4 Kohler Highline Toilet Problems Troubleshooting Guide (Fixed!)

Sitting on a Kohler Highline toilet feels like sitting on a standard chair because it’s a comfort-height toilet. It offers many perks like reliability, durability, and water efficiency, but just like the strengths, it’s worth knowing about the Kohler Highline toilet problems and how to deal with them when they arise.

The most typical issue with a Kohler Highline toilet is that it is too noisy when flushing and filling the tank. The other concern is that it does not include a toilet seat or supply line, so you’ll need to buy those separately.

Kohler Highline toilets are reasonably priced and have a straightforward installation process, but not without flaws. Read this Kohler Highline toilet problems and fixes post to learn about the challenges to expect and how to remedy them.

kohler highline toilet keeps running

Kohler Highline Toilet Problems (Quick Fix)

The table below gives you a rough idea of Kohler Highline toilets’ problems and recommended solutions.

 ProblemRecommended Solution
1. Noisy tank during refillingCheck the fill valve for debris and clean it if necessary.
2. Toilet keeps running or leakingClean or replace the fill valve and adjust the water level to avoid overflowing.
3.  Low water pressureLower the float valve
 4. Flushing problemsRepair the broken parts and tighten the chain.

1. Noisy Tank During Refilling

Debris in the fill valve causes the Kohler Highline toilet tank to make a noise during refilling.


To remove the noise in the toilet tank when refilling, follow the steps below:

  • Adjust the water supply to the toilet to a moderate flow
  • Inspect the fill valve for unwanted debris, and clean it if necessary. You may avoid this issue by correctly connecting the rim hose to the fill valve and the overflow.
  • If the procedure above does not solve the problem, replace the fill valve. Get an authentic Kohler fill valve.

2. Tank Doesn’t Empty During Flushing

Flushing is among the most bothersome and unpleasant toilet issues. One drawback with the Kohler Highline is that it does not clear the toilet tank when you press the lever until you keep it down.


  • Take a pair of zip ties and knot them together.
  • Make a hole in a foam block and run the zip tie through it.
  • Then connect it to the cylinder as a float.
  • Next, it flushes completely. You may change the buoyancy by adjusting the size of the foam block or its orientation on the cylinder.
  • More water will get into the toilet when you place the float lower on the cylinder.

3. Kohler Highline Toilet Keeps Leaking Or Running

Water leaks or flows persistently from the tank into the bowl due to a binding trip lever arm, debris caught behind the fill valve lid, or water pouring into the flush valve overflow. As a result, the toilet will make a running noise or a steady filling that does not cease.

You might also notice a little ripple in your toilet bowl. When you lift the tank lid, you will observe water rushing into the flush valve overflow.

After a flush, the fill valve refills the tank and regulates the amount of water that enters the tank. If water is pouring into the toilet continuously, check the fill valve.


  • Clean or replace the fill valve. If the toilet is still running continuously after flushing the fill valve, consider replacing the valve.
  • Set the trip lever chain’s slack correctly. The chain must have one or two links of slack so that the extra chain does not get trapped on the trip lever arm. Trim the extra chain if necessary.
  • Regulate the tank water level to avoid water overflowing into the flush valve overflow.
  • If tank water flows into the overflow but ultimately stops, readjust the tank water level.
Kohler Highline toilet common issues

4. A Clogged Kohler Highline Toilet

Grades of toilet paper contain colors, lanolin, and other substances that give softness and scent. However, they prevent the normal decomposition of the tissue paper in running water.


  • Wear gloves that will safeguard your hands in the event of a spill or overflow.
  • Remove rugs near your toilet in case of an overflow.
  • Insert your plunger into the center of the Kohler Highline toilet bowl.
  • Gently insert it into the hole and pull it up slowly. It will remove whatever is stuck and blocking up the toilet.
  • Do this slowly and cautiously, specifically if the water level in the toilet bowl is high.
  • Repeat this procedure until all the water sucks back into the toilet.
  • Flush the toilet to ensure that the blockage clears.

5. Low Water Pressure

Check the amount of water in the tank alongside its pressure.


You can lower the water pressure by engaging the main inlet valve. On the other hand, you can reduce the amount of water in the toilet tank by dropping the float valve.

6. Flushing Problems

Like other toilets, Kohler Highline has flushing problems. The flush may be inconsistent or insufficiently pressurized; there may be periodic flushing owing to a clog or a weak flush.


  • Examine the outlet, the flapper chain, and the rim wash.
  • Repair the broken parts.
  • Clean the tank, the inlet, and the outlet thoroughly.
  • Tightening the chain can also fix the issue if that is the reason.

Why Is My Kohler Highline Leaking From The Tank?

The gasket at the bottom of the flush valve is damaged, allowing water to flow from the toilet tank into the bowl. Experts recommend you replace the flush valve gasket.

Kohler Highline toilet troubleshooting


1. Who Makes Highline Toilets?

KOHLER Highline manufactures Highline toilets.

2. Is The Kohler Highline Toilet ADA Compliant?

Kohler Highline toilet is ADA-compliant.

3. Does The Kohler Highline Have A Powerful Enough Flush?

Kohler Highline has robust flushing that’s sufficient enough to clear any obstruction.

4. What Are The Main Advantages Of The Kohler Highline Toilet?

The main advantage of the Kohler Highline toilet is that it’s designed with a larger body. Typically, a standard toilet is 15 inches high, while the Kohler Highline toilet features a seat that raises the height to 18 inches.

Moreover, it has robust flushing and comes from a brand known for producing durable and robust toilets.

Final Thoughts On Kohler Highline Problems

The Kohler Highline toilet is a high-quality American-made toilet with an extended seat height and length. It is the ideal pick for individuals who are sick of sitting too low and whose legs get numb after a bad landing.

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