Kohler Touchless Toilet Troubleshooting Guide (6 Problems Fixed)

Considering the numerous germs a toilet handle can carry, the Kohler touchless toilet is a dream for every homeowner. The sleek, low-profile toilet with an elongated bowl will transform your bathroom and this Kohler Touchless toilet troubleshooting guide will help should you encounter any issues along the way..

Some issues with a Kohler touchless toilet include sensor failure, ghost flushing, and the actuator wheel not turning completely. You may also have to deal with the touchless module activating too early and the sensor failing to activate the touchless flush.

Even little issues can quickly evolve into serious problems, so you must act speedily. Don’t be alarmed if you discover faults with your Kohler touchless toilet; you may remedy them using the simple, practical methods outlined in this guide.

kohler touchless toilet keeps flushing

Kohler Touchless Toilet Troubleshooting (Problems & Fixes)

The table below gives a quick look at the main faults with this model and the recommended solutions.

 ProblemRecommended Solution
1.  Touchless sensor not workingRemove the toilet tank lid 15 seconds after flushing. Check whether you installed the touchless detector correctly.
2. Ghost flushingAdjust the refill hose.
3. Toilet leakingReplace the vacuum breaker unit.
4.Toilet beepingReplace the batteries.
5. The touchless module activates earlyInstall foam pads according to the instructions and avoid placing objects within 8 inches of the sensor.
6. The touchless toilet keeps flushingCut off the water supply partially. 

1. Kohler Touchless Toilet Sensor Not Working

Obstructions that may stop the sensor from activating are the most probable reasons for the problem. Another problem is mounting cabinets or bars too close to the sensor, which may result in intermittent flushing, mainly if the cabinet doors keep opening.

Below are a few potential factors to watch out for if the sensor does not activate your touchless flush.

a) Installing The Tank Cover A Few Seconds Before Flushing

You should resolve this problem in five minutes after the unit has an automated adjustment.

Fix: Wait at least 15 seconds after your last flush before removing the tank lid.

b) The Touchless Module Is Set Too Low

Setting the sensor higher than two inches will inhibit your toilet’s functionality.


  • Raise the component one notch at a time, testing the sensor with each step until it begins to function.
  • Repeat this process until the detector range is 1 to 2 inches above the toilet tank lid. The sensor should be no higher than two inches above the tank cover.

If the procedures outlined above cannot correct the problem, purchase a module box lid or a new module box, then follow these steps:

  • Remove the cover from the toilet tank, then take the chain link out of the module box.
  • Take out the battery holder by opening the module box.
  • Push the metal tabs up against the cover’s springs.
  • The box is OK as long as the actuator wheel spins, but a new top is required. If it doesn’t spin, it signifies you have a broken box that needs replacement.
  • Get the manufacturer-recommended spare component for the model and get a professional to install it.

2. Ghost Flushing

Ghost flushing happens when a flush happens without you initiating it or when the unit flushes without external activation. When the toilet refills, water from the flush valve spills on the Touchless component or underneath the tank lid.


  • Insert the refill hose far enough into the flush valve.
  • Realign the hose to reduce splashing.
How do you reset a Kohler touchless toilet?

3. Actuator Wheel Does Not Fully Rotate

Low batteries hinder the activating wheel from making complete rotation stations. The touchless component beeps five times before activating, signaling that the batteries are low.


Consider replacing the batteries and avoid using rechargeable ones.

4. Touchless Module Activating Early

The touchless module activates early when you lean back or when the toilet seat touches the tank lid. Additionally, a moving or a rocking toilet tank lid and objects above the tank cover will have a similar effect.


  • Attach the foam pads (bought with the touchless module) to the tank top. Install the pads according to the instructions.
  • Ensure there are no objects within 8 inches of the sensor.
  • Shim the toilet bowl to keep it from moving.
  • Use silicone sealant around the bowl’s base to keep it in place.

5. Kohler Touchless Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks in these models are often associated with faulty vacuum breakers.


  • If leakage occurs after a flush, use component 1192024 to replace the vacuum breaker unit.
  • If the leakage persists after changing the vacuum breaker component, use Sloan valve VB6551A.

Why Does My Kohler Touchless Toilet Keep Flushing?

Here is why your touchless toilet keeps flushing and how to fix it.

a) The Water Level Rises Too Quickly

The water level rapidly rises when refilling and triggers the sensor.

Fix: To slow the filling rate, close the water supply partially.

b) Small Or Narrow Tank

A narrow tank fills faster than a bigger one.

Fix: Cut off the water supply partially to reduce the rate of refilling.

c) Water Splashing On The Touchless Module

It happens when you position the refill hose incorrectly.


  • Insert the refill hose into the flush valve and reposition it to limit splashing.
  • If you bought a Kohler touchless toilet with a canister valve, check the color of the cylinder cap.
  • Replace the black cap (such as Highline or a retrofitted Wellworth) with the one in the canister repair kit K-GP1229656.
  • Reduce the water supply to slow the refill rate and prevent splashing.
  • Alternatively, buy a K-1219268 chain kit and allow the chain to dangle in the water from the mounting bracket. It lowers the sensor’s sensitivity to water in the tank.

d) Condensation From The Internal Tank Pouring Onto The Touchless Module

It is a prevalent issue in warmer areas with warmer water sources.


  • Dry the touchless device and underneath the tank lid. Check that the tank cover is totally dry.
  • Insert the foam pad kit K-1275758 to minimize condensation below the toilet lid.

Kohler Touchless Toilet Discontinued

The brand has discontinued Kohler K-3817-0, K-4000-47, and K-6419-0 because of installation difficulties and faults with their touchless modules. In their place, the company offers you K-4434, K-4380, K-4636, and K-1954 touchless toilet retrofit packages, among others.

They employ the Aquapiston single flush canister mechanism, which uses trapways, precision-engineered bowls and tanks, and gravity. This technology creates an efficient siphon while flushing.

Additionally, the alternative packages are ADA-compliant, WaterSense certified, and have a one-year warranty.

Kohler Touchless flush troubleshooting

Kohler Touchless Toilet Beeps 3 Times

Your touchless toilet beeps three times because the actuator wheel fails to rotate completely. It signals low batteries.

The touchless unit would beep three times or more before activating. Get new batteries when this happens.

Concluding Thoughts On Kohler Touchless Toilet Troubleshooting

A Kohler touchless toilet can be a fantastic addition to your house because it minimizes the necessity of using your hands, thus protecting you from germs. However, it is not without flaws, so don’t be surprised if yours has issues after using it for several days.

Hopefully, this post has helped you discover the best solution to your issue.

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