Is a Noisy Fridge Dangerous? (What Could be the Causes?)

Usually, fridges make noise when working. Perhaps, maybe in the nearest future, manufacturers may decide to build noiseless fridges. Nothing is impossible in this current age.

Now, here’s a million-dollar question. Is a noisy fridge dangerous? Some brands of fridges make so much noise that you may think they’re about to explode.  

The noise might be disturbing and when you get close. But after working for hours, nothing might happen. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to keep an eye out for these electrical appliances. 

You never know what can happen any minute. An electrical appliance working well might develop a fault or become a concern to the user. 

So, if you’re worried about your noisy fridge and need specific information to make the right decision, you’re in the right place. Read as we share more details on the subject. 

Is a Noisy Fridge Dangerous?

Yes and no! Refrigerators make noises when working. But while some noises are normal, some should bother you. 

The most important thing is to know how your refrigerator should sound. Why? Certain noises indicate that the fridge isn’t working, as it should. 

On the other hand, some noises are just ordinary. For example, you may hear noises like humming, dripping, whirring, whooshing, and even clicking.

All these noises indicate various operations that the refrigerator is performing. You can consider them as routine operations. 

For example, compressors produce somewhat humming or buzzing sounds when working. It’s a normal thing. 

However, if the humming or buzzing sound the refrigerator is producing is too loud that you could even hear it in the next room, then something is wrong with the appliance.

Chances are the compressor is faulty. And please, the compressor isn’t a component you should attempt to repair or replace using your DIY skills. It is expensive and must be handled by a technician.

What noise should a fridge make that should scare you? Well, any noise. Fridges make noise while working. But if that noise is super loud to the point where someone distant can hear the sound, something is wrong. 

Something isn’t right with the appliance if you hear scraping, grinding, or knocking sounds coming out from your refrigerator. There’s a possibility that something obstructs one of the fridge’s fans.

Refrigerators have two fans. These include the condenser fan located at the bottom of the fridge and the evaporating fan located in the freezer compartment. 

Another sound a fridge makes that indicates a fault is the clicking, vibrating, or buzzing sound. It shows that the appliance’s icemaker is on already. Unfortunately, it has not been connected to the water supply yet. 

Furthermore, listen carefully to your fridge. What sound is it making? If it’s a rattling sound, then chances are the fridge’s back or sides are touching the wall. 

In this case, move the fridge a few inches away from the wall it’s touching, and the rattling sound might end. 

How Loud is a Normal Refrigerator?

If a refrigerator is working, how loud is it supposed to sound? This question is necessary because if you know how a fridge should sound when functioning normally, you’ll know if there’s a reason to feel bothered or not. 

The noise a standard fridge is supposed to generate in decibels is between 32 to 47 dB. Any noise under 40 dB is considered quiet. Manufacturers would also market it as such. 

This noise is equivalent to what you’ll hear in libraries. But then, libraries cannot stay quiet all the time. Sometimes, it can get noisy and exceed 40dB

Refrigerators produce varied sounds when turned on. You might hear a gurgling, clicking, or boiling sound. These indicate that the coolant is circulating and is a normal process. 

However, if you can hear your fridge’s sound from a distance away or in the next room, there’s a chance it has developed a fault. A refrigerator cannot be so loud that the noise will inconvenience the people living in the apartment. 

If it reaches that level, something is wrong with the appliance. Thus, you may have to contact a technician for help. 

Main Causes of a Noisy Refrigerator

What’s making my refrigerator noisy? Have you ever bothered to ask such a question? Now, let’s figure out the reason your refrigerator is so loud

1. Blocked or damaged fan blade

You can deduce if the fan blade isn’t working correctly by listening to the fridge while in use. Listen to the noise emanating from the vent (It’s located between the fresh food and freezer portion). You may notice unusual sounds coming out from the fridge. 

Sometimes, the problem could be the motor and not the fan blade. You have to dismantle the fridge to examine it physically. 

The fan blade could be bent or blocked by debris. If that’s the case, you have to get a new fan blade. If there’s nothing wrong with the fan blade, the motor could be faulty. 

2. Motor could be faulty

Fridges boast several motors, not one. And they don’t last forever. Keep that in mind. 

When the motor in the refrigerator is wearing it, it won’t do so quietly. You’ll hear either a loud grinding or humming noise that would be so unpleasant to the ears.

You’ll find the evaporator fan motor and the condenser fan motor on the refrigerator. Check if the bearings are intact. If they aren’t, you have to change them. 

3. Faulty damper

The damper is a flap and a moving part. It opens and closes just between the fresh food compartment and the freezer. 

What happens is this. The refrigerator doesn’t blow cool air to the fresh food compartment. Instead, it sends it to the freezer section. And when the damper opens, a portion of the cool air escapes to the fresh food compartment. 

The damper is a moving part, and therefore, you can tell if it is faulty. When it performs its open and close movement, you’ll hear a groaning, squeaking, or creaking sound from the refrigerator. Just listen carefully whenever the appliance is working. 

4. Fridge isn’t appropriately balanced

Refrigerators boast adjustable legs, and sometimes, one or two legs might fall inside. There’s also a possibility that you didn’t adjust the legs properly. 

If your refrigerator isn’t level, it might produce a humming sound that’s louder than expected or a disturbing clunking sound.

You can find out if the fridge is balanced with a spirit level. Then make the necessary adjustment. 

What Do I Do If My Fridge is Making a Loud Noise?

Your fridge is producing a loud noise because it is faulty. A refrigerator that’s working well won’t do that. You shouldn’t hear the noise your fridge is making in the next room. 

However, the primary thing you need to do is listen carefully to identify where the noise is coming from. Is it from the evaporator fan, condenser fan, or motor

Remember, the damper can also cause your fridge to make loud noises. You’ll hear a groaning, creaking, or squealing sound. 

A fridge that’s not adequately leveled will make a loud humming noise. So, identify the kind of noise your fridge makes, and you’ll have an idea of the problem. 

However, you may have to unscrew the fridge to assess it physically. But please, know that you may need a professional to fix specific problems. Again, remember to unplug the refrigerator before you start dismantling it.

Can a Noisy Fridge Cause a Fire?

Yes, it can. Any electrical appliance can cause a fire owing to several factors. 

Your fridge can cause a fire and even explode due to factors such as gas leakage, capacity failure, or faulty power supply. 

So, please take action whenever you hear unusual noises from your fridge. You can get a professional to fix the appliance if you don’t feel comfortable unscrewing it to know where the fault is coming from.   

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Noisy Fridge?

Well, the price it cost to fix a fridge varies. It depends on the specific problem the appliance is having. 

In a nutshell, repairing a noisy fridge costs $200 to $300. Depending on the faulty component, you might also spend more or less money.


Is a noisy fridge dangerous? Yes and no was the answer we gave. For instance, if the refrigerator produces a loud humming sound, chances are the appliance didn’t balance properly. 

Adjust the appliance correctly, and you’ll notice that the sound will disappear. But please, note that a noisy fridge can be dangerous if the sound is super loud. A noisy fridge is highly likely to cause a fire. 

So, identify the noise your fridge is making, and you’ll know if there’s a cause for alarm. We have explained the various sounds a fridge makes when not working problem. You can use these ideas to identify the fault your refrigerator has.

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