10 Kohler Cimarron Toilet Problems Troubleshooting Guide (Fixed!)

Even the very best toilets will develop problems that you must fix to keep using your toilet. Kohler Cimarron is one of the brand’s most popular toilet models, offering exceptional performance, but today’s topic is Kohler Cimarron toilet problems.

The problems you may face with a Kohler Cimarron include flushing issues, clogging, loose handle, continuously running toilet, or the tank isn’t refilling. Pay attention to your Cimarron’s handle, tank, and flush because the issues often arise from them.

Kohler Cimarron toilet is made to offer convenience and comfort, and that’s what you will get when your toilet is working exceptionally. Therefore, it’s essential to troubleshoot any problems and solve them accordingly.

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Troubleshooting

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Problems (Quick Fix!)

If you are in a rush, go through the table below for common Kohler Cimarron toilet issues and solutions.

 ProblemRecommended Fix
 1.Loose HandleReconnect the lift wire or lift chain or replace the toilet handle
 2. Broken  handleReplace the toilet handle
 3. Too long or disconnected chainReconnect the chain, making sure you attached it to the right hole to get the correct tension
 4. Noisy toilet tank refillClean the fill valve to remove any debris and ensure the overflow and fill valve are properly linked to the rim hose.
 5. Delayed toilet refillCheck if obstacles like a loose chain and unwanted particles aren’t impeding flushing.
 6. Sporadic water flowClean the seal or replace it
 7. Constantly running waterClean the seat of the fill valve or replace the fill valve
 8. Poor flushRemove obstructions in the trapway and clean the holes found underneath the rims. Ensure the hose is well-connected to the top of the canister and that the water gets to the mark.
 9. No flushReconnect the toilet chain and make sure it’s set to the right slackness.
 10.Clogged toiletUnclog your toilet with a flange plunger

10 Kohler Cimarron Toilet Problems And Solutions

Don’t let issues on your Kohler Cimarron toilet frustrate you. Instead, take time to troubleshoot your toilet to uncover the causes of the problems and then solve them.

Below is a detailed examination of what could be wrong with your toilet and its solutions.

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Flushing Problems

Flushing is one of the most annoying and frustrating problems you can have in your toilet. Everyone deserves an efficient flushing toilet that drains the waste with minimal effort using little water.

For that reason, it’s of utmost importance that you swiftly solve any flushing problems in your Kohler Cimarron.

a) Poor Flush

Your Kohler Cimarron toilet’s chain likely has too much slackness, or the hose isn’t well-connected to the top of the canister if it flushes poorly. Moreover, something could be obstructing the trapway or under the rim holes, or there’s a problem with the waterline.


  • If the chain has too much slackness, take out a link or two.
  • Ensure the hose is connected correctly to the top of the canister.
  • Connect the line designated to your toilet is well-connected to make sure the water reaches your Kohler Cimarron toilet.
  • Clear the trapway to get rid of any obstructions.
  • Clean the holes under the rims of your round or elongated toilet.

B) Kohler Cimarron Toilet Won’t Flush

Your toilet won’t flush if the chain isn’t connected.


Reconnect your toilet chain and adjust it to attain the right slackness. In addition, make sure the trip lever is parallel to the top of the tank, and the trip arm bracket stays flat on the interior of the toilet.

Ensure the trip arm bracket is also vertically positioned when on the tank’s bottom.

c) Noisy Tank During A Refill

Debris in the fill valve will make your toilet tank generate noise during a refill.


To get rid of the noise in your toilet tank during a refill, put the water supply to your toilet to partial flow, check the fill valve for unnecessary debris and, if needed, clean it. You can avoid this problem by properly linking the rim hose to the overflow and fill valve.

Install a new fill valve if the solution above doesn’t fix the problem. Buy an original fill valve from Kohler.

D) Kohler Cimarron Toilet Keeps Running

The fill valve is responsible for refilling the tank after a flush and controlling how much water goes into the tank. Water shouldn’t flow into your toilet non-stop, so examine the fill valve if that happens.


Troubleshoot this issue by cleaning the seat of the fill valve or replacing the fill valve. Fill valve replacement is the best solution if nothing happens after you lower the water level of the tank.

Furthermore, make sure the trip arm bracket and the flange are parallel to the tank’s top.

e) Delayed Toilet Refill

Dirt or unwanted particles in the valve seat or valve inlet, seat washer, or water supply can cause this issue. Additionally, it can happen due to a loose chain.


Remove dirt or unwanted particles in the valve seat or valve inlet, seat washer, or water supply. Moreover, press the lever and ensure the flapper or canister is in the correct position.

Before troubleshooting, try to open the shut-off valve completely.

f) Water Flowing Periodically

You will encounter this issue if the seal is worn-out or dirty. A damaged or misaligned flush valve seat can also cause the problem.


  • Adjust the chain to have the proper slack to ensure the seal doesn’t get stuck with the seat of the flush valve.
  • Adjust the level of water when your toilet overflows because leakage can be a serious problem.
  • Clean or replace the seal.
  • Replace the flush valve seat.
Kohler Cimarron Toilet Issues

Loose Handle

Two things can cause a loose handle in your Kohler Cimarron toilet. These are:

  • The flush lever or the lift wire that connects the ball seal to the handle is broken or unattached.
  • The handle mounting nut inside the tank is loose.


  • Lift the toilet tank lid and check inside.
  • Reconnect the chain or wire joining a plug found at the tank’s bottom, and the toilet handle. You will need an adjustable wrench to tighten the mounting nut.

Broken Handle

A plastic handle is more susceptible to breaking than a metal one, so you are better off if your toilet has a metal handle. However, they are equally at risk of accumulating lime build-ups, dirt, and dust which typically happens around the mechanism of an interior tank, the handle threads, and the interior nut.


Wipe the threads and nuts using vinegar to eliminate the grime accumulation. If the handle hangs vertically, you will need to replace it.

Too long or disconnected chain

A disconnected chain or one that’s excessively long makes the handle loose, causing your toilet not to flush.


  • Examine inside the toilet tank to see if the chain is connected to the flapper and hooker lever.
  • If you find out that the chain is too long, put the end of the chain in a higher pole. Flush the toilet to test the adjustment and ensure you have resolved the problem. If the issues persists, continue adjusting the chain.

Clogged Kohler Cimarron Toilet

Toilet clogs stem from various problems, including sewer line or toilet trap clogs, flushing tissue paper and other non-flushable stuff, or blockage in the toilet vent. Ultimately, fixing a clog isn’t an issue if you have the proper tools.

How To Unclog A Kohler Cimarron Toilet

You need to know which plunger to use to unclog your Kohler Cimarron toilet. Cup plungers come in handy when unclogging bathtub and sink drains.

On the other hand, flange plungers are designed with a bigger internal cavity and a tinnier mouth and are excellent for unclogging toilets. Follow the steps below to unclog your toilet.

  • Ensure your Cimarron toilet bowl has standing water.
  • Wear rubber gloves.
  • Ensure you fully pull out the toilet plunger’s flange from the cup.
  • Insert the toilet plunger into the toilet bowl, making sure the cup fills up with as much water. Lower the plunger at an angle.
  • Forcefully push down the plunger’s cup and back up without breaking the seal. Repeat the motions until the clog is cleared.

Get rid of stubborn clogs using a toilet auger.

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Weak Flush

New Kohler Cimarron Toilet Leaking Between Tank And Bowl

A newly installed Kohler Cimarron toilet shouldn’t leak, but this is an issue you may encounter if the toilet tank doesn’t sit well or the toilet base holes are off center. In addition, there may be a hole in the porcelain which can only be fixed by replacing it.


1. Is Kohler Cimarron Toilet Discontinued?

Kohler Cimarron toilet is discontinued.

2. How Do I Repair My Kohler Toilet Cimarron?

You can repair your Kohler Cimarron toilet by first uncovering the problem and then using the necessary tools and procedures to fix it.

Final Remarks On Kohler Cimarron Toilet Problems

You can DIY most of the problems you experience with your Kohler Cimarron toilet, so don’t be in a rush to call a professional plumber. Moreover, troubleshoot your toilet and repair any issues, leaving replacement as a last resort.

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