8 Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Problems Troubleshooting Guide (Fixed!)

Kohler shower mixing valves, like other mixing valves, are the oldest of the types of shower valves and are mostly found in older homes. Therefore, while most people won’t have them in their modern homes, it’s good to understand their mechanism, which is why this post tackles Kohler shower mixing valve problems.

The common issues you may encounter with a Kohler shower mixing valve include too cold or too hot water, too low or too high water pressure, and weak or reduced water flow. The other problems are intermittently running cold and hot, leaking showerhead, and continuously running water.

Kohler shower mixing valves are typically reliable and pretty sturdy, but they can sometimes develop faults. Therefore, you need to learn to troubleshoot and solve the problem accordingly.

Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Issues

Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Problems (Quick Fix!)

If you are in a rush, utilize the solutions in this table to fix the problems in your Kohler shower mixing valve.

 ProblemRecommended Solution
 1. The water pressure is too highAdjust the valve’s pressure setting.
 2. The water pressure is too lowRemove any clogs and adjust the valve’s pressure setting.
 3. Leaking or dripping showerheadGet a new seal or replace the cartridge.
 4. Continuously running showerUnblock the inlet filters or get a new cartridge.
 5. Too cold or too hot waterAdjust the valve’s temperature setting, replace the worn-out valve, or clean its interior to remove lime build-up.
 6. Cold and hot reversedReinstall the valve

Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Problems And Solutions

Troubleshooting is a vital step to diagnosing and fixing your mixing valve when you notice it malfunctioning. This section tackles the common problems and how to fix them.

1. Kohler Shower Mixing Valve No Hot Water

The inlet for hot water is probably closed if only cold water flows out of your shower. However, the valve is likely faulty if the inlet is completely open.


Inspect the hot water inlet to make sure it’s open; if not, open it by turning it in a clockwise direction. If doing so doesn’t fix the problem, replace the valve.

2. Kohler Shower Mixing Valve No Cold Water

Like the case with a lack of hot water, cold water won’t flow out of your showerhead if the cold water inlet is closed. A damaged or worn-out shower mixing valve can also cause the issue.


  • Open the cold water inlet if closed by turning it clockwise.
  • Replace the valve if it’s damaged or worn out.

3. Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Hot And Cold Reversed

You need to be attentive when installing your Kohler shower mixing valve because you can easily position it wrongly, causing the hot and cold sides to be reversed.


Disassemble your shower valve and reinstall it to correctly position the hot and cold sides.

4. The Water Pressure Is Too High

While you may enjoy showering in a high-pressure shower, too much pressure causes water wastage, and showering under such conditions can feel uncomfortable. In addition, it leads to a higher water bill and an increase in electricity bill from using more energy to heat the water.

Most fixtures cannot endure over 80 psi, so you must adjust your shower if it’s producing too much pressure.


  • Turn the valve’s pressure setting in an anticlockwise direction to lower the pressure.
  • Test your shower to ensure you attained the desired pressure setting.

5. The Water Pressure Is Too Low

Showering under a low-pressure shower is pretty annoying and unsatisfying, so it’s important to ensure the water pressure in your shower is just right. Low pressure can be caused by clogging, or the pressure setting isn’t well-adjusted.


  • Clean your Kohler shower mixing valve to remove any obstacles and dirt.
  • Turn the valve’s pressure setting clockwise to increase the pressure.
  • Test your shower to ensure you attained the desired pressure setting.
Kohler Mixing Shower Valve Troubleshooting

6. Leaking Or Dripping Showerhead

It’s in your best interest to fix your shower the moment you realize water is leaking or dripping from the showerhead. This is because the problem leads to high water bills and water wastage.

However, you must figure out the cause before fixing the problem. Mostly, a defective valve or a faulty cartridge are the culprits.


A faulty cartridge causes leaks and generates a ticking sound when the shower is off. In that case, replace the cartridge.

If the whole Kohler shower mixing valve is damaged, replace it.

7. Non-stop Running Shower

A shower running non-stop presents a huge problem whether the water streams or trickles. It can cause mold and mildew growth, water damage, and higher water bills.

Faulty valves, blocked inlet filters, loose handles, or a damaged cartridge are some causes of a continuously running shower.


Troubleshoot your Kohler shower valve to find out what’s causing the non-stop running, and depending on the reason, here’s what to do:

  • Tighten the handle of the faucet using an Allen wrench or a screwdriver.
  • Replace the faulty cartridge
  • Replace the faulty valve.
  • Clean out the inlet filters to remove any blockages.

8. Too Cold Or Too Hot Water

Getting the right water temperature from your shower is pretty awesome, so imagine how annoying it is if your shower is either too hot or too cold. This issue can happen if the valve’s temperature setting isn’t set properly, the valve’s interior has lime build-up, or the valve is worn-out.


  • Clean the valve’s interior to get rid of lime build-up.
  • Replace the worn-out Kohler shower mixing valve.
  • Adjust the valve’s temperature setting to raise or lower your shower’s water temperature.

Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Replacement

A time will come when you need to replace your Kohler shower mixing valve because of wear and tear or damage. You must have the right tools to get the job done correctly, but first, ensure you purchase an excellent replacement like Shower Mixer Valves Wall Mount Bathroom Copper Faucet Shower Mixer (View on Amazon) made of brass and a polished chrome finish.

How do you fix a Kohler shower valve?


  • A new Kohler shower mixing valve
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Plumber’s lubricant


  • Set up your working station, making sure you have a safe place to keep the tools and parts while working.
  • Turn off the shower’s water supply.
  • Loosen the shower handle with a screwdriver, then unscrew the trim plate’s screws.
  • Remove the cartridge carefully to make sure you don’t lose the tiny parts, such as the clip, which you will need to use on the new cartridge.
  • Disconnect the Kohler shower mixing valve from the water pipe, then soften the line by applying lubricant.
  • Insert the new valve, putting every part in the proper order. Make sure the cold and hot sides are in the rightful position.
  • Restore the water supply by turning on the valve.
  • Run your shower to ensure everything works properly.

Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Adjustment

you can adjust the pressure or temperature of your Kohler shower mixing valve if the water temperature or pressure in your shower is too low or too high.

If you have an issue with the water pressure, adjust the valve’s pressure setting to either lower or increase the pressure. On the flip side, adjust the temperature setting on the valve to either make the water colder or hotter.


1. How Long Do Shower Mixing Valves Last?

Shower mixing valves last a long time if well-maintained and undamaged, but neglecting it lowers their lifespan. Moreover, hard water leads to wear and tear much earlier, calling for replacement after about five years of use.

2. How Do You Fix A Shower Mixing Valve?

You must troubleshoot your faulty shower mixing valve before addressing the problem. That way, you can adopt the best strategy to fix the specific issue.

Concluding Thoughts On Kohler Shower Mixing Valve Problems

Some issues with a Kohler shower mixing valve can be fixed by simply adjusting the valve, while others call for more work like replacing the damaged valve. I hope this post helps you find the best fix for the problem you are facing.

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