Maax Vs. Kohler Tub Compared! (Read This First!)

Carefully choosing your bathtub is crucial since it will determine whether you will have a comfortable, blissful bath or an unpleasant one. Therefore, before settling for a specific tub for your home, compare different brands, including conducting a Maax vs. Kohler tub comparison.

Kohler and Maax brands are well-known for producing high-quality products. However, Kohler tubs are better than Maax tubs because they come in more colors, have better features, and offer more material choices. Kohler bathtubs will cost you more than Maax tubs, though.

To fully understand the difference between these tubs, this post discusses their features in detail and answers the frequently asked questions.

Where are MAAX tubs made?

Maax Vs. Kohler Tub: Comparison of Key Features

This section tackles the primary differences between Maax and Kohler tubs to help you distinguish between the two brands. Let’s dive into the key features.

1. Materials Used

The materials employed in making soaking tubs determine their sturdiness and longevity. It implies robust and superior materials will produce top-quality bathtubs that will endure for years, while inferior materials will make defective, low-quality tubs with shorter lifespans.

Maax makes bathtubs from thick-cast acrylic. Therefore, they can handle the considerable weight and maintain their premium quality and functionality for many years.

On the other hand, Kohler uses acrylic, enameled cast iron, and lithocast to manufacture its bathing fixtures. Due to the materials used, the tubs are incredibly sturdy and durable.

Furthermore, Kohler tubs offer a ton of versatility; all you have to do is pick one that best fits your bathing desires.

2. Designs

A bathtub design is one of its major selling points. It means a brand with multiple designs attracts more customers than one with limited options.

Kohler has six designs to its credit: alcove, freestanding, undermount, overflow, corner, and drop-in tub models. It’s also worth mentioning that each style has a vast collection of bathtubs flaunting distinct features worth your consideration and money.

Similar to its counterpart, Maxx also makes six designs- the alcove, freestanding, undermount, drop-in, corner, and wall-mounted soaking tubs. Each style features multiple bathtub models with varying components to accommodate different bathroom requirements.

The clear-cut difference between Kohler and Maxx is that the former makes overflow tub models while the latter doesn’t. Besides that, Maxx produces wall-mounted models while its counterpart doesn’t.

3. Available Colors

If you are a homeowner endeavoring to match the color of the bathtub to your bathroom decor, then you won’t pick any color for the sake of it. The aesthetic appeal of your bathtub will deliver a right or wrong message to anyone walking into your bathroom.

Kohler tubs come in nine colors: white, honed white, biscuit, lavender gray, indigo blue, black, black plum, dune, and almond. On the flip side, Maax offers you four colors- white, bone, brushed nickel, and chrome.

When considering available colors in Maax vs. Kohler, it is good to note that soaking tubs from these companies don’t offer all color options for all models. You will find a specific tub in one color, while some come in two or more colors.

4. Special Features

An in-depth look at the differences between their unique features can settle the debate between Maax and Kohler bathtubs. Both brands offer excellent features, but are they what you’re looking for?

Kohler fixtures have clean, fluted shrouds and slick lines, which make them stylish and add to their versatility vibe. They are also easy to install, not to mention their 16–21-inch depth, which makes them ideal for long, relaxing baths.

Furthermore, Kohler bathtubs are comfortable thanks to the lumbar support on both sides and the slip-resistant textured bottom surface.

Meanwhile, Maax tubs have lock decks with a height ranging between 14 and 16 inches. They are available in two-piece sets, and you can mount a faucet on the deck or floor.

Maax also thought about your comfort while making bathtubs; you can see that from the incorporated backrest and armrest. These fixtures also come with overflow and linear waste and are compatible with utility wall panels.

In addition to comfort, Maax soaking tubs have a Stabili-T slip-resistant base, F2 drainage, and textured flooring. They also feature built-in tiling fixtures and can fit most contemporary bathroom designs.

5. Water Capacity

The volume of water a bathtub can hold depends on its size and depth. It means a tub with considerable size and depth will hold more water than a unit with smaller dimensions.

Kohler tubs can contain 60–90 gallons of water, while Maax tubs can only hold 35–64 gallons. Therefore, Kohler has a larger capacity than Maax in this aspect.

MAAX tubs Freestanding

6. Price

The cost of bathtubs depends on their size, style, and design. Kohler bathtubs cost between $763 and $15,000, while Maax units cost $783 to $5936.

Therefore, Maax bathtubs are cheaper than their Kohler counterparts.

7. Warranty

The warranty policy comes in handy in determining the quality of products. Here, you’ll check whether the product has a limited lifetime warranty and a refund policy or lacks both.

Maax bathtubs have a limited warranty of 25 years. The policy also allows you to return defective products within two months of purchase for a replacement or a refund if you are dissatisfied with their replacements.

In contrast, Kohler offers a mouthwatering lifetime limited warranty for its bathtubs. You can also get a refund for faulty products within 45 days of purchase.

Are Kohler Bathtubs Good?

Kohler is an excellent brand that prides itself on meeting your bathroom needs by making high-quality, long-lasting tubs in different sizes, designs, and colors. The company strives to remain relevant, and its glowing reputation in innovation, craftsmanship, and bathtub design has lingered for many years.

Kohler makes magnificent soaking tubs with lumbar support, textured floors, and a spacious bathing area that allows you to soak for extended periods. It explains why the brand remains a force to be reckoned with in North America.

Furthermore, Kohler makes tubs to accommodate varying needs, preferences, and safety. For instance, you might have heard about bathroom-related accidents and injuries sustained from numerous falls.

Kohler had these in mind and made walk-in tubs to minimize accidents and allow people with mobility issues to use them with great comfort. The tubs are also top quality and have decent features.

An example of a Kohler bathtub that embodies these qualities is the Kohler Underscore VibrAcoustic Deep Soaking Bathtub. It is the epitome of luxury and the latest technology.

The tub features chromotherapy components, six hidden speakers, and light shades that match the rhythm of your music. It is 65.5 inches long and 17.5 inches deep, which makes it comfortable for bathing.

However, Kohler Underscore VibrAcoustic Deep Soaking Bathtub is expensive and can be uncomfortable for tall people.

Are Maax Bathtubs Good?

Maax bathtubs have been around for over 50 years, and the brand isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Maax manufactures exquisite tubs that fit most home interiors, and you won’t go wrong with them as long as you have the money.

Even though Maax soaking tubs come with hefty price tags, they promise value for your money thanks to the components they boast. They feature digital controls, jets, chromotherapy LED lights, and integrated backrests and armrests for maximum comfort.

Furthermore, they feature built-in fat skirt bottom that won’t ruin your walls and tiling flanges to minimize water spillage, thus keeping your water bills in check. You can also use them for bathing and washing.

Therefore, if you are craving convenience in a bathtub, look no further; Maax won’t disappoint. One tub from the brand that exudes these qualities is the Maax Bosca Acrylic Alcove Soaking Bathtub.

If you are looking for comfort, elegance, and simplicity, the Maax Bosca Acrylic Alcove will give them to you. The tub features an alcove installation, a glossy finish, a scratch-resistant acrylic surface, and it is easy to clean and install.

However, this tub is incredibly heavy, making it challenging to move from one place to another.

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1. Are Maax Bathtubs Acrylic or Fiberglass?

Maax makes their tubs using cast acrylic. In connection with that, the company employs thick acrylic due to its sturdiness and longevity.

2. Who Makes Maax Bathtubs?

American Bath Group is a renowned manufacturing company that has cemented its place in bathtub making. The firm’s popularity has grown over the years, as evidenced by the eight production plants in North America alone.

American Bath Group began operations in 1969 and concentrated on all-terrain vehicle components, pool manufacturing, and snowmobiles. With time, the company grew and ventured into more areas, such as bathtubs, shower doors, and other shower solutions.

3. Who Makes Kohler Tubs?

Kohler Company manufactures Kohler soaking tubs. The products fall under Kohler Company’s Kohler Kitchen & Bath category, which also manufactures kitchen and bath plumbing accessories.

You can find them in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Oregon, France, and Canada.

4. Where Is Maax Manufactured?

Most Maax products are manufactured in the U.S. and Canada.

Final Thoughts on Maax Vs. Kohler Tub

Maax and Kohler bathtubs come in different sizes, styles, and designs to match different bathroom needs. Both brands offer quality tubs, but Kohler has superior models. Hopefully, this Maax vs. Kohler tub post has made it easier for you to pick the better brand.

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