Can Induction Cooking Pans Be Used On Gas Stoves?

Have you tried using an induction cooking pan on a gas stove before, or thinking of trying it out? This post will enable you to make an informed decision on this. 

Whether you’re a chef cooking in a restaurant or a parent who wants to keep on preparing well-cooked meals for the family, your cookware’s quality is one thing you should never forgo. 

With the right cookware, you can prepare multiple dishes within the shortest possible time. Not only that. You will also be able to prepare quality meals for your clients or family.

This post looks at induction pan usage on various heat sources, and more you need to know. Keep reading!

Should You Use Induction Pans On Gas Stove?

Most people don’t believe using induction pans or pots on gas stoves is possible. Why? It’s due to their magnetization. They believe the cooking surface would damage it. But is that the case? No! 

You can use induction pans on a gas stove or electric stove. They work fine and would enable you to cook your meals comfortably like you use to.

However, keep in mind that the electric stove isn’t as quick as a gas stove. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an induction pan, pot, or something else. 

A Handy Tip: The induction pans’ versatility makes them a staple in the kitchen. It just makes many users adore the cookware. 

Under induction cookware, you’ll find a ferromagnetic while the rest part comes built the same way traditional cookware sets are. 

Amateur and professional cooks adore induction cookware for multiple reasons. The number one reason is that it makes cooking enjoyable, quick, and super easy. 

Here is a quick look at features that sets induction cookware apart:

  • Safer to use – The first feature that sets induction cooking pans apart is the safety of their stoves. The stoves and pans are safer to use. And that’s the reason professional, and amateur chefs adore them. When cooking with an induction pan, the pan is the only portion that’s heated, not the burner itself. Induction cooking pans also cook much faster and easier. Furthermore, families with kids and pets would love how quick induction-based cookware becomes cool.    
  •  Cooks faster – The electromagnetic cycle’s rapid response makes induction cooking pans much quicker than normal cooking time. It would cut the time you spend when using other meals by 50 per cent. 
  • Durable cookware – Durability is a crucial factor that makes induction cooking pans and pots a wise choice. This cookware would be one of the most-used cookware in your kitchen for years to come. 
  • Versatility – You don’t need to have an induction cooktop before splashing the cash on induction cookware. You can use other cookware on an induction cooktop until you have the financial capacity to purchase induction cookware.

A Handy Tip: All induction cookware types would work fine on all cooking surfaces. But not all cookware is compatible with the induction cooktop. 

So, if you’re on a budget, you’re better off buying induction cookware than an induction cooktop. The simple reason is that induction cooktop only works with induction cookware, which would be a limitation for you. 

But if you have induction cookware, you can use it on other cooktops.   

Can Induction Based Pressure Cooker Be Used On Gas Stove?

 Yes, it can. However, you need to understand that induction-based pressure cookers differ from one another. And not all of them are gas stove compatible. Some are compatible with electric stoves. 

What does this mean? You have to be sure your induction-based pressure cooker can handle the gas stove before turning on the heat source to start cooking. Otherwise, you could destroy your cookware for an avoidable reason. 

A much easier way to find out if your pressure cooker is gas stove compatible is via the product’s manual. 

If you can’t find any information about this from the manual, then try asking customer care to know the right information.  

A Handy Tip:  When using an induction-based pressure cooker on an induction cooktop, keep in mind that the heat source is the cookware’s base. But for a gas or electric coil, the heat source generates the heat, transfers it to the base, and finally to the food inside the cookware.   

So, why is it possible to use induction-based pressure cookers on a gas stove? 

One of the reasons is simply the cookware’s base. Induction-based pressure cooker boasts a flat base made of iron or steel. The flatness of the base gives the cookware some balanced when placed on the gas stove. 

Furthermore, the flat base means induction-based pressure cooker’s heating efficiency will not be affected that much. 

So this means that you can cook your foods with an induction-based pressure cooker on a gas stove properly, as with an induction cooktop. But there might be a slight difference in cooking time as the induction cooktop would be much faster than the gas stove.    

How To Use Induction Cookware On Gas Stoves?

Your meals’ quality is not the only thing to consider when cooking. You still need to make sure that your cookware is intact. 

Induction-based cookware sets are quite durable. But their lifespan depends massively on how you use them.    

You can use the tips you’re about to read on other cookware. It works. Now we are talking about induction cookware, so let’s focus attention on that. 

So if you want to extend your induction cookware’s lifespan, here are things you should consider when using it.  

  • Don’t leave your cookware empty when the heating surface has been turned on: This instruction is simple. Add your food item in the pan before turning on the heating source. Otherwise, your induction cookware may become damaged. Don’t say you’re going to put the food item in the pan before it heats up. Just add the food item before placing your cooking pan on the cooktop. 
  • Use the right heat setting – Heat setting is important to your cookware’s safety and the food you’re cooking. The recommended setting for induction-based cookware is low to medium. High heat is not needed. It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking. Always maintain low to medium heat.  
  • Wash thoroughly before and after every use – For your and other people’s wellbeing, always wash and rinse your pan thoroughly before you start using it. Use hot and soapy water, as these can help get rid of greasy stains and stubborn particles much easier. After using soapy water, rinse the cookware thoroughly and allow it to dry before use. 
  • Avoid putting hot cookware in cold water – Induction cookware can warp when subjected to sudden temperature change. One way this happens is when you place a hot pan in cold water. Avoid this. It’s better to allow the hot induction cookware to get cool gradually. Another way to prevent this temperature change is by using lukewarm water.   
  • Read cookware instructions before use – Not every induction cookware is compatible with the gas stove. Some are, while others are compatible with electric stoves. Using induction cookware on the wrong heating surface can be a disaster. 

Can Induction Cookware Be Used On Glass Top Stove?

Yes, you can use induction cookware on any gas or electric stove. These also include electric plates or ceramic. 

Induction cookware design makes using it on a glass top stove possible. The cookware is either made of a magnetic steel plate embedded in the aluminum pan’s base or magnetic stainless steel.       

However, just because you can use induction-based cookware on a glass top stove doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. But it works anyway. So, if you have no other option than to use induction cookware on a glass top stove, feel free to do so. 

So, what’s the best cookware to utilize on your glass top stove? That would be stainless steel. 

Stainless steel happens to be among the most-loved materials among the others used in constructing cookware sets. The reason is that it is durable, cost-effective, and does boast a great appearance. 

Another thing that makes stainless steel cookware the best choice for a glass top stove is its smooth bottom. It just sits on the glass stovetop, comfortably, and lets your food cook evenly. 

A Handy Tip: Don’t be quick to use any cookware such as pots or pans on a glass top stove. Most cookware sets are not glass top stove compatible. Besides stainless steel, other top metals that would work best on such a cooktop include weighted aluminum, carbon steel, and titanium. These are great materials, and their flat bottoms make them compatible with glass top stoves.       

So, before using any cookware set on your glass stovetop, find out if that cookware is compatible. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your precious time. 

Your pan has to be stable on the cooktop. Otherwise, it could move out of position with ease. So keep in mind that cookware considered compatible with a glass stovetop is one with a flat bottom. 

 How To Clean Induction Cooking Pans?

Proper cleaning is required to make any cookware last longer. It doesn’t matter if that cookware is induction-based cookware or something entirely different. 

Using the right cleaning approach will keep your cooking pans in top shape and ready whenever you need them for cooking. You will also extend the pans’ lifespan and avoid unnecessary expenses by so doing.   

But here’s one thing. Materials used in making induction cookware sets are different from other cookware sets. Therefore, you can’t clean induction cookware the same way you clean up other cookware. 

So, how do you clean the inside of induction cookware? Here are the dos and don’ts.

  • Not dishwasher safe – Induction cookware isn’t dishwasher safe. So you shouldn’t think of throwing your induction cookware into the dishwasher. It is made of special materials that cannot handle the dishwasher. You have to use handwashing. Use hot soapy water and a soft cloth or rag when cleaning the interior. 
  • Don’t scrub with abrasive materials – An induction cookware’s interior is very delicate. Scrubbing it with an abrasive material would destroy the finish and make it unsafe to cook in. Instead, use a soft cloth or sponge. And you don’t need to scrub too hard. If there were food particles on the interior, soaking in hot soapy water for a couple of minutes would soften them. 


So, can you use induction cooking pan on a gas stove? Yes, you can. And hope you now understand the answer to this question. You can use induction cookware on electric and gas stoves. You can also use it on glass top stoves. 

Induction cookware sets are super attractive, versatile, and durable. But the durability depends largely on how you maintain and use your cookware. If you follow all the tips shared in this post, your induction cookware will remain useful longer than you expected.