.

However, the bags are not very attractive and might not be the best choice for you if you are out for an attractive case.

2. Waterproof Phone Skin

A phone skin is a thin film applied directly on your phone or any other electronic device you want to protect from water.

They are more attractive and easier to use than waterproof phone cases, hence suitable for people looking for appealing waterproof phone protectors.

What’s more, it is important to note that, they are temporary but effective options to protect your phone from water damage because they cover all the parts of your phone.

3. Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags serve the same purpose as waterproof cases and come in handy if you are working on a tight budget. They are cheaper than waterproof bags but they do not last long.

Also, you can answer your phone from anywhere without having to remove it from the bag. Therefore, if you are in search of a short-term solution to using your phone in the shower, grab a Ziploc bag.

Can I Use My Phone In The Shower Without Damaging It

4. Nano Coating

Nano solution is another option to protect devices from water and moisture. It is a waterproof solution that is applied to devices to prevent the penetration of water and moisture.

It is a transparent and thin solution that can either the sprayed or applied on the surface of the device.

The good thing about this coating is that you can apply it on your own. However, it is water-resistant and not waterproof. This means that it allows water to penetrate if the phone is exposed over long periods.

Also, it is worth noting that, having the Nano coat applied professionally will give you a long-lasting service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Phone Brands Can Go In The Shower?

Some of the most popular water-resistant phone brands include the iPhone 11 series and Samsung Galaxy S10 among others. This means that you can use these phones in the shower or the swimming pool without causing mishaps.

2. Can Vapor From The Shower Ruin My Phone?

If your phone is not waterproof, the vapor from hot shower water will seep into your phone. Once it cools down, it will condense back into water causing damage to your phone over time. Therefore, if your phone is not water-resistant and you have not put in any measures to prevent water from seeping into it, do not keep it near the shower.

3. Can I Use My Phone In The Shower Without Damaging It?

Yes, you can use your phone in the shower without damaging as long as it is waterproof, or if you use waterproof cases, ziplock bags or Nano seals to prevent water and moisture from getting inside.

4. How Do I Know That My Phone Is Waterproof?

If you want to confirm whether your phone is waterproof or not, check the features of your model from the manufacturer’s website. The water-resistant feature is a major selling point, therefore, it will be the major feature promoting your phone, and therefore, you will not miss it out.

5. Can I Charge My Phone In The Bathroom While Taking A Shower?

It is not safe to charge your phone or any other electronic device while showering because water vapor collects on the surface of the device, on the plug or cable which can result in electric shock.

6. How Long Should Waterproof Phones Stay Under Water?

Depending on the model of the phone, it is safe to submerge them in water for about 30 minutes. Note that, the change in water pressure forces water inside the device through weak points which damage the phone in the long run.

7. Can A Waterproof Phone Get Damaged By Water?

Most phones are not waterproof but water-resistant. This means, they do not allow water to penetrate, but they should not be submerged in water for a long period. Check the user guide from the manufacturer on how long, you should submerge the phone in water.

How To Use Your Phone In The Shower, Last Remarks!

If you missed an interview call or another important notification on your phone while in the shower, that should never happen again because, pocketed shower liner/curtains, phone holders, waterproof phone cases, Ziploc bags, Nano coating, and waterproof phone skins are great options to help you use your phone while in the shower.

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